EU Parliament Member Vows To Protect Freedom & Democracy for Children

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  • 09/19/2023

In a passionate speech on the fragile future of freedom and democracy, European Union Parliament Member Christine Anderson declared war this week on Ursula von der Leyen and other EU politicians supporting the current course of mandatory COVID-19 vaccination and the mandatory EU digital COVID Certificate. Expressing genuine fear that the pandemic will be misused to establish an undemocratic surveillance state, the humble mother reminded listeners at a press conference that she is not brave, courageous, or a hero. Instead, she pointed out she was elected to serve the people and act on their behalf and in their best interest, adding:

"I couldn't think of a better way to serve your interest than to uphold freedom, democracy, and the rule of law. But I'm telling you, the vast majority of the elected representatives—they are selling you down the river. You know, instead of adjusting our concept of what constitutes fully vaccinated, we need to adjust our concept of what constitutes legitimate government. Governments forcing people into compliance are neither legitimate nor democratic by any stretch of the imagination."

Anderson, who has been in the EU Parliament for the Alternative für Deutschland (Germany) since 2019, somberly said, "this isn't about your health either." She acknowledged that some might argue she is exaggerating and misjudging the government's intentions. Still, considering what we all stand to lose, she suggested we can't afford to accept the nonchalant attitude towards the government's expanding control over individual freedom. She questioned whether that's a risk humanity can afford to take. Indeed, as the news coverage remains saturated with talk of vaccinations, Anderson offered her opinion on the drug manufacturers making billions off the pandemic, asserting:

"And it isn't about your health, either. You know, pharmaceutical companies are about as interested in public health as the arms industry is in world peace."

The press conference, held by Members of the European Parliament's (MEP), came about after EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen suggested an EU-wide vaccination mandate against COVID-19. To justify the draconian measure, Leyen cited the fact that a third of EU citizens are unvaccinated, causing rising health costs. Thus far, Anderson and other MEPs have held three press conferences to address their concerns in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. They aim to defend the "fundamental rights, and freedoms of EU citizens," which they maintain are being threatened.

Determined to leave her children a free and democratic society, Anderson implored fellow MEPs to keep in mind that whatever decisions they make, they will not be made only for themselves. She warned she would fight "tooth and nail" to ensure her children are protected from government overreach. Anderson warned government bureaucrats, "I am not afraid of you. You won't be able to shut me up. You will not be able to force me into compliance." Urging her colleagues to stand up for freedom, she added:

"This decision will be made for your children, and your children's children as well. Your decision today will shape the society your children will have to listen to. Your decision today will pre-determine whether your children will be living in a free democratic society or if they will be subjected to the surveillance police state."

Indeed, Anderson, who is unvaccinated, proclaimed that "the TRUTH often evades being recognized due to its utter incredibility." She explained that just because it seems unlikely to fathom your government has ill intentions towards you, it doesn't mean it is not true. As she wrapped up her speech, Anderson had one final message, affirming:

"Oh, and one other thing, trying to buy me off... really? That isn't going to work either. So go ahead, offer me a million dollars. Heck, make it a hundred million dollars, but you know what? Securing a future for my children in a free and democratic society... you could not possibly put a price tag on that. So when it comes to my stance on that issue, I would like to put it in the words of Margaret Thatcher [who said] this lady is not for turning. You can bet on that. Thank you, God."

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