The Gateway Experience: How the CIA and US Military Explore Human Consciousness - A Series

Part 1  Background

*Disclaimer: The information in this series, Part 1, is beginner-level. I am well aware of the level of information available and its applications. Only some things will be covered here; don't assume I am unaware of them if they aren't.

The Gateway Experience was a series of recordings created by Robert Monroe. They were used to train human consciousness to do things we have all been told are impossible. We will discuss the program in detail in the subsequent parts. For now, many need the basics of *how.*

You may be thinking that this series is out of scope for UncoverDC. On the contrary, it is one of the most important we have done. In the following parts, you will learn about the now-declassified Gateway Experience and ponder the question of what it holds regarding the future of humanity. You should read the materials as they are provided, come in to this with an open mind, and get ready to be amazed by what the government has known about the power of the human spirit for decades and decades. 

1: What is consciousness?
You actually can’t find a real explanation or definition. You could read for thousands of hours all different theories, and truthfully, at the end of the day, science doesn’t know. Philosophers ponder, psychiatrists meander, and anesthesiologists are particularly keen on understanding it but don’t. You cannot go inside the human brain and point to a place where “consciousness” happens.

You cannot find a series of brain systems responsible for producing emotions or feelings. Yet, our consciousness is the most powerful thing on the planet. It’s essential because our consciousness shapes our entire reality. No one can explain it definitively. We are precisely where we were hundreds and thousands of years ago, although one group is studying it more and more.

2: Who is studying human consciousness right now?
In short, almost everyone—but more specifically, neuroscientists and psychologists. Philosophers and biologists. Quantum mechanics and Quantum theory. Physicists. Almost every discipline is finally starting to try to figure out what really makes humans human. I don't think they ever will.

Here are several links to articles. I endorse no opinion in them, and like a specific body part, everyone has one.

Understanding Consciousness Is Key to Unlocking Secrets of the Universe | Scientific American

How Philosophers and Neuroscientists Define 'What is Consciousness?' | Psychology Today

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The mystery of human consciousness: How much do we know?

Human Consciousness: Where Is It From and What Is It for

Okay, so we all have consciousness—but how powerful is it? Over the past few years, I have researched all of this (as a hobby), but I always pondered something called the Observer Effect. It falls within Quantum Mechanics.

Basically, the Observer Effect means that certain particles, only when observed by humans, will change how they act. From the link above: "When you observe something in the world—a tree, a bird or anything else—you know that regardless of where and when you observe the object, it will always remain the same. However, what if I told you that the time and manner you looked at a particular bird would affect its appearance? It sounds quite absurd, but absurdity is normal when it comes to the bizarre laws of the quantum realm. The laws of quantum mechanics work very differently than the physics of the regular-sized world."

Observation affects Reality. YES. You read that correctly. Particles act differently depending on the OBSERVATION of them. Let it sink in for a second. There is a lot to learn here.

EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. At its core, literally every single thing is energy. The particles in the desk you are sitting at are energy—the lamp on it is energy, and the door frame is energy. Your body is energy. Every heartbeat, thought, breath, and movement is energy.

Your cells? Full of energy. Your words? Immense energy. No, this isn’t “woo-woo” its science. Place all of your preconceived notions aside for this exercise. You’ll need to understand how this works. Here is a short video to help.


If everything in the universe we could observe is directly affected by that observation, how powerful are we, really? What could we do with the concept to change the world around us in beneficial ways? Why is discussing this considered "crazy?"

3: What is sound?
Let’s move past the absolutely insane world of quantum mechanics, physics, and theory to another more tangible concept: Sound. What is sound?

Sound is energy, like most everything else in the universe. Sound moves at certain frequencies in certain wave patterns, and then the human ear perceives those wave patterns, and your consciousness, body, and physiology react to those wavelengths. Another video.


If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration - Nikola Tesla

I've played this on the show before, but check out this fascinating video to observe how sound impacts matter.


Sound is critical to the life of many species on the planet and can significantly affect them, including humans. Different species can pick up frequencies of sound. Sound affects all matter when sound waves interact with the matter, similar to human observation.

There is an entire rabbit hole when it comes to sound; obviously, some sound waves and frequencies are more pleasing to the human than others. For example, decades ago, in the 1940s, it was decided to change the tuning of “A4” to 440hz rather than 432hz, an action some say negatively affected human beings all over the planet.

Stick with me.

Is it true? You can read here for some basics, and I do not endorse any conclusion. Tuning Standards Explained: Differences between 432 Hz vs 440 Hz.

Well, science has studied the importance of sound in many different aspects. So have police forces and governments. Here is where we start to understand the importance of sound for the topic we are discussing. Many countries use sound as a weapon.

Many countries also use energy as a weapon. There are hundreds of studies of the effects of sound on the human body, and sound is also used for healing. Funny, the stories about sound as a healing modality are usually dismissed as woo-woo or “new age,” yet the stories about sound as a weapon are just accepted as fact. It's interesting how that works.

We make sounds every single day with our voices and bodies. The body is comprised of an average of 60-75% water, which is greatly affected by sound. For examples, you can look at the (what some consider) controversial experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto, who studied not only the impact of sound on freezing water but also the impact of human consciousness on freezing water.

Dr. Emoto has been criticized for his work and experiments, but after my research, I believe they are true. Human consciousness and the energy behind it have a direct effect on water.

So, now that we understand the fundamental importance of sound and consciousness, let's move on to our next section. Entire online music libraries broadcast in different wavelengths. They aim to help with all sorts of health conditions and mental congruency.

I can attest to using sound and music tuned to different frequencies often. It is how I came to find binaural beats many years ago.

4: What are binaural beats?
Stop for a second and think about the absolute marvel and magnificence of God’s creation, and then stop wondering why human scientists cannot figure it out. Here are how binaural beats work. Different tones are played in each ear. Your brain interprets the difference in the frequency of those tones as its own “beat” with a different frequency. The frequency is the difference between the frequency of the tone played in each ear.

So, for example, if you listen to a 440 Hz tone with your left ear and a 450 Hz tone with your right ear, your brain would create another "beat" or a 10 Hz tone. Read a bit more.

There is a lot of science behind this, again, more I can get into further, but your brain creates waves constantly—when you are awake, sleeping, praying, meditating—each of these states of consciousness creates its own corresponding waves.


Listening to binaural beats causes your brain to synchronize to certain wave states, depending on what kind of binaural beats you are listening to. As discussed with consciousness, science still needs to figure out how to measure everything your brain does at any given time. With the advent of MRI, they have gotten closer, but here is a basic rundown.

Alpha Brainwaves: You are relaxed—reduces nervousness and anxious thoughts, boosts creative thinking, and helps artists and athletes reach that in-the-zone state.

Beta Brainwaves: (How we spend most of the day) Increased alertness, improved focus, concentration, quick thinking ability, improvements in problem-solving, self-confidence...


Gamma Brainwaves: Improvements in memory and processing information, accurate perception of reality, compassion, positive thinking, high focus and high energy levels, reduction of depression.


Delta Brainwaves: When seen in deep sleep, they improve memory performance, induce a deep state of relaxation, and promote the release of HGJH.


And THETA waves... Very, very important as well.

After looking at these explanations, you can combine two and two to see why binaural beats are so powerful.

You can go online right now and search for binaural beats, and since the phenomenon was discovered, there have been many advancements in how sound can be used for brain entrainment. It’s an entire industry. I’ve done it. I do it very often. It works.

Now that we have this basic foundation, we can explore more. Robert Monroe revolutionized this technology to synchronize the hemispheres of the human brain, coining the term "hemi-sync." When the brain works in this way, some AMAZING things happen.

In Part 2, we will delve more into Robert Monroe's history, the beginnings of his work, and his personal experiences. It gets really interesting from here, but read and share this thread for now! Trust me, it's a topic worth exploring.

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