Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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It’s the New Wednesday Weekly with Tracy Beanz on the Liz Callaway Show

Listen Here Liz Callaway & Tracy Beanz discuss George Soros and the motives behind rioters like those in Kenosha, and the Durham Report.

Tracy Beanz & Liz Callaway Discuss South Carolina Vote-By-Mail Lawsuit

Plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the state of South Carolina hoping to change the rules on Absentee Ballots were exposed by investigative journalist Tracy...

I’m Sorry — Why Can’t You Sign Your Ballot? BUSTED! Joe Pags & Tracy...

There's a suit in South Carolina where the plaintiffs claim they can't sign an absentee ballot in front of a witness because of #COVID19....

Vicki McKenna and Tracy Beanz talk Covid-19 and Censorship and William Barr

Listen HERE at 38:00 to find Tracy Beanz & Vicki McKenna discussing Covid-19 and Facebook & Twitter Censorship and the William Barr Hearing.

John Steigerwald and Tracy Beanz Discuss CDC Data

Click HERE to Listen beginning at or listen to the whole thing!

Mike Opelka and Tracy Beanz on the Chris Plante Show Discussing CDC Data

Begin at 1:37 for Mike Opelka and Tracy Beanz  

Tracy Beanz and Chris Stigall Discuss CDC Data

Listen beginning at 58.00 for Tracy or listen to the whole show! Tracy Beanz of UncoverDC.com takes a deep dive into the CDC’s misleading behavior in communicating...

Vicki McKenna and Tracy Beanz Discuss General Flynn

Click HERE for a Conversation on the Flynn Case & Spygate from These Two Brilliant  Ladies! Conversations begins at 54:00 or why not listen to...


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