Saturday, June 19, 2021

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Agent of Disaster Part 2

Agent of Disaster Part 1 Phase 1: Ensuring the Agent of Destruction was the Only Acceptable Candidate for the “Response” What if . . . instead of looking for a political agent who freely moved in both worlds (the ChiComs and the Democrats), or even a “behind-the-curtain” business figure like George...

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Lindell v. Dominion/Smartmatic: Initiating Complaint Summary

Plaintiff's June 3, 2021 filing that initiated the Lindell v. Dominion/Smartmatic case is comprised of the Complaint and 17 exhibits. This article summarizes the initiating Complaint. The full series of articles is available through the following links: Intro | Complaint Summary | Exhibits 1-4 Breakdown | Exhibits 5-7 |...


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