Election Clerk Whistleblower Office Raided by Colorado SoS

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  • 09/19/2023

Mike Lindell's 72-hour uninterrupted Livestream presentation of election interference evidence is dubbed the 'Cyber Symposium.' The event began Tuesday morning from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and at approximately 8:30 PM ET, Lindell introduced a big reveal—a Mesa County, Colorado election clerk whistleblower named Tina Peters.

Screenshot from CodeMonkeyZ on Telegram

Peters explained that while she was traveling to the symposium, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold raided her office looking for evidence of passwords for election machines published online. Peters stated she was never in possession of the passwords, and they are solely held by the SoS's office. According to an SoS press release on Aug. 9:

"Several items were published online that constituted a breach in the security protocols for Mesa County voting system components. The posted images depict the BIOS passwords specific to the individual hardware stations of Mesa County’s voting system. The public disclosure of the BIOS passwords for one or more components of Mesa County’s voting system alone constitutes a serious breach of voting system security protocols, as well as a violation of Election Rule 20.6.1."

Peters has stepped forward willing to investigate and speak out about election integrity questions and answers in her County, but recent countermoves from her political opposition have made that difficult:

"Just yesterday, I got an order from the Secretary of State that she was going to invade my elections department today. And guess what, when I was on a plane to come to see you kind folks and to talk to you out there, guess what they did. They provided a search warrant and raided my office. We don’t know what they were doing in there because for several hours they wouldn’t let my chief deputy clerk observe what the secretary of state and Dominion were doing in my office."

Peters accused SoS Griswold of "weaponiz[ing] her position to attack people that disagree with her" and bringing "trumped-up charges." Since Peters entered office, she says she had already been visited several times by Griswold, "because I am a Republican—I’m a conservative—and she’s not."

Yesterday, SoS Griswold posted another press release:

"Today, civil servants with the Secretary of State’s Office, accompanied at all times by officials from Mesa County, began to inspect voting equipment and other relevant documents. During their inspection, the Secretary’s staff were in contact with the District Attorney and his representatives, who were conducting their own separate, independent investigation. Pending the outcome of the Secretary’s preliminary investigation, the Secretary of State’s office will determine if it is necessary to take the further action of prohibiting the use of or decertifying specific voting systems equipment in Mesa County."

Colorado citizen Sherronna Bishop was also on the panel and discussed the many issues plaguing Colorado and the country:

"Progressive leftists are taking over our states by stealing our elections, and if we can prove it, we have to prove it. We had 64 counties in Colorado. We have found one elected official who is willing to stand up to the state and do what the people are asking, and that is to protect our vote, that's why she's [Peters] here tonight."

Bishop said Colorado has "come under incredible duress" due to Governor Jared Polis and "overreaching, overbearing" SoS Griswold. "She's punishing us," Bishop said, "[and] weaponizing her office against an elected official who is doing exactly what we elected her to do."

Bishop credited The Gateway Pundit (TGP) for reporting that SoS Griswold's election was funded by George Soros, saying "they are planting and positioning people." TGP says Griswold was "handpicked" by "Soros/Hillary connected" iVote. TGP credits Free State Colorado for reporting on the Soros family election spending that can be found in the SoS TRACER database.

Sean Smith, a citizen, and veteran from Colorado, also accompanied Clerk Peters at Lindell's Symposium. He said SoS Griswold is "lawless" and "drunk with power," describing a hearing he says she canceled, giving citizens no turn to testify after missing their chance in a previous hearing. He said she refused to answer a state open records act request for the basis in law for her "emergency decree" prohibiting third-party access to voting equipment statewide. "Everything that can be destroyed by the truth should be destroyed by the truth, and Jena Griswold is in between citizens in Colorado and the truth."

Sherronna Bishop, Tina Peters, Sean Smith - Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium 8/10/21

Lindell believes Peters, Smith, and Bishop are examples we need more of:

"You guys bravely came here. A lot of you probably had fear. 'I'm gonna be a target' When there's 50 million, or 100 million or 200 hundred million or 300, we can't all be targets then. That's why we've got to get out the word now and not live in fear.

We don't know why they did what they did, the ones that raided her. It's a scary situation. They almost didn't want to come up here. I'm in the back going. 'Where does it end? When you can attack people for no reason? They didn't do anything other than they wanted to help out this country?' It's gotta stop now!

There's millions and millions of people watching from around the world. This is your protection. If everybody knows they're gonna do it. You can't count on being protected by the law anymore, they take you to court and sue you like Dominion and put fear into people, this is horrible what's going on. It's got to stop now!"

The video is an excerpt from the Gateway Pundit feed.

Lindell had teased that a big reveal would "change the world," telling viewers they wouldn't want to miss the portion that airs from 5-9 pm, and he said it would be "historical." He also said, "[probably] Thursday, there will be a second part of this that's even bigger."

Before Peters, Bishop and Smith took to the stage, Lindell mentioned his "Red Team" of hackers, which may indicate that there is relevant data that needs to be either vetted, secured, made presentable, or made explainable for a Livestream audience prior to revealing it sometime later in the event.

UncoverDC journalist and political columnist Brian Cates is attending the Cyber Symposium in Sioux Falls. On Telegram, Cates said the whistleblower appearance was not scheduled but developed late that morning and explained:

"Then the raid happened before she could come out and speak. Lindell wanted to make sure the real story got out to the country while the Colorado SOS and the Fake News media were in mid-launch of their fake 'scandal.' So the last 2 hours of the Symposium tonight were all unscripted and extemporaneous."

Lindell's Cyber Symposium streams from FrankSpeech.com. Alternate streams include America FirstAmerican FaithTruNewsRSBN, and Brian Cates' channel.

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