Over 48K Comments on WHO Facebook Post Claiming “Mild” Vaccine Side Effects

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  • 09/19/2023

The World Health Organization's (WHO) Facebook page for the Regional Office for Europe posts regularly about COVID-19 "vaccines." With 720K followers, @WHOEurope is one of six regional WHO offices around the world. A post made today by the organization reads, "As many hospitals face pressure due to the spike in #COVID19 cases, how can we help health workers? Get fully vaccinated against COVID-19." The post includes a short video that claims getting a COVID-19 "vaccine" will lower the number of people needing hospital treatment for COVID-19, reducing all-around pressure on hospitals. 

Screenshot / Facebook

Screenshot / Facebook

The comments in today's post, including the one above, are overwhelmingly against forced vaccination and the "vaccinate everyone" agenda. One FB user commented, "My daughter works for the NHS, worked all the way through—no COVID. She didn't want the jab, but was finally bullied and coerced into receiving her first dose on the 17th December—now within three weeks, she has COVID. Coincidence?" 

With unmistakable frustration, another user who resonated with the column written yesterday by UncoverDC's editor-in-chief Tracy Beanz about the changing COVID narrative wrote "...overwhelmed because our NHS staff are coming clean, they can not lie anymore." Similarly, quick observations like "Agenda", "Follow the money people!!", and "Don't spread misinformation" were scattered amongst, "Quit firing those you formerly deemed heroes, who worked through the worst of it without proper PPE and likely have robust immunity to it."

Notably, every post on the organization's Facebook page inevitably contains similar comments. Indeed, a stroll back to November 23, 2021, reveals a post with over 48K comments and 28K shares. The superficial post declares, "Most people have mild or no side effects following COVID-19 vaccination." It then matter-of-factly adds, "Billions of doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been safely administered globally. Mild side effects—headache, fever and body aches—are normal within the first couple of days." 

Screenshot / Facebook

The thousands and thousands of riveting comments illuminating the WHO's post tell the true story of the reality of COVID-19 "vaccines." They simply cannot be ignored. One user exclaimed, "I LOVE how much TRUTH is in all these THOUSANDS of comments. Come on all you Freedom Fighters! Warriors for truth!" Another user, whose comment has 5.7K "likes," commented, "So, myocarditis is [a] mild symptom to you? Inflammation of heart muscle? Are you out of your minds?" Stating the obvious, another commenter remarked:

"This should actually read, 'Most people have mild or no symptoms following COVID-19 infection.' If it was accurate it would read, 'we don't have data to establish the long term safety of COVID-19 vaccination, nor do we properly monitor for side effects from COVID-19 vaccination.'"

The comments are loaded with numerous first-hand accounts from individuals suffering from debilitating side effects. One such person suffering the adverse effects of COVID-19 "vaccines" shared, "Mild side effect??? I have blood clots in my legs and lungs. And I hear it a lot from other people. No doctor recognized it on paper." Another wrote, "My Dad died after the Pfizer vax. You can stuff it where the sun don't shine!"

Indeed, people from all over the world have taken the time to come to the post to share their experiences and views on the experimental COVID-19 "vaccines" that governments and non-government organizations are incessantly touting as the only way to safely and effectively treat COVID-19. "This post isn't going the way ya'll planned, eh?" quipped a nutritionist. "This is pure propaganda," wrote another user. And yet another declared, "I hope the World Health Organization actually reads these comments and realizes that people look at them like idiots now. Never before has the deceit and agenda of these organizations been so transparent. So much manipulation. So many lies." 

Summarizing the prevailing sentiment of the individuals that took the time to comment—as well as that of a large swath of humanity as a whole—one young man pointed out, "Isn't it strange that the double and triple soon to be quadruple jabbed are the only ones getting tested and then testing positive, where the unjabbed who don't get tested and remained unmasked for 2 years are fighting fit. You sure the jabs are working? Shouldn't things be the other way around??" 

"Please God save our children from these harmful shots," wrote a Healing Science Practitioner. Lastly, offering hope, one bright, intuitive soul from Goa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, shared:

"Humanity Is Waking Up. The comments are real proof of that. There are Millions of Us.

Nobody is falling for your Lies and Manipulation anymore WHO, Gates, Fauci, etc.

We know you are trying to keep us down in lower states such as Fear, Control, Shame, Guilt, and Division.

But You have triggered Mass Awakening as people Unite, Love, and Support Each other.

And Higher States bring Higher Frequency. We Win. Keep speaking your Truth Everyone.

~ With Love from India"

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