Tax Payer Funded Gender Reassignment Surgeries Prompt Questions About Military Readiness

The US Government is providing gender reassignment surgery for active-duty military, and this article will detail our military readiness. Everything in this article should be viewed through the lens of military readiness.

Could an ADSM ever be combat-ready based on DoD standards if they have gender reassignment surgery? The answer is NO. Let's take a gander.


Certain behavioral health conditions require a waiver. Here is a list of those conditions, with a highlight on the ones we focus on for purposes of this thread. This document says that people undergoing transition are disqualified until it is completed.


Many "health professionals" will tell you that recovery takes 6-8 weeks. In fact, most of the websites I went to said that you are cleared for "work" in everyday situations in 6-8 weeks.


1-5 days in hospital, 6-8 weeks recovery, generally. After that, an ADSM could be deployed, right? Wrong. I decided to go right to the source and watched hundreds of videos of trans people telling their stories after gender reassignment surgery. And I am going to share some of them now.


First, here is a doctor who makes many videos on YouTube. This one, in particular, is for Indiana University Perdue. Listen to what she says here.

6-8 weeks off work. That is for a civilian. Well, a lot more goes into this for people undergoing this surgery. And, after everything I have seen, NONE of the people I followed would EVER be military ready by the military standards, and I will show you what I mean. Buckle up.

Here is an individual who had M-F bottom surgery and is still in the hospital learning how to dilate. Listen to the medical professional and their instructions.

Here is another M-F individual talking about their experience 1mo post-op and their schedule. Please pay close attention to the comments about their mental health during this process.

More about the mental health challenges experienced post-op, as well as the requirements and how long they last.

Here are two F-M transitioners and how long recovery actually took. Most who undergo this surgery end up needing several more surgeries afterward.

And, even if it isn't surgery, even HRT can cause serious issues. Listen to what happened to this individual below.

During this Q&A, this M-F transitioner discusses the "letter requirement" for surgery, a process I detailed in my last article. Please watch this. The doctors who provide these letters seem to be doing it rather flippantly.

Here, this transitioner talks about the support system necessary post-operative. This is a months-long commitment. Again, consider all of this in the context of military readiness for an ADSM in a year.

This doctor out of San Francisco requires this support as a condition for surgery. 6-8 weeks, eh? LONG recovery, he says.

This doctor also had a video on potential complications. This is MAJOR surgery. With a VERY LONG RECOVERY TIME.

Here, the same doctor details some challenges that patients have with follow-up care and potential issues.

Here, a transitioner gives an honest assessment of the actual time it takes to physically recover from an M-F surgery.

And, as one may expect, it doesn't go well for many people. For some, maybe. For most, no. Mentally, this surgery is destructive a lot of the time. Remember, Gender Dysphoria is classified as a mental illness as far as the DoD is concerned.

This person is months out from surgery. Listen to the issues they are still having. Now, picture this person deployed. You can't. Because they can't be. For at least half of their "contract," they would be useless to the military.

Here is another individual just post-op. They made this video, and took about a year hiatus from YouTube.

And came back to say this. They regretted their surgery for the first 6 months. Listen to these words. Now think about this for an ADSM.

Before I get to the next point, I want to show you the military's minimum standards of fitness. You tell me—ARE THESE PEOPLE ABLE TO SERVE? EVER?


We can put aside the issue of these procedures as they stand, at least for a moment, and focus on the safety of our country. The US Military is providing these surgeries. A doctor for the military told me they are doing several a week. These individuals are NEVER going to be combat-ready. Not from a mental health standpoint, not from a physical standpoint, at least not for years after surgery. So, why is the US taxpayer paying for these surgeries for ADSM?

And there is an even bigger societal problem because there are A LOT of these surgeries being performed all over the country and the world. And from this cultural and political pool, has emerged "influencers."

You can ask any detransitioner what they have experienced if they have spoken out. Well, the same is happening for people who have had these surgeries. I came across so many people who built followings on this gender dysphoria, and then... Had a tough time with surgery.

And.... made videos dispelling "myths" about the surgeries...while suffering from complications of the surgeries....but couldn't bring themselves to be honest and face the potential backlash. I came across this a few times. Here is one that really got me.

Here, 3 years ago, on "Myths," 217k views.

Now, let's listen to a bit from May 10, 2022.

So, we have had this person telling everyone the myths are all myths and everything is all hunky dory, and then..Last year, they went through the actual story. So this person with over 100k subs was too scared to talk about what they were actually dealing with. How many people listened?? The rest of that video can be found here:

The bottom line for this article is that these procedures are directly impacting our fighting force. You can not replace an ADSM in a unity if they are undergoing these health challenges. It directly impacts readiness. WHY is the USG using taxpayer dollars to make us less safe?

There is more to come in this series. I am not anywhere near finished. If you appreciate the work I do and want to help me continue to do it, please consider sending @UncoverDC a coffee (or more!)

Our safety as a nation is being directly impacted by this. Call your congressman and demand they inquire for more details.

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