The Great Reset: Farmers And Humanity Join Together To Protest

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  • 09/19/2023

On June 3, 2020, in what was effectively a warning of what lay ahead, the World Economic Forum's (WEF) Klaus Schwab—along with the other global elites attempting to control our every move—announced that the international response to the COVID-19 pandemic proved that a Great Reset of humanity was within reach. The pandemic, they declared, presented "a rare but narrow window to reflect, re-imagine, and reset" the world's fundamental economic and social foundation, of which they already possess a meticulously crafted plan. Escorted in on dire climate change predictions, to the global elites, the next chapter of the script is perfect.

Undoubtedly, the current chapter of the Great Reset is rooted in fear-mongering fueled by a fiery WEF and global elite sermon shouting that human beings are rapidly destroying the earth. With significant agenda goals scheduled for 2030, the elites exclaim that humanity "must stop using fossil fuels, must drive battery-powered cars, must eat bugs and fake meat," and on and on, offering little concrete evidence to support their goals.

Indeed, from oil and gas to food production, banking, and technology, the now underway plan intends to radically transform every class of people and every industry in every country while using Schwab's government allies to strip away the rights and freedoms of entire societies. But the people of the world aren't having it. As many draconian pandemic measures linger and the climate change agenda ushers in new ones, a remarkable thing is happening—massive protests against the Great Reset and all it encompasses are erupting across the globe.


In February, as more restrictive COVID-19 policies were on the horizon as per the draconian Great Reset, it took no time for honest, hard-working Canadian Truckers to stand up and say they'd had enough. Without question, the emotion-charged Canadian Trucker Convoy opened the door to the power of freedom that the WEF and tyrannical governments desperately want to remain closed. And as the global elite persist, so do honest, hard-working human beings.

Protests Against Climate Change and the Great Reset Agenda

In the Netherlands—the world's second-largest agricultural exporter after the U.S.—over 30,000 Dutch farmers have risen in protest against the government following extreme nitrogen limits set to lower nitrogen emissions by up to 70 percent by 2030. Under the pretense of climate change and despite rising food prices and global food shortages, the restrictions would require farmers to use less fertilizer and reduce the number of their livestock. Moreover, the nitrogen farming policy aligns with the WEF climate change goals and intentionally curtails food production, creating an agenda-serving shortage of food. With many farmers not buying the rationale behind the limits, the excessive regulations would inevitably force many smaller, family-owned farms to close down. Protesting farmers, who have the support of the Dutch people, have been blockading streets and refusing to deliver their products to supermarket chains, leading to severe shortages of eggs and milk, among other food items.

Protest actions similar to those in the Netherlands are taking place in Poland, Germany, and elsewhere in Europe. Blocking traffic in Milan, a convoy of Italian farmers on tractors joined in, declaring the week, "We are not slaves, we are farmers." With Italy's government falling apart, reports confirm Prime Minister Mario Draghi, behind many pandemic measures, resigned on Thursday. When he tried to do so last week, in response to a revolt over a bill by the parties, including the Five Star Movement, Draghi was rebuffed by President Sergio Mattarella, who encouraged him to return to Parliament and test his coalition one more time. A pivotal European figure in Russia's war against Ukraine, Draghi has been opposed by the fast-rising conservative party Brothers of Italy, which demanded Mattarella give Italians a chance to vote for new leadership. Following Draghi’s resignation, Mattarella swiftly dissolved parliament, triggering a snap election in the coming 70 days. Current polls show that a bloc of conservative parties are likely to win a clear majority.


In Sri Lanka, going way beyond the ongoing round-the-clock protests, citizens recently stormed the palatial residences of the president and the prime minister, forcing both to resign. Opposed to the nation's negative economic news (inflation reached 54.6 percent in June while the central banks raised interest rates to 15.5 percent), Sri Lankans have taken to the street for months to demand their top leaders step down. As the country spirals into financial chaos, with Sri Lankans losing savings by the second, its 22 million people are left struggling with shortages of essential goods, including medicine, fuel, and food.

Likewise, protests are occurring in other nations like Argentina, Panama, Albania, Kenya, and Ghana, where inflation has stretched citizens to the breaking point. Forbes reported that thousands of Albanians marched in Tirana last week, demanding the government resign due to apparent corruption and a tremendous upsurge in consumer prices. The Albanian central bank announced a 1.25 percent interest rate increase, while official June inflation was 6.7 percent. In Kenya, hundreds of protesters marched through the streets of Nairobi last week as the cost of basic food items has skyrocketed, urging the government to lower food prices. Protesters pleaded that the high cost of living was caused by the state's excessive borrowing and rampant corruption.


Protests continue to arise in Argentina, the world's number one exporter of processed soy and the number two exporter of corn. Thousands of Argentinians marched in Buenos Aires earlier this month to protest the rising costs of living. Farmers on their tractors also filled the roads to protest high fuel prices and scarcity linked to global energy concerns fueled by the climate change agenda, which has hit grains transport. In May, with key interest rates at 52 percent and inflation at 60.7 percent, demonstrators urged the government to resign while rejecting IMF loans that come with ever-tougher conditions for citizens.

Screenshot / Reuters / Total number of daily trucks entering major Argentine grains ports.

Panama is seeing enormous protests, which erupted in early July. Citizens insist that the government address the country's high fuel costs and high cost of living. Demonstrators are demanding higher wages, lower prices, and the removal of supply chain bottlenecks. Inflation remains low in the highly monetized country, but global supply chain issues have impacted Panama Canal revenues, reducing the government's revenues and projections. Earlier this week, the government and some protest leaders announced a deal to end more than two weeks of rallies in the country of 4.4 million people. However, some protesters rejected the deal, resulting in the biggest protest yet in the capital, Panama City. Protesters closed access roads with burning tire barricades and blocked the Pan-American Highway, causing enormous traffic backups.


The Greater Good and Strength in Numbers

The situations behind the protests are complicated, and people are suffering. There needs to be real change. But make no mistake, the Great Reset plan by the global elites is not the answer—it positions every man, woman, and child to be forever digitally tracked and surveilled by artificial intelligence and regulated by a social credit system that rewards or punishes based on behavior. With no turning back, similar oppressive measures are already fully in place in communist China—and Canada is not too far behind. Blindsided early in the pandemic, ex-Pfizer VP Dr. Michael Yeadon saw the writing on the wall and was devastated. He forewarned that the pandemic was being used to usher in full and unprecedented authority over humanity, commenting at the time:

So basically, everything your government has told you about this virus, everything that you need to do to stay safe, is a lie—every, every part of it. And I'll be challenged on that. And it is all to do with control.

I knew we were being lied to, all the time by government, scientists, their advisors, by ministers, people on the TV, and I'm afraid that impression has simply firmed up as time has gone on. It's all about control.

Every piece is cleverly chosen with adjacency to something that probably is true, but is itself a lie, and has led people to where I believe we are right now. And I don't normally use phrases like this, but I think we are on the very gates of hell.

I am here to tell you today that there is something very, very bad happening, and if you don't pay attention, you will soon lose any chance to do anything about it.

It is not just my life, but more importantly, that of my children and grandchildren that is being stolen from us by a systematic process of fear and control that is going to culminate in what will be some very horrible times. And I am desperate to wake you up." 


Today, as growing groups of global protesters bravely march, governments have chosen to stoke fears and breed suspicion of endless disinformation toward the people they represent. And the big-pharma-funded U.S. mainstream media is playing along instead of publishing actual journalism. After all, they are intertwined with the global elites and being a voice for the people goes against the game. Clearly, the overall goal here is to stop at nothing to ensure people stay so scared they forget about the enormous power and strength they possess when—as they battle for the greater good—they are firmly joined together.

Indeed, Tracy Beanz, something is happening.

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