Thursday, August 6, 2020

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Orbis: Perkins Coie Engaged FusionGPS to Provide Information to Challenge 2016 Election Validity

LIVE video from Tracy Beanz to discuss the article on UncoverDC by the same name.

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When police willfully ignore mask exemptions

By Daniel Bobinski While escorting a woman out of the Boise airport for not wearing a mask, a Boise police officer admitted he had not read the mayor’s mask order and was unfamiliar with its exemptions. When the woman offered to show him the mayor’s order and that she qualified...

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Five State Election Results for August 4 Primary

Five states held their primaries on August 4th: Kansas, Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, and Washington state. Arizona and Michigan were the most-watched elections because of the importance of these states for the battle for the Electoral College on November 3rd. Republican Roger Marshall has defeated conservative Kris Kobach to win the...