Church v. Biden Lawsuit Update: The Week Ends With Hope

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  • 09/19/2023

As first reported exclusively by UncoverDC, Attorney Mike Yoder filed a bombshell lawsuit against the Biden Administration this week for misrepresenting the approval of a "vaccine," falsifying military medical records, and intentionally scheming to deny religious exemptions to federal employees. In an historic turn of events since Tuesday's initial filing, on Thursday, Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly gave the Defendants—the federal government—until noon Friday, Oct. 29, 2021, to file a supplemental notice stating that no Plaintiff will be disciplined or terminated pending the Court's ruling on the Plaintiff's TRO Motion. The deadline has since passed with no supplemental notice submitted by Defendant.

Appearing on Friday's Dark to Light Podcast, Yoder discussed Judge Kollar-Kotelly's Minute Orders and Defendant's response to the Court this week following a Wednesday teleconference to address Plaintiff's TRO. Describing her as "one of the most fair judges on the bench," Yoder said the judge has always been genuine and it is a pleasure to litigate before her. Initially appointed by Reagan to the superior court and Clinton to the federal bench, Kollar-Kotelly agreed with Yoder's request that Defendants guarantee Plaintiffs will not lose their jobs during litigation.

Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2021, Minute Order

lawsuit Thursday, 10/28/2021 Minute Order

On today's show, Yoder—a staunch defender of the First Amendment—revealed what he hopes to immediately accomplish with his lawsuit. He explained there is no actual mechanism an employer can use to force an individual into the tunnel they're currently being forced into, "and that's really where the problem lies." He described the Vaccine Mandate as "an asinine proposal to challenge the veracity of one's religious beliefs for a political agenda."  He continued, adding:

"How do you define what constitutes a sincerely held religious belief and whether the government can use its, you know, go to bread and butter pandemic emergency nonsense to override the constitution as they effectively have for the past two years.

I want to use this lawsuit to force the government, provide clear guidance as to how people can submit their exemption requests, and then force the government's hand to make a decision. And it's not a long, difficult process to review someone's exemption request. It doesn't even have to be in writing as a matter of law. All you have to do is place them on notice requesting a reasonable accommodation. And so long as the accommodation you request does not cause an undue hardship on the employer, then it is you're, you're entitled to it."

Screenshot / Instagram

Yoder shared on the show his early suspicions surrounding the FDA's "approval" of Pfizer's COMIRNATY vaccine. His lawsuit explains in great detail the debacle and how the U.S. Military admits there is currently no COMIRNATY available. Remarkably, the Biden Administration's Vaccine Mandate is, in reality, attempting to force the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine available under emergency use authorization (EUA).

With an EUA product, Yoder explained, individuals must be informed of the risks, benefits, and consequences of said treatment and be given the option to accept or refuse the treatment. Furthermore, if there is an FDA-approved product, then, by definition, there can't be another product licensed under EUA. But yet, despite the approval of COMIRNATY, the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson shots remain available under EUA.

Leary of what he was finding, Yoder told Frank and Tracy that is when he started to dig. After receiving FOIA requests, he realized the vaccines were different. The redactions in paperwork are there for "proprietary or trade secret purposes," which Yoder said he found ironic, adding, "because if this is such a massive pandemic and the objective is to stem the spread of COVID-19, then why would the FDA grant approval to a company that's effectively refusing to allow others to manufacturer, to help speed up and produce other vaccines that could ultimately save more people, but that's the problem."

lawsuit Screenshot / Telegram / @tracyBeanzOfficial

The emergency TRO filed by Yoder points out that the Nov. 22 hard deadline to be "fully vaccinated"—an "unconstitutional escapade" imposed by Biden's corrupt Safer Federal Workforce Task Force (Task Force)—is quickly approaching. In order to be "fully vaccinated" by the deadline, over 2 million federal workers and 1.4 million active-duty service members have until Nov. 8 to either make a monumental, life-changing decision whether to forcibly receive a "vaccine" that goes against their religious beliefs or refuse to do so and face the consequences, which include termination. The lawsuit explains:

"Plaintiffs commenced this action and contemporaneously filed this Application for a Temporary Restraining Order ("TRO") and Preliminary Injunction to maintain the status quo of our federal governmental operations and to put an end to this game of Monty Hall's Let's Make a Deal that millions of Americans have been compelled to involuntarily play. And while the currency of this game is not exclusively money but also the rights to life, liberty, and property, it would be imprudent to not address the magnitude of the economic impact of this case."

Front and center in the Biden Administration's immoral plan, as outlined by Tracy Beanz in the UncoverDC article, is the depth of deception exercised by the president's Task Force to circumvent the First Amendment. Under the directive of Sam Berger, an accomplice of former president Obama and John Podesta, the Task Force has maliciously plotted against those seeking religious exemptions. In doing so, Yoder maintains the Task Force has violated current EEOC guidance, federal statutory law, and the fundamental First Amendment right to engage in the free exercise of religion. Touching on the questionnaire sent out by the Task Force, Yoder explained there is no need to answer it. A simple note stating "see attached" referencing the accommodation request is all that is needed.

lawsuit Screenshot / Twitter

The Task Force was organized after Executive Order 14043 (EO 14043, signed on Sept. 9) established the Federal Vaccine Mandate. Both operate under the assumption there is an FDA-approved COVID-19 "vaccine" readily available for administration. However, as precisely spelled out in the lawsuit and discussed on today's show, this is inaccurate and perceived as intentionally deceptive, as the only jabs currently available to the American population, including federal employees, are the Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines being distributed through emergency use authorization (EUA). 

In what is undoubtedly scandalous, the lawsuit provides remarkable evidence that the DoD misled active-duty service members to believe they were to receive an FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccine. Even more damning, the DoD falsified the medical records of active-duty personnel to reflect the injection of COMIRNATY even though it is not available. The TRO explains the DoD's unprecedented manipulation:

"Despite the overwhelming evidence that leaves no question as to the fact that COMIRNATY and BioNTech are two different products, the DoD audaciously—and repulsively—devised a plot of its own, riddled with both threats of imminent adverse employment action and real instances of adverse employment action, as means to coerce and force active-duty service members to “give consent” to inoculation from what they were informed was an FDA-approved vaccine, all the while the DoD knew for a fact that what the DoD was injecting into the bodies of our servicemembers merely EUA-authorized."

lawsuit Screenshot / Exhibit 8 / Affidavit of Authentication / Jacob Workman

Moreover, besides the trickery surrounding an FDA-approved "vaccine," the TRO reiterates the extensive evidence in the lawsuit detailing the presence of fetal tissue in the three EUA COVID-19 "vaccines," as well as deliberate measures taken by Pfizer executives to conceal the information. It also highlights how Defendants are selectively enforcing the Vaccine Mandate on some federal employees while confirming, for example, the religious accommodation and exemption of U.S. Department of State Special Agent Hallfrisch on Sept. 29, 2021.

Wrapping up his discussion on today's Dark to Light podcast, Yoder is hopeful. The absence of a submission from Defendants bodes well for the Plaintiffs. Speaking of the developments in the case this week, he said, "the one salient point to take from this is that if you've submitted a religious exemption request, you have a great deal of breathing room to rest easy this weekend, knowing that your job is not going to be taken away from you because you're not vaccinated." He concluded, adding:

"So don't, don't fear the worst. And even more importantly, do not go get vaccinated if it violates your religious beliefs or if it violates what you are medically able to do based on a physician's recommendation. So keep yourself safe, do not let your fear drive your health or moral decision-making. And it will all work out for the best for everyone."

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