MyPillow Pulls All FOX News Ads

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  • 09/19/2023

Mike Lindell told Brannon Howse today that he is pulling MyPillow ads from the FOX News channel because they won't air a new commercial promoting his upcoming Cyber Symposium and FrankSpeech website. "I hope this is worldwide news, I hope this goes everywhere," he said and shared his "exact quote" to media buyers:

"You tell them I am canceling all ads, indefinitely and immediately, now."

We last reported that Lindell had added a $5,000,000 cash reward to his Cyber Symposium for "any attendee who can prove that this cyber data is not valid data from the November 2020 election."

He said the event would be televised and that he wants it to be "the most-watched event ever," but it remains to be seen what platforms will allow him to advertise the event and where it will be broadcast. The new commercial intended to promote the Cyber Symposium to viewers who Lindell says have not gotten the reporting on it, or the 2020 election, that they deserve:

"I couldn't believe it. I've been waiting 3 days. Actually, 3 and a half days to get an answer from FOX about this commercial. What's the problem? We're advertising the dates, and we're advertising to come to so the whole world can see all the packet captures, everything we've got for this election.

They have refused to run that commercial for our country. The most important commercial I've ever done in history. You talk about cancel culture. Shame on FOX News. Shame on them.

I've been saying for a couple of months now, where's FOX? They don't report about the 2020 election, all the stuff happening in Arizona, Michigan. What about the evidence that was brought to me on January 9th? They won't talk about machines or vaccines. You know what, FOX News? You can do without My Pillow. We're not going to be part of this cancel culture. I'm sick of it and tired of it. this is an attack on our First Amendment rights of free speech."

It's not the first time, Lindell said:

"Back in early 2017, when I went all-in for Donald Trump after I met him in the summer of '16 in a private meeting. I went back to Minnesota, and I told the press. They called me a racist. Then the Better Business Bureau, another horrible outfit in our country, attacked me. From an A+ to an F at My Pillow. Then two companies denied the ads... [guess who]...FOX News and The View. Of all the stations in the country, FOX News canceled My Pillow for almost a month.

Any journalist, anybody that works for FOX, should be absolutely upset that they can't be journalists anymore.

Their exact quote was, 'We love Mike Lindell, we love My Pillow, but we are not going to run this ad because of pending litigation.' All it was was an ad telling people to watch the Cyber Symposium at on the 10th, 11th, and 12th. This is to help save our country, everybody. We all need to watch it, whether you're a Democrat or a Republican."

Lindell joined War Room with Steve Bannon to discuss the ad and FOX's refusal to air it.

He said that the ad had been submitted to CNN, MSNBC, NewsMax, OAN, "all of them," but that FOX News "was the only one that came back and said 'we are not going to run this ad.'" He also said he has a list "about two pages long of outlets to call back" and says, "everybody's calling me now." Networks that approve the ad will start airing it tomorrow.

Lindell said he spent $50 million on ads at FOX News last year.

Lindell and FOX both have ongoing lawsuits with Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic USA and have been sent cease and desist letters related to defamation claims.

"Dominion, Smartmatic, and these guys sue people so that journalists and news stations can't do their job. I'm not putting up with it... that's the sacrifice we'll take at My Pillow."



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