Clean Elections 2022 and Beyond: Jennings’ Drop Box Initiative

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  • 09/19/2023

Tired of sitting on the sidelines as news of the fraudulent 2020 election unfolds, Melody Jennings decided she could actually do something constructive with her frustration and has started a drop box initiative called Clean Elections USA. Jennings explained the initiative and what she hopes it will achieve in an interview with Tracy and Frank on the July 18 Dark-to-Light podcast.

Jennings described her frustration as she watched ballot traffickers in Dinesh D'Souza's film "2000 Mules" stuff multiple ballots "with free reign" into drop boxes. D'Souza's film showed technicolor evidence of the brazen illegal activity based on the investigation by True The Vote and OPSEC.

"No one was watching," Jennings said. Moreover, she has been even more frustrated with the state bureaucracies that refused to do anything with the footage they have. To solve that problem, Jennings says her teams will act as a deterrent to cheating.

Melody Jennings Clean Elections USA

Clean Elections USA aims to situate a "legal presence at every ballot box in each and every state that has them." Her newly formed organization is gearing up with thousands of volunteers to "put eyes on" the drop boxes with "10 people in shifts around the clock" in all the states that use drop boxes. Jennings reassures that her observers will not participate in "electioneering, [or] voter suppression. We're just going to be watching."

Her volunteers will have "real-time" eyes on the drop boxes with video footage and photos using VotifyNow. The app is available for both iPhones and Androids and is active in about 20 different states.

VotifyNow is a bipartisan app developed by Johnny Viera and began beta testing in December 2021. It allows citizens to report in-real-time voter irregularities observed during any given election. Administrators vet the incoming information first. There are other features on the app that have yet to be launched for various reasons. For now, Viera is focused on the election integrity tools and candidate awareness for the upcoming midterms. UncoverDC will report more on VotifyNow, its additional features, and some interesting exclusive data already being collected by Viera and his team in a future article.

The primaries will serve as a dry run for the 2022 midterms. The primaries will be more limited. Jennings is busy on Truth Social, actively recruiting as many volunteers as she can muster, focusing on finding volunteers in Michigan, Pennsylvania, California, Ohio, Maryland, Illinois, Colorado, and Washington state. People will be trained to monitor the drop boxes with their cellphones while obeying the law in the state where monitoring will occur. Sign-ups are available on the Clean Election USA website.

There are other ways to report irregularities in elections. One is through the EIU-compliant forms supplied on a state election website like the one here for Arizona. The other is through True the Vote's election integrity tipline.

There was an unprecedented use of mail-in ballots and drop boxes in the 2020 election, all under the guise of the pandemic. The Chan-Zuckerberg Foundation seized the opportunity to fund the drop boxes, forming public-private partnerships with local election commissions. Such funding has been heavily scrutinized by state legislatures and counties since the 2020 election, with some states now outlawing private funding of elections because of the abuses found during election integrity investigations in various states.

Jennings said her faith is central to her efforts and commented during the interview:

"We all need everyone to get active, but until we also get on our knees and pray, or this isn't gonna do any good. Because until we become a nation under God again, we're going to be fighting against these fronts all day long, every day. And it's gonna do us no good, you know?"

Drop Box Ninja/Mel

Citizen-led election integrity initiatives like the Jennings' Clean Elections USA drop box initiative will help ensure America's elections are more transparent and secure.

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