Friday, May 20, 2022

Dark To Light: Acknowledgement

There is lots of information in today’s show about the horrible events of the weekend, some Sussmann recap, and a bunch on how utterly...

Dark To Light: The Conservative Purity Standard

Today’s show has a bit of a Beanz rant, a bit of corrupt media, a bit of an argument between Mike and Beanz, and...

Dark To Light: An Interesting Sussmann Filing

It is a SUPER deep dive into the Sussmann case today, where we talk about the most recent filings and what it all means....

Dark To Light: A Meandering Friday

Frank is back today and we discuss a myriad of topics. We are both information-heavy and esoteric today with a deep dive on the...

Dark To Light: The Analysis of SCOTUS

We analyze what happened at SCOTUS today, with a focus on both culture and strategy. We talk about new developments in the Durham probe....


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