Election Integrity Fires Burning in Georgia

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  • 09/19/2023

The state of Georgia has election integrity on its mind as multiple parties push for hearings and investigations of alleged fraud in the 2020 General Election. Several of the cases involve Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian Amero. On Monday, Mike Daugherty's lawsuit on the January Senate run-off election will be heard by Judge Amero.

As reported by UncoverDC, Mike Daugherty filed the lawsuit in January asking for the run-off to be nullified because of the alleged election fraud in Georgia. Judge Amero granted a motion to unseal and inspect Fulton County Absentee Ballots from the 2020 election.

The complaint that sought to examine 147,000 absentee ballots was filed by nine Georgia voters who alleged that "counterfeit ballots were counted and some ballots were counted multiple times in Fulton County." The effort was led by attorneys Bob Cheeley and Todd Harding who argued, "that their client's rights were violated because fraud led to a dilution of their votes and that similar violations will likely happen in future elections."

On June 24, Judge Amero "left in place a previous order requiring the county to produce digital images of absentee ballots and other election records that are public documents under the Georgia Open Records Act." Amero dismissed some parts of the case. The Cheeley lawsuit is also the case from which the subpoenas were issued for testimony from Ruby Freeman and daughter Shaye for their alleged part in the famous late election night suitcases of ballots caper. Those depositions were delayed on June 10.

Daugherty Senate Run-off Lawsuit

Originally filed in Fulton County, Daugherty moved the case to Henry county for strategic reasons. Daugherty made plans to file the case in November because it is extraordinarily difficult to get courts to hear election cases because of their reluctance to interfere in the business of the people. In an interview on the John Frederick's show on Thursday, Daugherty explained his thinking:

"As we have witnessed, election law is very difficult to adjudicate and enforce around the country. You essentially have days, not weeks not months, to bring your case and I think that's because the judiciary does not want everyone suing the heck out of each other. Still then, [who's ever] elected ends up having their time all in court fighting frivolous litigation lawsuits...we had the luxury of the runoff because...essentially you have five days from when it's certified [to file]." 

The case is not a federal case, nor is it about Trump. Daugherty explained that he has been laying low since January because he wanted to allow cases like Garland Favorito's to work through the system to bring evidence to light. Daugherty explained:

"[The reason] this case is such a big deal is because if we win, we go back to red in the Senate. We don't believe that Purdue should even have had a run-off and we really don't believe either one [should have had one]...the point is, regardless, we want transparency and we want the law followed."

"I really think the senate's red at a minimum," Daugherty continued, "I'm appalled at people that just want us to whistle past the graveyard. We got out of Fulton County and got Judge Amero because when you sue a county, the judges in that county have to refer the case up, but this case isn't about just Fulton County. We've sued Coffee County, we've sued DeKalb county, and, just yesterday, we added Cobb County."

The suit has garnered the attention of the big guns law firm Perkins Coie; attention Daugherty wears as a badge of honor. "Perkins Coie parachuted into our case, so we know that it's serious to them." Daugherty declared that his objective on Monday is to "avoid a motion to dismiss and to keep it within the four corners of the law." Daugherty has been adamant that he does not want to politicize the case.

Daugherty will move on Monday to have the law firm removed from the case because they have been sanctioned in a Federal court in Texas for failure to disclose a previous denial in a "straight-ticket voting" case.

Daugherty believes that the runoff should be done over. Georgia has shown multiple irregularities and violations of election law. In early July, reporting by The Federalist showed that "more than 10,300 illegal votes were cast in Georgia in the November 2020 general election—a number that will continue to rise over the next several months, potentially exceeding the 12,670 votes that separated Joe Biden and Donald Trump." 

The irony is that, per reporting by Margot Cleveland of the Federalist on Friday, Georgia voters had attempted to present to:

"Fulton County officials in July of 2020 a list of 16,000 voters on the voting roll for the county who no longer lived in the county. Ray Smith III, who represented the state House caucus in these efforts, told me that at first, the county ignored the request and then officials claimed they were too busy to address the challenges before the election."

"Smith then filed suit against Fulton County, and presented the court with evidence establishing the registered voters had permanently moved, including, among other things, affidavits from the current residents at the addresses of the registered voters that attested, under oath, the person registered to vote at that address did not live there. But in September of 2020, the judge who heard the case ruled it was too close to the election to resolve the challenges."

Other Ongoing Georgia Election Integrity Business

On Thursday, Senator Burt Jones formally requested an investigation by the Georgia Senate "into the numerous and documented failures of Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger leading up to the November 2020 election." It is rumored, Jones is prepared to jump into the race for lieutenant governor with former President Trump's announcement that he would not endorse Senator Butch Miller because of his "refusal to work with other Senate Republicans on voter fraud and other irregularities in the state."

Fulton County, GA Chairman Robb Pitts "fired back" at SoS Raffensberger over his call for Pitts to resign from the Fulton County Board of Commissioners.

"I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that within Fulton County, Georgia, there was no hanky panky whatsoever with respect to the recent election," Chairman Pitts said. "I challenge anyone from the president of the united states, his office representatives, secretary of state of state of Georgia’s office to come forward with any proof they have that would contradict what I’m saying. I’ve said before and I’ll say again here today as loudly as I can, either put up or shut up."

On Thursday, GA House Speaker David Ralston called for an investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation into the election fraud in Georgia. Friday's Georgia Record reminded readers that "this is the same Speaker Ralston who prevented a special session from being called during November’s coup."

Tucker Carlson's July 14 show highlighted "meaningful voter fraud" in Fulton County, Georgia, referencing Garland Favorito's VoterGA findings, good news for those who are concerned with election integrity since Fox News has been relatively quiet about the November 2020 election since its now-famous reluctance to call the Arizona election on November 3. Carlson shows footage of a woman allegedly rerunning ballots through a tabulation machine in Fulton County, bolstering Favorito's claims in his press conference of duplicate ballots being counted.

Cobb County conservatives saw a big win in a House District 34 July 13 election, earning an R+7 win despite the Stacey Abrams machine.

SoS Raffensberger has adamantly contended that there was no fraud in Cobb County as allegedly evidenced by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations signature audit of absentee ballots completed in December. The sampling audit was the first of its kind in Georgia. However, Dr. Kandiss Taylor, who is running for Governor, contends there is significant fraud in the County.

At 34 minutes in the interview below, Taylor speaks about the Cobb County election, among other things. She uses the Georgia SoS website to explain that "there are only 703 batch sheets published [from the risk-limiting audit]. The batch sheets should be the same number as the audit board batch sheets. They are not. There are still 4493 batch sheets missing. That means 253,663 ballots are missing or not documented in the audit," according to her interpretation of the data on the website.

Taylor has been working on securing a full forensic audit for the state. On her Facebook page, Taylor has taken a deep dive into the publicly released ballot images and showed evidence of scanning the same ballot multiple times. She served Governor Kemp in person to demand a forensic audit in Fulton and Chatham counties. Taylor says she just wants every "legal voter to vote one time."

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