Pelosi And The Party Of Tantrums: Send The Clowns Home

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  • 09/19/2023

Nancy Pelosi purposely shoved Mayra Flores' young daughter aside during a photo op after the newly elected Texas Rep's swearing-in ceremony on June 1. Fortunately, her daughter didn't seem to notice. Pelosi tried to pass it off as a goodwill gesture, saying she was just trying to ensure the child "wouldn't be hidden." Mhmmhmm. Okay. No. She looked down and surreptitiously shoved the little girl to the side with her elbow. And, by the way, if she had really been trying to help the child be seen, she would have done what Joe Biden usually does, minus the hair sniffing.

Remember when Nancy ripped up what appeared to be a copy of President Trump's speech during his State of the Union? Americans sat watching in utter disbelief at her apparent lack of self-awareness. The problem is she was very aware of what she was doing and how she looked. She always is. Nancy Pelosi is the Queen of microaggressions. She waited until the end of the speech when all eyes were on him and those behind him to ceremoniously tear his speech to shreds in front of millions of viewers. We were watching something akin to the behavior of a full-grown, vindictive toddler at that moment.

While this type of behavior is not always limited to the Democrats, the party is emerging as the standard-bearer for tantrums and poor decorum. Our debauched culture is seeping through. Maybe it is because they bitterly hate Donald Trump. Perhaps it is their fear he might emerge triumphant despite their best efforts to bury him and everyone associated with him in their every waking moment with lawsuits and their Jan. 6 witchhunts. Much of it cannot and will never pass the smell test. But they do it anyway. When you resort to lies to prove your point, you know you've got a big problem.

Case in point, the testimony from this Cassidy Hutchinson character has more holes in it than a sieve. Everyone who watched it knows it. The fact that the committee's Vice Chair, Liz Cheney (R-WY), actually allowed this actress to continue to speak only shows you just how desperate these elected officials are. Honestly, the question must be asked. Why do we continue to send small-minded, misguided people like Cheney to D.C.? Perhaps it is because normal Americans wouldn't touch that office with a ten-foot pole.

So, while gas prices skyrocket and we give billions to Ukraine as illegal aliens continue to come in freely, our politicians continue to behave like a bunch of yokels. I am beginning to think yokels would behave better, to be honest.

Let's continue because the list is long. AOC always "entertains." Lately, she has been busy proving just how ignorant many Americans can be when it comes to the founding principles and our Constitution. In her latest tantrum, she says that "we are witnessing a judicial coup" and "the President and Congress must restrain" the Supreme Court. The Presidency is next!!! It's a constitutional crisis!! She can't be serious. But she is. If this weren't such a serious misconstrual of how things work with the checks and balances in the three branches of our government, I would take pity on her. But, remember, it is "for the sake of the planet." The sad part is that the legacy media continues to legitimize her with their choice to interview her on topics she apparently knows nothing about.

AOC is not alone in her ignorance. We have Sheldon Whitehouse, a Senator in Rhode Island who thinks the Supreme Court just gave states unchecked power over their elections. Oh man—where do I begin here? Last I checked, elections are the business of the states because they are the business OF THE PEOPLE. I wish these misconceptions were less common than they are.

One could argue that President Trump himself has been no better. He has been widely criticized for his sometimes outlandish and "mean tweets." And many a RINO will tell you his tweets are at the heart of why they don't support him. Ben Shapiro says it is distracting and unnecessary. Citing Trump's recent statements about the Jan. 6 Committee proceedings, Shapiro believes if Trump wishes to be reelected, he would do better to focus on gas prices and the border. However, ask any MAGA person, and they will tell you that Trump hits back on their behalf. His pugnacious nature is well-loved by many Americans who are tired of being bullied by the likes of coastal elites like Pelosi and Schumer. Trump calls out the things most conservatives are loath to verbalize. Trump knows his base wants him to call out the vipers in the D.C. swamp. Trump also seems to be on the right track because, according to pollster Richard Baris, Trump's latest numbers are off the chain, especially with Hispanics.

Either way, the animus behind the attacks is not the same. Maybe Pelosi and her cohorts love America but just have a strange way of showing it. I don't see Trump tearing down the Supreme Court, or misconstruing the Constitution, or trash-talking America overseas—which brings me to Biden.

Try as they may with cue cards and the Easter Bunny to shuffle Biden off to a corner, he still manages to break through. Whether it is his dementia or just how he ages, his temper tantrums have been witnessed on the international stage. Such behavior is not inconsequential, and it is affecting his numbers too.

Biden thinks Americans should be more worried about Ukraine than their pocketbooks. He says we need to "wait as long as it takes" to lower gas prices. This, as the elites jet around in their private airplanes to Climate change summits.

And Biden advisor Brian Deese says the quiet part out loud when he says Americans need to stop their pesky worries over that $4.85 a gallon gas price and realize that we need to "stand firm for the future of the Liberal World Order." They aren't even hiding it anymore, and that is one of the reasons their tantrums continue.

They probably think we don't notice, but we do. They also probably think we believe their story that high gas prices in America is because of the conflict in Ukraine. Americans are beginning to awaken. The Supreme Court rulings of the past couple of weeks are not coming out of thin air. Many Americans who once were able to stomach the rationale behind abortions or Gay Pride parades have now been pushed too far. Full-term abortions, transgender readers in school libraries, and sexually explicit material in schools are a bridge too far for the average Joe just trying to make a buck and feed his family. Enough is enough.

This stuff matters. It is seeping into our government at every level—from committee hearings to agency policies to legislation, to whom we jail and whom we don't. The other day I saw an old "Turkish proverb" that says— "When a clown moves into a palace, he doesn't become the king. The palace becomes a circus." That is what we have here, folks. It is time we send the clowns home.


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