Monday, November 23, 2020

New Book of Daniel Podcast – Dissecting so-called ‘diversity training’

The nation has been besieged with "Diversity Training" that stems from critical race theory. However, little evidence exists (perhaps NO evidence exists) showing its...

New Book of Daniel Podcast – Military study: Quarantine increased Covid spread

If you think lockdowns and quarantines are reducing the spread of Covid, think again. Research by the US Military found that recruits in strictly...

New Book of Daniel Podcast – Anna Timmer’s vote trend analysis is eye opening

Michigan resident & business owner Anna Timmer thought something didn't feel right about the Presidential election results in Michigan. Following a hunch, she compared...

New Book of Daniel podcast – Despite Fires & Violence, Crickets from ‘Unity’ Biden

Arson against a police officer's home in Portland ... Antifa thugs coming out of the woodwork at night in DC to inflict violence against...

New Book of Daniel Podcast – What is Gaslighting? It’s Everywhere These Days

Gaslighting. It's a term we hear with increasing frequency, but what it is? After explaining the origin of the term, Daniel gives a few...


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