Americans Suffering from Insane Policies: Rise and Turn the Tide

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  • 09/19/2023

Americans are suffering record-high prices at the pump as our government sends more than 5 million barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve to Europe and Asia. Americans weren't told either. Not even press secretary Karine Jeanne-Pierre seems to know oil is being sent to China.

Folks, we have officially crossed over into the land of insanity. This country is being systematically dismantled piece by piece on the backs of everyday Americans. All of this is unfolding as we send billions of dollars that we do not have to Ukraine. So let's get this straight. We are worried about Ukraine, which poses no discernable national threat to us, as massive numbers of illegal aliens flow unimpeded across our borders. As Frank Gaffney stated on Thursday's War Room:

"This administration does everything it can to conduct itself as a wrecking operation against our country, but selling our strategic petroleum reserves to our mortal enemy is simply beyond belief, even for this outfit. It is treason."

Tucker Carlson believes Biden should be impeached for this.

Let's review what this reserve is for. It is a strategic asset meant to be set aside for Americans in times of crisis. This oil is not meant to be sent to flood the market to bring prices down or to help other countries. This reserve is for security, supply stability for America, and national defense. If this is ostensibly being done to bring prices down, has anyone noticed gasoline prices plummeting? According to the NYPost, "The release of around 1 million barrels a day from the SPR through October has had a minimal effect in decreasing the price of oil. At the same time, it has depleted the reserves to their lowest level since 1986." 

And, by the way, Biden's energy policies have done just the opposite of bringing down gas prices. Mark Robeck for writes:
"Beginning his first day in office, President Biden has been hamstringing fossil fuel producers. The Administration canceled the Keystone XL pipeline, suspended new offshore lease sales in Alaska and the Gulf, reduced acreage available for federal leasing, and imposed burdensome regulations on new energy production and infrastructure. All these actions and others create uncertainty for investors and add to upward pressure on prices."
What in the H E double hockey sticks is going on here? I honestly cannot make heads nor tails of any of it. Inflation is crushing real wages. We are in a full-blown recession. The real engine of our economy, small business, is being obliterated. According to reporting by the Boston Globe, not exactly a conservative rag:
"Among small-business owners, 48 percent are feeling down about the economy, and within that subgroup, 22 percent are "highly pessimistic," according to a recent national survey of close to 9,500 small-business owners by Alignable, an online network for small businesses. A striking 60 percent said that inflation has hurt their business more than COVID-19."
Additionally, 40 percent of small business owners cannot afford to hire more people. One-third of small business owners say they did not pay June's rent. 51 percent of small business owners say they could be "forced to close their businesses in the next six months." Here are some of the sobering statistics published by Alignable in May:

Alignable May survey

Say what you want about Trump's brash New York ways, but Biden and his cronies on both sides of the aisle are absolute wrecking balls. No one seemed to care about Bill Clinton's moral fiber.

Maybe I am an optimist; maybe we are reaching a tipping point. Maybe the tide is turning? Maybe our legacy to be a people free of tyrants is kicking in. Perhaps to that point, weirdly, the Georgia Guidestones were demolished yesterday after a mysterious explosion took part of "America's Stonehenge" down yesterday. The Guidestones are a creepy mirror of the New World Order with their inscribed Bill Gatesean message to "maintain humanity under 500 million." Maybe this is a sign the people have had enough of the Great Reset.

Boris Johnson has resigned, as have around 50 others from his party. He was crushed under the weight of his policies. Counties in Texas have declared a local disaster on the border to pressure Governor Abbott to declare it for the state. Parents against CRT in schools are winning positions on school boards in record numbers. Several rulings from the Supreme Court, including the ones on the EPA, abortion, and the Second Amendment. There are even long-time professors at liberal institutions willing to give up their salaried positions because of ideological bullies who are in charge. Even CNN can't deny the stupidity of these policies.

Maybe I am grasping at straws here, but I do know one thing. Try as they may, the coastal elites do not represent the people of this country. They will try to make you think there are no good, hard-working people left. They will make you believe all common sense is gone. People like Wanda Sykes want to erase the "middle stuff, that red stuff" and leave all decisions to California, New York, and D.C.

They will try to make you feel hopeless. Don't be. The down-to-earth Governor of South Dakota—Kristi Noem, reminds us that the "middle stuff" represents, in many cases, the very best we have to offer.

"What's interesting is the pandemic made people realize that the cities aren't all they're cracked up to be. Now, for the first time, when [Americans] Google where they want to take a vacation or a trip. They're seeking rural America and small towns. There's something out here that is reminding them about what's special about America. And it's pretty inspirational. So I'd invite everybody to come visit us, come see, really, what is America? It'll restore your hope and your faith in this country."

With Independence Day 2022 just a few days in our rearview mirror, remember what many of those 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence lost to secure our liberty. Despite the hardships they faced, not one of them recanted. We need to conjure up that legacy because we stand to lose so much if we do not. Rise and turn the tide.

"'We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor'" is the last sentence Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration. Sadly, for some of the signers, these were forfeited as a result of their brave act. 9 of them paid for their lives; almost 1 in 3 lost their fortunes and their homes. Yet none of the 56 ever recanted their decision to sign the Declaration or apologized for it, even under duress."

Fates of the Forgotten Founding Fathers/

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