News from Around the Web for June 18, 2024

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News From Around the Web

#10 Half a Teaspoon of Olive Oil Daily May Protect Brain Health - George Citroner for Epoch Health, and Organic Live Food on X
For years, the Mediterranean diet has been touted for its brain-boosting powers, helping preserve cognitive abilities and reduce dementia risk. But new research suggests a specific star player may be behind those mental benefits: olive oil. In a recent study investigating the relationship between diet and dementia-related death, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers analyzed the diets and health outcomes of more than 92,000 U.S. adults. The participants reported their food habits, including olive oil intake, every four years for 28 years. Researchers then categorized participants based on their daily olive oil consumption: never or less than once per month, up to 4.5 grams, between 4.6 and 7 grams, or more than 7 grams. Over the study period, 4,751 dementia-related deaths were recorded...

#9 Biden Shrugged! US Economy Actually Lost -408k Jobs In May - Anthony B. Sanders Confounded Interest, and Dr. Jake Baker on X

Joe Biden is a dishonest politician, so it is no wonder that he ignores actual data. Like claiming that crime is down under his leadership when it is actually large cities like New York and Los Angeles not reporting their crime data to the FBI. Take the May jobs numbers. The BLS reports that 272k jobs were added. However, the more accurate Household Survey reported a loss of -408k jobs in May. While the Establishment Survey did indeed report that 272K “jobs” were added, this number also included multiple job holders; stripping those out, we get that the actual number of “employed” workers plunged by -408K. On the jobless claims side, the number of Americans applying for jobless benefits for the first time surged last week to 242k (up from 229k and well above the 225k exp). That is the highest since August 2023…


#8 Did the DOJ Destroy the Special Counsel Audio Interview With Biden? - Katie Pavlich for Townhall, and Carmandy Graff, James Hirsen, and Judicial Watch on X
Attorney General Merrick Garland was voted in contempt of Congress last week by the U.S. House of Representatives after repeatedly refusing to hand over the audio interview conducted by former Special Counsel Robert Hur with President Joe Biden. The interview was part of Hur's investigation into Biden's mishandling of classified information when he left the U.S. Senate and vice presidency. The transcript of Hur's interview with Biden was released shortly after the Special Counsel investigation was completed and found the president is "too old" with a "bad memory" to be charged with felonies he committed - which are documented in the final report... 

#7 Tuesday Elections: Six Things to Watch in Virginia, Oklahoma, and Georgia Races - Mabinty Quarshie for Washington Examiner, and Epoch Times on X

Voters in Virginia and Oklahoma head to the polls Tuesday, when they’ll decide on a slew of congressional, but not presidential, primaries. Chief among the most notable primary contests is whether House Freedom Caucus Chairman Bob Good (R-VA) survives a primary challenger backed by former President Donald Trump. House Appropriations Committee Chairman Tom Cole (R-OK) is also defending his seat from a GOP rival. Meanwhile, Georgia voters return to the polls Tuesday to vote in several primary runoff elections after candidates failed to reach a majority in the original May 21 primary races...


#6 The Military’s Biggest Problem Is Readiness, Not Recruiting - Philip Reichert for The Federalist, and NW Rain on X
The ongoing military recruiting crisis has dominated headlines, with the Army, Air Force, and Navy all falling short of their goals last year. Concerns over readiness and talent attraction are widespread, even being a core focus of this year’s Heritage Foundation index of military strength. However, attributing the recruiting crisis to “woke culture” or inadequate benefits misses a more intuitive root cause: Without a just war to ignite our patriotism, Americans are not in a rush to enlist. But recruiting soldiers isn’t the real issue; it’s the readiness of our military infrastructure that should alarm us...

#5 Bush-Appointed Judge Blocks Biden’s New Title IX Rule In Six More States - Jennifer Nuelle  for The Daily Caller, and AG David Yost and CPAC on X

A Kentucky federal judge blocked the Biden administration Monday from implementing its Title IX expansion for LGBT students in six states. Bush-appointed U.S. District Judge Danny Reeves sided with Kentucky Attorney General Russell Coleman’s lawsuit against the United States Department of Education (ED) in blocking the Biden administration’s new Title IX rule in Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia, according to the court documents. The new Title IX rule, set to take effect on Aug. 1, 2024, expands protections for LGBT students by preventing discrimination based on “gender identity.”


#4 Arizona Schools Are Bearing the Cost of Biden's Border Crisis - Madison Marino and Matthew Kuckelman for The Western Journal, and Nicki Neily and Rep Andy Biggs on X

Under the Biden administration, communities across the United States have been forced to bear the burden of unchecked illegal immigration. Perhaps nowhere is the weight of that burden heavier than in Arizona, especially Arizona’s schools. Though often overlooked, education is one of the industries most affected by illegal immigration. In the fiscal year of 2023 alone, Customs and Border Protection’s Tucson Field Office, Tucson Sector, and Yuma Sector encountered more than 577,379 people entering Arizona illegally. As revealed by research recently conducted by The Heritage Foundation, if even a small portion of these people enroll in school this fall, it could cost the state’s public K-12 schools millions...


#3 The 9th Circuit Didn't Rule the mRNA Vaccines are Therapeutics - Tracy Beanz UncoverDC and Paul M. Davis on X
This past week, an opinion at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals caused people to cheer with glee. As popularly reported, the 9th Circuit Court had allegedly ruled that the COVID-19 mRNA jabs weren't technically vaccines but therapeutic drugs. What is the problem, you may ask? The problem is that the 9th did nothing of the sort. Let's break it down. I won't get too much into the case's background, as it isn't pertinent to this decision, but here are some basics. The case is about LAUSD mandating COVID-19 vaccines for their employees. The case had gone through numerous twists and turns, but the Plaintiffs had alleged in pleadings that COVID-19 vaccines aren't vaccines but therapeutics that do not stop the spread of disease and, therefore, couldn't be mandated. The LAUSD, for its part, argued that they are vaccines and, therefore, could be mandated...

#2 New York’s Highest Court Leaves Trump Gag Order in Hush Money Case in Effect -  Nicki Brown and Kara Scannell for CNN and Kyle Becker and Mario Nawfal on X

New York’s highest court has declined to hear Donald Trump’s appeal on the gag order in his hush-money case, according to a decision list posted Tuesday. The gag order, issued by Judge Juan Merchan in the criminal case against Trump, remains in effect. Separately, Trump has asked Merchan to terminate the gag order ahead of his sentencing scheduled for July. The former president was convicted of 34 counts of business fraud relating to hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels. Trump's lawyer, Todd Blanche, declined to comment...

#1 LIVE TODAY: Origins of COVID-19: An Examination of Available Evidence - Homeland Security Governmental Affairs and Senator Rand Paul and Matt Kibbe (follow link for Updates) on X
Watch today's hearing as we examine one of the most critical and debated questions of our time: Did COVID-19 originate in a lab?


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