German Professor Condemns Stigmatization of Unvaccinated

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  • 09/19/2023

Since COVID-19 vaccines became available almost a year ago, the message from the Biden administration has been clear—everyone must get vaccinated to stop the spread of SARS-CoV-2. However, with mounting evidence that the current "vaccines" don't actually halt viral transmission, recent data indicates that the vaccinated are spreading COVID-19 just as much as the unvaccinated. In two papers published back to back in The Lancet, Professor Dr. Günter Kampf, a German specialist in hygiene and environmental medicine from the University of Greifswald, went on the record to highlight the rise in COVID-19 breakthrough cases and condemn the stigmatization of the unvaccinated.

For months, Kampf has reported on the ability of vaccinated individuals to transmit SARS-CoV-2. As noted by TrialSite News, Kampf's review of studies and data published in MDPI Hygiene "indicates that vaccinated persons can still be a source of SARS-CoV-2 transmission. Of course, numerous other studies are revealing this fact as well. [While] vaccination does help reduce a worsening of the condition, it isn't stopping the spread of the pathogen—a fundamental underpinning for the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated false dichotomy."  

In discussing the data, Kampf points out that in the UK, "secondary attack rates among household contacts exposed to fully vaccinated index cases was similar to household contacts exposed to unvaccinated cases," with 25% for vaccinated and 23% for unvaccinated. Led by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) and Imperial College of London, the researchers discovered that of the thirty-one (31) SARS-CoV-2 infections in those fully vaccinated, twelve (12)—or 39%—"originated from fully vaccinated epidemiologically linked index cases." Indeed, Kampf emphasized that "Peak viral load did not differ by vaccination status or variant type."

Trends in the UK for weeks 39 through 42 (published on Oct. 28, 2021), reveal that of the 100,160 COVID-19 cases reported among individuals 60 and older, 89,821 occurred among the fully vaccinated (89.7%) and 3,395 among the unvaccinated (3.4%). Furthermore, one week prior, the COVID-19 case rate per 100,000 was higher among the vaccinated subgroup than in the unvaccinated subgroup in all age groups of 30 years or older.

Information in Germany, collected by the esteemed Robert Koch-Institut, is similar. Tracked since July 2021, data from fully vaccinated individuals who are reinfected with COVID-19 (referred to as "breakthrough infection") reveals the number of breakthrough infections in the study cohort (age 60+) is increasing week by week. In July, the breakthrough infection rate was 16.9%, but it had risen to 58.9% by October. Kampf commented that data in both the UK and Germany offers "clear evidence of the increasing relevance of the fully vaccinated as a possible source of transmission."

Figure 1. Vaccination rates and proportions of fully vaccinated people among symptomatic COVID-19 cases (≥ 60 years) in Germany between 21. July and 27. October 2021 based on the weekly reports from the Robert Koch-Institute.

Likewise, Kampf touches on the same scenario in Israel and the United States. He explains that an Israeli hospital reported an outbreak involving 16 healthcare workers, 23 exposed patients, and two family members. The source was a fully vaccinated COVID-19 patient. The vaccination rate was 96.2% among all exposed individuals (151 healthcare workers and 97 patients). Fourteen fully vaccinated patients became severely ill or died. The two unvaccinated patients developed a mild infection. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recognizes four of the top five counties with the highest percentage of the fully vaccinated population (99.9–84.3%) as "high" transmission counties. 

The Biden administration, other "experts," and world leaders assert that the vaccinated can be dismissed as a transmission source of SARS-CoV-2. Kampf contends that it appears to be grossly negligent to ignore the vaccinated population as a possible and relevant transmission source when deciding about public health control measures. He supports that COVID-19 vaccines are reducing the levels of severe disease, hospitalization, and death. However, he stresses that the fully vaccinated "are still a relevant part of the pandemic." He maintains:

"It is, therefore, wrong and dangerous to speak of the pandemic of the unvaccinated. Historically, both the USA and Germany have engendered negative experiences by stigmatizing parts of the population for their skin color or religion. I call on high-level officials and scientists to stop the inappropriate stigmatization of unvaccinated people, who include our patients, colleagues, and other fellow citizens, and to put extra effort into bringing society together."

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