What’s Happening? The Miscarriage of Declining Fertility Rates

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  • 09/19/2023

Declining global fertility rates have recently been featured in the mainstream news. At the same time, the mass vaccination campaign (aka ongoing clinical trial) for the experimental COVID-19 jabs continues, carrying an extensive list of adverse reactions, including severe side effects like blood clots, changes in menstrual periods, and miscarriage. Regardless, and based on flawed data, the Biden administration's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) promotes mRNA shots during pregnancy as safe for pregnant women and their unborn children.

Moreover, as evidence continues to surface, Pfizer research documents released under a freedom of information request (FOIA) show that the jab doesn't remain at the injection site but rather travels throughout the body concentrating in places including the brain and ovaries. Even more troubling, this biodistribution has not been adequately examined, therefore neglecting how much of the mRNA product—its spike protein, lipid nanoparticles, and PEG—crosses the placenta, thus reaching a developing baby. Remember, Pfizer and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) wanted to keep these documents hidden from all Americans for 75 years.

At the moment, we are gambling with mothers—and their unborn and newborn babies—who, for whatever reason, trusted the unproven and unprecedented COVID "vaccine" narrative and got the experimental jabs.

Screenshot / Pfizer Annotated Study Book / Exclusion Criteria, pg. 33

Unanswered Questions, Frightening Concerns, & Real Declines

Undoubtedly, pressing questions persist. Do the COVID jabs affect fertility rates? Do they cause miscarriages? Do they lower sperm concentration? With well over nine months since the start of the vaccine campaign, it is reckless for the experts pushing the jabs not to examine the potential (and glaringly obvious) connections between the substantial decrease in births in Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan (with a 23.24% drop), Germany, and other countries, the rise in spontaneous abortions, and the introduction of COVID injections. Yet, even our own government blatantly ignores the task.

But gratefully, a group of 3,000 highly credentialed Volunteers, led by Dr. Naomi Wolf, have been scouring through the internal Pfizer documents released each month thanks to the efforts of attorney Aaron Siri. In late May, Dr. Wolf shared her thoughts on what she and her team have uncovered so far, stating:

I've been silent for some weeks. Forgive me. The truth is: I've been rendered almost speechless—or the literary equivalent of that—because recently, I've had the unenviable task of trying to announce to the world that indeed, a genocide—or what I've called, clumsily but urgently, a "baby die-off"—is underway.


Screenshot / Igor's Newsletter / Taiwan Household Report, May 2022

Screenshot / Igor's Newsletter / U.K. Vaccine Surveillance Report, Week 24

The Jab Reaches the Unborn Baby: Revisiting Pfizer's Cover-Up

Wolf and other experts maintain that as early as December 2020, Pfizer knew its vaccines didn't work and very likely could reach unborn babies in the womb. The company-appointed scientists were aware that the lipid nanoparticles (the tiny hard fatty casings that contain the mRNA) traverse the amniotic membrane. After all, the lipid nanoparticle itself was initially designed as a vehicle to carry brain cancer drugs across the difficult-to-cross blood-brain barrier. Knowing this, it is astonishing that there is no focused study on the COVID-19 "vaccine's" ability to cross the placental barrier and enter the fetal environment.

Offering specific examples, Wolf remarked the Volunteers uncovered that a baby died after nursing from a vaccinated lactating mother and was found to have had an inflamed liver. Likewise, with vaccine ingredients and petroleum product PEG showing up in breast milk, many babies nursing from vaccinated mothers were inconsolable. The infants showed agitation, gastrointestinal distress, and failure to thrive. The Pfizer documents also show that some vaccinated mothers experienced suppressed lactation, unable to produce breast milk at all.

Yet, remarkably, the Pfizer documents reveal that company—using its own investors to conduct the trial—determined its COVID jab was perfectly safe for pregnant women and their precious babies by studying 44 pregnant French rats for 42 days. They didn't allow the rats to give birth. Instead, they terminated the rodent pregnancies, examined the dead fetal rat babies, decided the jabs were fine and continued their mission.

Still, even though Pfizer's initial trial intentionally excluded pregnant women, Wolf explained that FOIA documents show 270 women became pregnant while enrolled in the trial, but Pfizer "lost about 230 of these women's records." She added that 36 vaccinated women gave birth, and the babies of 28 of those women—78 percent—died after their mother's receipt of the Pfizer mRNA jab. Therefore, both Pfizer and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) knew by April 2021 that infant mortality was conceivably extremely high when exposed to COVID-19 jabs but chose to stay silent (thank you again, Mr. Siri). The deaths of the 28 babies are categorized as follows:

  • 23 spontaneous abortions
  • 2 spontaneous abortions with intrauterine death
  • 2 premature births with neonatal death
  • 1 spontaneous abortion with neonatal death

fertility Screenshot / The Exposé / "New Study & Pfizer Docs Prove COVID-19 Vaccine is going to cause mass Depopulation."

The Under-reported VAERS Data

According to recent VAERS data (which is vastly under-reported), 57 percent of all the vaccinations that resulted in a baby or fetus dying in roughly the past 25 years occurred when pregnant women started receiving COVID-19 vaccines. Wolf and the volunteers summarized two specific events of concern surrounding the 3,816 babies listed in VAERS who died after their mothers were vaccinated against COVID-19.

fertility Screenshot / Daily Clout / Risks to Babies of Vaccinated Mothers as Reported in VAERS

First, VAERS data shows that 1,559 fetal deaths occurred within the first ten days after the pregnant women were vaccinated against COVID-19. The babies died from either spontaneous abortion or other fetal disorders. Twenty percent of those babies died the same day their mothers got the jab, and 21 percent died in the following nine days. The other 2,257 babies died after day ten.

Second, for women vaccinated between December 2020 and March 2022 (the timeframe of the 3,816 infant deaths), VAERS reports that nearly 74 percent of the women (2,819) received the Pfizer/BioNTech shot. Roughly 21 percent received the Moderna jab, and less than 5 percent received the Johnson & Johnson jab. The baby deaths were almost equal following the mothers' first and second shots.

Dr. Peter McCullough, a Voice of Reason

In a June 27, 2022, podcast titled "Nothing is More Natural than Pregnancy without mRNA or Spike Protein," Dr. Peter McCullough reminded his listeners that "the wondrous biological process of reproduction is the most natural and profound aspect of human biology." On that note, he said only "the oldest and tried and true" products with a well-established safety profile are allowed in pregnancy, with the CDC recommending only two vaccines during that time—the inactive flu vaccine and the Tdap vaccine. Indeed, early in the CDC/FDA COVID-19 vaccination program, McCullough and fetal loss expert Dr. Raphael Stricker and others declared the jabs were "Pregnancy Category X" (see screenshot below) in a July 2021 publication. McCullough explained:

"Despite this warning, the CDC/FDA COVID-19 vaccination program violated that regulatory standard and, at first gently and later with much force, strongly encouraged pregnant women to take risks and accept one of the COVID-19 vaccines. Brock et al. have demonstrated a 7-8-fold increased risk of stillbirth after COVID-19 vaccination."

Screenshot / HHS CHEMM / FDA Pregnancy Categories

Of note, authors Brock et al. (Simon Thornley, Aleisha R. Brock) swiftly withdrew their Nov. 2021 paper showing a 7-8-fold increased risk of stillbirth after COVID-19 vaccination, explaining that "A follow-up publication based on the same cohort quotes a cumulative incidence of miscarriage of 14.1%. This is considerably lower than the 7 to 8-fold increase that we calculated." They continue, adding, "From this evidence, we withdraw the recommendation that covid mRNA injections be considered 'category X', but rather suggest caution with their use, in consideration of the overall risks of covid-19 infection in pregnancy. We unreservedly apologize for any alarm caused by the publication of the paper."

More on Declining Fertility Rates

Despite this, evidence of declining fertility rates and spontaneous abortion persist worldwide. In Scotland, a highly vaccinated nation, the neonatal mortality rate in Sept. 2021 was significantly above average, at 4.9 deaths per 1,000 live births. In Ontario, Canada (82% have received at least two doses), Naomi Wolf reports 86 babies died in 2021, versus a baseline of four or five. The loss was so extreme that a courageous Parliamentarian brought the issue to ParliamentAnd in Israel, data from Rambam hospital in Haifa reveal the stillbirth, miscarriage, and abortion (SBMA) rate among vaccinated women is 34 percent higher than the rate among women who are not vaccinated against COVID-19. 

The Vigilant Fox (rumble.com)

fertility Screenshot / HIA Report / Miscarriage Report

Supporting the notion that something sinister is going on, in-vitro fertility clinics (IVF) report miscarriage rates that are nearly double what they used to be. According to Steve Kirsch, IVF clinics have been led to believe the COVID vaccines are safe and therefore do not track the jab status of any men or women involved in the IVF process. Nonetheless, the outrageous spike in miscarriages is concerning. A 42-page Health Independence Alliance (HIA) report in Utah concludes that the jabs should be halted immediately. Highlighting one woman's IVF experience (and reminding readers of a Singapore study that indicated the jab creates antibodies that attack a protein necessary for placenta formation), Kirsch wrote:

"One woman had very reliably donated 30 or more eggs each time she came in, which yielded 5 to 8 embryos. In May, she got her second shot of the vaccine and then came in to donate a couple of weeks later. The clinic was shocked: all of the embryos had all arrested when they checked them on day 5. None of them reached the stage where the trophectoderm forms. I'm told this sort of thing is exactly what you'd expect from the vaccine."

Along with the massive increase in IVF miscarriage rates, the experts and professionals at HIA reported witnessing an unknown contaminant in the [IVF] wells with the embryos. Kirsch noted that multiple clinics have also observed this, which "is either coming from the sperm or the egg."

The Bigger Picture

As documented by Kanekoa, before the introduction of the mRNA COVID-19 jabs, the VAERS database reported roughly 1,500 cases of fertility issues over its 31-year history—or all vaccines combined. Now, there are 15,000 reports of fertility issues from the COVID vaccine alone, accounting for 95 percent of all such problems in the history of VAERS.

Where does all of this leave us? Many super-smart people see or are starting to see the bigger picture facing the future of humanity, but many still do not. Naomi Wolf offered this summary:

"You don't have to know more than eighth-grade biology to know that a dysregulated menstrual cycle, not to mention spike protein accumulating in the ovaries, not to mention the traversing of the bodies' membranes, including the amniotic sac, by tiny hard fatty lipid nanoparticles, not to mention PEG in breast milk, are all going to affect fertility, fetal health, childbirth, and babies' G.I. wellbeing or distress, and thus their ability or failure to thrive (let alone to bond)."

Referencing the executives at Pfizer and the FDA, she added:

These [people]; knowing what they know; are targeting the miraculous female body, with its ability to conceive, gestate, birth, and nurture life. They are targeting the female body's ability to sustain a newborn human being with nothing but itself. They are targeting the amniotic membrane and the ovaries that release the ovum. They are targeting the lymph and blood that help support the building up of mother's milk, and they are targeting the fetus in utero, helpless.

They are targeting the human fetus' very environment, one of the most sacred spaces on this earth, if not the most sacred.

And they know it. 

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