Biden’s Path Out of the Pandemic: Vaccinate America

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  • 09/19/2023

On Thursday afternoon, the Biden Administration announced an aggressive six-step plan to stop the spread of the Delta variant and vaccinate all American citizens with an experimental COVID-19 "vaccine." The president will require all federal employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19, and the U.S. Department of Labor will issue a mandate requiring businesses with more than 100 employees to have their workers vaccinated or show a negative test weekly.

The White House said the federal government cannot mandate vaccines nationwide, but it has encouraged school districts, businesses and other entities to require shots. Biden pleaded with parents to get all children 12 and over to get vaccinated. The administration's plan revolves squarely around vaccinating the unvaccinated, further protecting the vaccinated through booster shots, keeping schools open, increasing testing and mask requirements, economic recovery, and improving care for those with Covid-19.

According to the CDC, a little more than 53 percent of Americans are fully vaccinated. The new measures cover close to two-thirds of all employees in the United States and are part of a broader, more aggressive attempt at mass vaccination. The Biden administration plan will also ramp up testing capacity for the virus and demand vaccinations for more than 17 million healthcare workers at hospitals and other institutions participating in Medicare and Medicaid social programs.

Earlier this week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki offered a preview of Biden's latest plan to end the pandemic—declared no longer an emergency by several experts. Psaki, noting that 80 million still have not gotten the jab, maintained the narrative that vaccinating every U.S. citizen is the solution and defended the upcoming restrictions on the freedom of the American people, stating: 

"We want to be specific about what we're trying to accomplish in this moment and what these six steps will do. We know that increasing vaccinations will stop the spread of the pandemic, will get the pandemic under control, we will return people to normal life. That's what our objective is.

Our overarching objective here is to reduce the number of unvaccinated Americans. We want to reduce that number, decrease hospitalizations and deaths and allow our children to go to school safely."

In steps drafted by his coronavirus team, Biden explicitly stated he supports vaccine mandates and private businesses to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for their employees. With students returning to classrooms, he also addressed schools, identifying them as a critical area of focus. He also announced a major expansion to free testing, a step public health officials have said is critical to containing the virus, particularly as children return to school and some workers return to offices.

Biden called on all state governors to demand 100 percent vaccination among all teachers, and he is mandating all federal Head Start program employees to be vaccinated. The president has also ordered all nursing homes to mandate their staff be vaccinated against COVID-19 or potentially lose Medicare and Medicaid funding.

The president's six-step plan, "Path Out Of The Pandemic," which is detailed here, includes:

  1. Vaccinating the Unvaccinated
  2. Further Protecting the Vaccinated
  3. Keeping Schools Safely Open
  4. Increasing Testing and Requiring Masks
  5. Protecting Our Economic Recovery
  6. Improving Care for those with COVID-19

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