Hidden in the SCOTUS Opinion: The Definition of a Woman

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  • 09/19/2023

With everyone talking about the Roe v. Wade opinion, I expected this to get a little more attention. People don't really like to read hundreds of pages of legal opinion, but I do, and so I found a little gem that no one, and I mean no one, is talking about.

The Supreme Court (SCOTUS) codified the definition of a woman in its opinion. Yes, you read that right. Not a biologist, not a doctor, not the CDC or the FDA, or a professor or scientist; SCOTUS finally got down in writing the answer to this age-old question.

Right on pages 10-11, SCOTUS spells it out for those who needed help, such as incoming justice Ketanji Brown Jackson (she isn't a biologist, after all.) They say the following:

"The regulation of a medical procedure that only one sex can undergo does not trigger heightened constitutional scrutiny unless the regulation is a "mere pretext designed to effect an invidious discrimination against members of one sex or the other" (emphasis added)

That's right, folks. Biological men can not have abortions. They have no uterus. They don't have ovaries, and they don't have a vagina that functions as a birth canal. I have learned more about the crafting of prosthetic vaginas in the past few months than I would have ever cared to know. Because this decision comes right down to brass tacks, there would be no worming around it for the court. Men are not going out to have abortions. They never have, and they quite literally never will.

I am thrilled that finally, SCOTUS could put this issue to bed for us. Our politicians can't answer the question, and apparently, neither can health officials in Australia when asked by politicians. Senator Antic asked the panel of officials a straightforward question; "What is a woman?" It took one brave soul 78 words to bumble out a non-answer, which I have taken the liberty of transcribing for you below (you're welcome.)

Professor Murphy: "I think there, there are a variety of definitions, and I think perhaps to give a more fulsome answer, we should take that on notice.

Senator Antic: You are going to take on notice the question of what a woman is?

Professor Murphy: There are, there are, a vari... it's a very, it's a very ahhhhh contested space at the moment, senator obviously, there are biological definitions, and there are definitions in terms of how people identify themselves, so we are happy to provide our working definition on that...

Here's the thing; if you made it through that absolutely uncomfortable clip, you know that the man struggling to answer the most basic human question, what is a woman (or man), knows he is being ridiculous. He knows what he is saying is nonsense. Somehow people all over the world think they can gaslight us into forgetting what organs and genitals we were born with.

Why are they doing this? At the heart of it all, I think they know they have lost. 97% of the people walking this earth think this sort of thing is utterly ridiculous, and the more they push this rhetoric that looks insane to most thinking humans, the more they lose their grip on those they would like to control.

A TikTok over the weekend spelled it out fantastically. The woman said what all of us are thinking. We could deal with "safe, legal, and rare" even if a good majority didn't like it. We could all somewhat empathize with it and comprehend it even if we didn't agree. This is the way communism has slowly crept in over the past several decades here. They'd advance a concept that briefly infringed on our rights and do it a bit more exaggerated than we would accept. Then, they would back off enough to make it palatable, get it passed, and it would have us all sighing a bit but foolishly compromising. This is the way they’ve done it every single time. 

No more. Now instead of "gay rights," it is "we demand to dance naked in front of your children at pride parades." Instead of "acceptance," it is "your children will read these books about oral and anal sex, masturbation and pedophilia or else" and "a drag queen in every school to read to your kids" It's just crazy. Everyone knows it's crazy. 

Instead of "racial equality," it is critical race theory and "equity training." It is segregation in schools, and teaching your son or daughter, no matter their race, that certain people are better than you because of their skin color, and that they deserve no fruits of their own hard work because the only reason they are successful is an invisible "privilege" that has been bestowed on them from their ancestors years ago. 

And on the abortion front, it’s companies sending emails expressing their disdain that women, yes WOMEN, won't be able to kill their babies after a certain point in the pregnancy anymore (only two states have made abortion completely illegal), offering extra money for travel, and mental help to stem the pain they may feel at no longer being able to commit murder after a certain point in gestation. They do this while claiming they are supporting a woman's (there is that pesky word again) right to "reproductive health," as though abortion is some sort of treatment they are no longer allowed to receive, akin to a Pap smear or STD consultation. They do this while their activists firebomb clinics that actually do help women during their pregnancies. It's politicians demanding that we add MORE justices to the SCOTUS because the ones that are there "just aren't FAIR, erm, making the decisions that we crazies want them to."

It's Anna Navarro on CNN lamenting how it would have been so much better if her disabled family members were just killed before they were born because of the stress they cause their other family members. (Isn't that also a slight against disabled people, another victim class? Hey, their rules, but I digress.) All of this is supposed to be palatable for normal people. They think we will digest this and agree!!! Or, maybe they don’t think that at all.

Why did they go so far? Because they are losing. They have no grip on what ordinary people think, and they have decided to throw it all against the wall to see what sticks. I have long talked about the 3% being falsely elevated to seem the majority. That works for a minute until things get so insane that people aren't afraid to talk to one another anymore. News flash, they aren't afraid anymore, and breaking news, it isn't working anymore.

Humanity had a number of "wins" over the past few days. The two-party system is dying, if not already there, folks; now it is morality, freedom, and integrity vs. communism and totalitarian barbarism.

Look around. Which do you think is winning?

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