Study: Omicron Could Displace Delta Variant; Signal End Of Pandemic

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  • 09/19/2023

Recent research from South Africa reveals that antibodies produced after contracting the much-hyped Omicron variant—which is impacting even those triple-jabbed with a COVID-19 "vaccine"—neutralize the Delta variant. Titled "Omicron infection enhances neutralizing immunity against the Delta variant," the study shows that combined with the increased transmissibility and mild symptoms, Omicron could signal an end to the pandemic.

Furthermore, although ten times more likely than the Delta variant to infect people who've already had COVID-19, preliminary data from Scotland reveals that the Omicron variant "is associated with a two-thirds reduction in the risk of COVID-19 hospitalization when compared to Delta." With the recent declaration by Steve Kirsch that nine different analyses show mRNA vaccines kill more people than they save, the new data on Omicron is newsworthy.

Figure 1: Enhancement of Delta neutralization by Omicron infection. (A) Omicron (A) or Delta (B) virus neutralization by blood plasma from n=13 participants infected in the Omicron infection wave at enrollment (median 4 days post-symptom onset) and at follow-up (median 14 days post-enrollment). (C) Comparison of neutralization activity against Omicron and Delta virus at follow-up. Participants were either previously vaccinated (green) or not (orange). Two participants (unvaccinated) with undetectable SARS-CoV-2 at enrollment are marked in purple. Numbers are geometric mean titers (GMT) of the reciprocal plasma dilution (FRNT50), resulting in 50% reduction in the number of infection foci. Red horizontal line is most concentrated plasma used. p=3.6 ×10−4 for (A), p=0.016 for (B), and p=0.045 for (C) as determined by the Wilcoxon rank-sum test.

The possibility of Omicron setting the stage for the end of the pandemic is an assertion reiterated by Robert Malone, MD, MS. He maintains it is quite probable that the appearance of Omicron signals the end of significant danger from COVID-19. Indeed, while sparing deep lung tissue, Omicron appears to have mutated into a less severe form of the disease, limiting itself to the upper respiratory system—the nose (nasopharynx) and throat. 

According to Dr. Malone, Omicron resembles a "live attenuated vaccine." Essentially, this means once an individual recovers from a mild form of the disease (Omicron), they can achieve natural immunity, similar to a hypothetical "live attenuated" virus developed in a lab. In a recent appearance on Laura Ingraham, Malone noted that "If you believe in a God, [Omicron] looks an awful lot like a Christmas present." He continued, explaining:

"Omicron, apparently, according to recent data from Hong Kong University, has shifted the targeting of where it infects. The Delta and prior variants were infecting your deep lung, which we know from influenza is a great way to cause severe disease in humans. [Now] it shifted to the upper airway. And we know from influenza when viruses do that, they are much less pathogenic and much more infectious. So the good news with Omicron is, very low disease, highly infectious. 

It looks an awful lot to the experienced vaccinologist, like a live attenuated virus vaccine that you design for purpose. It is going to elicit a strong mucosal immune response. This is about as good as we could possibly want right now in terms of outcomes."

Highlighting the Biden administration's proclamation that we are experiencing a "pandemic of the unvaccinated," Malone called the allegation "absurd" and said it "goes against the fundamentals of Darwinian evolution by natural selection." In a Dec. 9 interview with Dana Loesch, he praised Geert Vanden Bossche for being the world leader in speaking up early on about the dangers of mass vaccination in the middle of an active pandemic. 

While talking with Loesch, Malone explained how he believes Omicron does not fit the "model of evolution off of the existing" COVID-19 variants. Asserting "something very odd" about Omicron, he expressed that it is highly mutated in the specific region the COVID-19 jabs are targeting. Yet, it has "no obvious immediate predecessors in other circulating viruses."  Malone added, "We just don't know what's going on here." Speaking again of the notion Omicron is an engineered mutation, Malone said:

"There's a variety of hypotheses—[it] could be that it had bounced into animals and then back, but that kind of doesn't make sense why it would be so bold for the human vaccines. There is a school of thought, incredible, you know, solid mutation chaser, vaccinologists, that asserts this has the hallmarks of a genetically engineered virus."

Dr. Malone, who has spoken recently about mass formation psychosis, ascribes that those still caught up in the "vaccinate everyone" propaganda remain unfazed by what is happening with Omicron. Indeed, pointing towards a natural end to the pandemic, Malone describes how Omicron "has exploded onto the scene" and shaken up the narrative.  

Presently—even though Omicron is "poorly matched to currently available vaccines"—some governments are pushing mandatory 3rd, 4th, and 5th COVID-19 boosters. At the same time, Malone mentions that by promoting a meme that the unvaccinated will face a "winter of severe illness and death," Joe Biden is doing his best to restrict what the public believes. Biden's demand that vaccines are the only way out of the pandemic comes despite longstanding research confirming natural vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins C, D and zinc, have antioxidant and antimicrobial roles proven to be beneficial for the immune response against COVID-19.

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Nevertheless, "various groups, influencers and even the WHO to some extent—including mainstream media outlets—are beginning to question the whole public policy response in the face of the emerging data about Omicron." Optimistic that there seems to be a shifting perspective, Malone proposes: 

"Of course, for those caught in the mass formation psychosis (hypnosis), Omicron still has not been enough to shake their obsession with the vaccines and mandates. However, for the persuadable third—there is a shifting of perspective. With this shift, this expansion of the Overton window, politicians will be able to expand what is politically acceptable speech and maybe will bring some sanity back into this pandemic response by the U.S. Government and the world."

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