Forced to Get COVID-19 Jab, AA Captain Suffered Cardiac Arrest At Gate

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  • 09/19/2023

On Saturday, Apr. 9, 2022, American Airlines (AA) flight 1067 departed Denver International Airport for its 1-hour and 46-minute flight to Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW). The nearly $100 million Airbus A321 aircraft and its 200 passengers were under the care of AA Captain Bob Snow, who has been with the company for over 31 years. Immediately after pulling into Gate 6 at DFW, Captain Snow—who was forced to get the COVID jab on Nov. 7, 2021, or lose his job—suffered a life-threatening cardiac arrest in the cockpit and almost died. If the tragic event had happened six minutes earlier, there could have been a mass casualty in the skies.

Swiftly, Captain Snow, who passed out and had to be shocked three times, was rushed to Baylor, Scott, and White Health Center ten minutes away. Thankfully, he survived. Snow, who spent time in the hospital's Intensive Care Unit and is now home, is confident his heart attack directly resulted from the COVID-19 experimental "vaccine" he was mandated to receive. Tellingly, no one from AA or the airline union called Snow while he was in the hospital or stopped by to visit him. While in the hospital, he recorded a video, stating:

"My name is Bob Snow. I am an [American Airlines] Captain and have been a Captain for a number of years. My total service with the company is over 31 years. On Nov. 7, I was mandated to receive a vaccine. Quite literally, I was told if I did not receive the vaccination, I would be fired. This [order] was from our director of flight. So, under duress, I received the vaccine.

Now just a few days ago, after landing in Dallas, six minutes after we landed, I passed out. I coded. I required three shocks. I had to be intubated. I'm now in ICU in Dallas. This is what the vaccine has done for me. I will probably never fly again, based upon the criteria the FAA establishes for pilots. I was hoping to teach my daughter to fly; she wants to be a pilot. [Now] that will probably never happen, all courtesy of the vaccine. This is unacceptable, and I'm one of the victims.

You can see that this is an actual result of the vaccine for some of us. Mandatory, no questions asked, get the shot, or you're fired. This is not the American way."

American Airlines Told Captain Robert Snow to Get Vaccinated or Be Fired!

Remarkably, Captain Snow's COVID-19 vaccine-related cardiac arrest and the myriad of pilot and flight attendant lawsuits currently underway against COVID mask and vaccine mandates are not being reported by mainstream media. Still, it is a subject that many concerned Americans, including Steve Kirsch, Executive Director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, are paying attention to

Pilots Are Speaking Up About Adverse Events From COVID Jab

Kirsch, who believes that "vaccine injury cover-up is in the interest of all affected parties (except the flying public)," recently interviewed Josh Yoder of US Freedom Flyers about AA Captain Bob Snow. Yoder, a pilot himself, has been a staunch advocate against "vaccine" mandates in the airline industries. 

In the interview, Yoder shared with Kirsch that his group has received hundreds of reports about pilots flying planes while suffering from adverse side effects from the COVID jabs. He also noted that cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough told him that if the airlines were conducting health screenings, 30 percent of the pilots currently flying would most likely be disqualified due to vaccine-induced heart conditions. Yoder told Kirsch:

"He [McCullough] said that if every vaccinated pilot were to be screened, there would be somewhere around a 30 percent loss in manpower."

Yoder mentioned that the most prominent health issues reported include chest pains, myocarditis, and pericarditis. He noted that "three vaccinated pilots called him yesterday" and said they're "currently flying with chest pains." Another said a cardiologist is treating him. Yoder added that the pilots want to remain anonymous because they don't want to lose their jobs.

Airline pilot Latane Campbell interview: A pilot's view of COVID policies

On Dec. 15, 2021, McCullough, joined by other experts, including Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole, and Lt. Col. Teresa Long, M.D., signed a 53-page letter to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and major airlines, urging them to flag all vaccinated pilots and administer D-dimer tests, troponin tests, cardiac MRIs, and EKGs to assess their health. 

The letter—noting that pilots have died post-vaccination—describes the side effects suffered by numerous pilots, many of whom have been afraid to report them for fear of being grounded. Some have had to seek medical attention and report their injuries due to the significance of the COVID-19 "vaccine" related adverse event. A professional agricultural pilot explained his horrible ordeal, stating in part:

"I am a 33-year-old husband and father of two young boys. I have been healthy my whole life, with no underlying conditions. I received my first dose of the Pfizer COVID Vaccine on February 1. Within thirty minutes, I developed a severe stabbing headache, which later became a burning sensation in the back of my neck. Two days after my vaccination, I got in my airplane to do a job that would only take a few hours.

Immediately after taking off, I knew that something was not right with me. I was starting to develop tunnel vision, and my headache was getting worse. Approximately two hours into flying, I pulled my airplane up to turn around and felt an extreme burst of pressure in my ears.

Instantly, I was nearly blacked out, dizzy, disoriented, nauseous and shaking uncontrollably. By the grace of God, I was able to land my plane without incident, although I do not remember doing this."

Cody Flint: 33 Y/O Airline Pilot Develops Brain Swelling, Can No Longer Fly Following Jab

Yoder argued that the overall behavior of the FAA, the airlines, and the pilots' unions demonstrate a contempt for the safety of the flying public and the well-being of airline employees. Kirsch agrees, adding that we have seen a general tone of "belligerence" from nearly all hospitals towards patients who seek second opinions on vaccine-related injury issues. Yoder told Kirsch that the airline industry seems unwilling to address the potentially catastrophic incident. 

Yoder pointed out that "AA is trying to create as much distance between themselves and this incident as possible," adding, "so are the unions. We can't even get a response." Still, according to Yoder, Snow will be speaking out soon. When he does, Yoder warned

"You're going to hear some very interesting details that are going to be very damning for American Airlines, the Allied Pilots Association, the FAA, and everyone else involved."

Steve Kirsch, Full Interview with Josh Yoder re: American Airlines Captain Bob Snow vax injury

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