Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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Riding with The King: Radio Sexcapades and Dismantling the Establishment (Part I)

This is a true-life event almost perfectly crafted for docudrama. It's the tale of an average Joe—a prankster—with a website where he'd post jokey blogs he'd written. In these blogs, the average Joe—who had dreams of a career in talk radio—would savage his city's most recognized radio personalities, mainly...

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TX Court Watchdogs: Foster Kids Were Being Trafficked, Not Protected

The protection offered to children in the long-term foster care system in Texas has been the subject of an 11-year-old lawsuit. Earlier this month—after discovering that a caretaker accused of exploiting children at a Bastrop shelter had previously been fired from a state juvenile facility for misconduct—Texas foster care watchdogs...


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