DePerno Continues Pursuit Of The Truth In Antrim County Election

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  • 09/19/2023

Months later, Antrim County is still in the spotlight regarding the alleged fraud in the 2020 election. On Friday, Apr. 9, Attorney Matt DePerno filed a response to his case in Antrim County because state officials and several counties have sought to "obfuscate" and "run the clock out" on discovery in the ongoing lawsuit.

Yesterday, the response went to Judge Elsenheimer in Michigan's 13th circuit court, and he dismissed the "subpoenas issued to 8 counties to allow further discovery that would be "used as [a] control group" to confirm or deny assertions that the Antrim County election results were manipulated algorithmically." Telegram's @MichiganConservatives channel, as reported by @PatrickMByrne, announced the decision. To watch the proceeding, see here.

Judge Elsenheimer stated "The court finds that the information that the plaintiff (DePerno) seeks is not likely to lead to relevant information for the following reasons:

"The plaintiff has not put forth admissible evidence to show that there would be even a possibility of such recovery. The "experts" that have been identified to support its contentions—Frank, CyberNinja, and Penrose—while having interesting theories, are not expert witnesses that have, as of yet, been named within this court's case management order and were produced in the waning hours after discovery had closed in this case.

"The plaintiff has not deposed the witnesses who may indeed know about the deleted messages and put them under oath. Discovery [period] is closed."

There were some wins on Monday, however, for DePerno as captured from Byrne's reporting of @MichiganConservatives Telegram post below:

Screenshot/4 Wins/@PatrickMByrne telegram

DePerno appeared on the 100 Percent Fed Up Podcast on Monday with Jim Hoft and Patty McMurray after his hearing on Monday. He explained the latest developments in the case, including his alleged discovery that "Guy's staff deleted critical data" from the Dominion Machines, that the machines were connected to the internet or, at least an intranet (state network), and the continued threats he receives as a result of his investigation. Deleting or changing data on the machines is a crime, according to DePerno, and he says she is purportedly being investigated.

DePerno also reminded Hoft about the modem chips found during the course of his investigation. Modem chips were found embedded in at least some Michigan Election Systems and Software (ES&S) voting machine motherboards. The chips make it possible to connect to the internet, which is significant because Dominion has repeatedly stated that its machines do not connect to the internet. "There was also a Dominion Machine discovered to have had communications with Taiwan and Germany during the elections. "Without question, the Dominion Motherboard has a slot to connect a modem. It is specifically designed for that," he added.

Verizon Telit Chip/DePerno Lawsuit

The purpose of Monday's hearing was to request data from eight counties in Michigan (nine including Antrim County) as a way to confirm or deny allegedly manipulated data in the November election. Since Sheryl Guy allegedly deleted the Antrim County data, DePerno needed evidence from other counties to prove his case.

Eerily similar algorithms were found in those 8 counties—as discovered and illustrated by Dr. Frank, an expert witness in the case. According to reporting by the Traverse City Record-Eagle,  DePerno contended in court filings that "Michigan was among four 'battleground' states that had implemented an 'algorithm used to regulate and shift votes in the 2020 elections' and that data from the eight counties would be used as a 'control group' to discern fraud in Antrim County."

DePerno and his 47-page petition went viral on Friday as he explained both his reasoning for the response as well as the data therein. He hired a mathematician, Dr. Frank, who methodically explains what seems to be impossible scenarios that took place on election day in many counties in swing states. DePerno's interview on Apr. 10 can be viewed here.

Frank uses data from three different databases; population data from the census as of July 2019, the state registration database labeled Oct. 2020, and the state voter database from Jan. 2021. He reportedly shows proof that voter registration is nearly the same or exceeds the population in the counties—among other findings. Below are some screenshots from his testimony that illustrate a sampling of his findings:

Dr. Frank/DePerno Petition

Dr. Frank/DePerno Petition

Dr. Frank/DePerno Petition

Dr. Frank/DePerno Petition

Frank demonstrates with a series of graphs that algorithms were basically used to regulate ballots. He says he knows this is true because the correlations shown are statistical impossibilities. He says algorithms were used as "keys" and that there are easily discerned patterns in the data—patterns seen in other states as well. He asserts that ballots were harvested at the precinct level, regulated at the county level, and determined at the state level.

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has repeatedly stated that her state's elections "were the most secure, accessible and successful in our history." Benson purged the state's voter rolls of 177,000 people after Biden won by 154,000 votes in November.

The lawsuit brought by Antrim County resident William Bailey and his attorney Matt DePerno found that "thousands of ballots cast for President Trump were counted as votes for Joe Biden,” as reported by UncoverDC on Dec. 14. However, yesterday in court, Frank Krycia, an attorney appearing on behalf of Macomb County, offered a possible explanation for the discrepancies, as reported by the Traverse City Record-Eagle attributed above:

The machines were set to look for the dark ovals on the old ballot and then the ballots were changed,” Krycia said, of Antrim’s ballots printed in October, of which errors were found in some townships and corrected, without a corresponding update to voting machine software.."This caused an error in the preliminary results on election night, or shortly thereafter, which was then corrected,” Krycia said. “This was unique to Antrim County. Macomb didn’t have corrected ballots.”

During the process of the investigation, they allegedly discovered that Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy authorized her staff to remove files and data from the voting machines on Nov. 4, 2020, as she seems to "admit" in this video conference from a county board meeting.  She maintains in the video that she and her staff were poorly trained, and files needed to be fixed to accurately reflect the election numbers. Guy explained,

“Because we didn’t know we had to pull all the cards back, not just the ones we fixed,” Guy said about the ballot reprinting issue. “So when you are talking about who did it. I did it. My office staff did it. Under my authority to get those numbers right. It wasn’t fraud—it was doing my job. Getting my numbers certified. We truly did not have correct training with the Election Source new program.”

UncoverDC penned a recent and pertinent update about the ongoing battle between DePerno and Michigan Secretary of State (SoS) Jocelyn Benson. Benson has repeatedly denied evidence of election fraud.

The Antrim County lawsuit represents the first time an election fraud case has gone to the evidentiary phase. The forensic report was performed by a team of experts, including an expert witness from the firm Cyber Ninjas which is now leading the independent audit for Maricopa County in Arizona. Major news outlets have refused to report on the forensic findings in the DePerno/Bailey case. UncoverDC has covered the lawsuit from the moment Judge Kevin Elsenheimer of Michigan's 13th Circuit Court granted forensic access on Dec. 6 to the voting machine equipment used in the 2020 election.

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