News from Around the Web for Dec 5, 2023

News From Around the Web


#10 Federal appellate court sides with Douglass Mackey in meme case, drops prison sentence until after appeal - Libby Emmons for PM.

The 7-month prison sentence of Douglass Mackey has been stayed per a federal judge. He was convicted in March for circulating a satirical meme that encouraged Hillary Clinton voters to cast their votes via text in the lead up to the 2016 election.  Mackey stated: "The Second Circuit Court of Appeals just overruled the District Court in granting our motion for bond pending appeal. This ruling is huge because it means that the appeals court decided that my appeal presents 'substantial' and 'debatable' issues of law that, if resolved in my favor, will result in my conviction being vacated. 
#9 House Judiciary set to unveil new spy powers bill with broad warrant requirement - Jordain Carney for Politico

The House Judiciary Committee is set to unveil its bid to revise a controversial surveillance program that’s set to expire in just a few weeks. The new legislation would require a warrant to search for any American’s information under Section 702, according to the draft text obtained by POLITICO, which is meant to target foreigners abroad but, in the process, sweeps in citizens’ communications. The current program does not require a warrant when that occurs. The Judiciary Committee is expected to vote on that bill Wednesday.

#8 Could the 2024 election cause society to collapse? Some preppers think so — and they're ready - Trevor Hughes for USA Today
In the past 12 months, 39% of millennials and 40% of Gen Zers reported having spent money on prepping, according to, which has collected similar data since at least 2017. Overall, almost 30% of Americans surveyed reported taking some steps toward emergency preparedness last year, up from about 25% in 2017, according to the annual Finder survey. "On the left, you have people afraid (Trump's) going to declare himself dictator of the United States, and people on the left are going to end up as targets in some sort of authoritarian system," Says Prepping Expert Brad Garrett and  "On the right, it's general malaise and a fear of society unraveling. They point to these smash-and-grab robberies, riots, and protests."

#7 McDonald's top-secret new chain CosMc's prepares to open its first location in Illinois, as speculation mounts it'll be Starbucks rival serving NEW menu items - Rachel Bowman for Daily Mail
Fast food fans have speculated it may be a rival to Starbucks that serves coffee and snacks similar to those already found in a McCafe. Some hope CosMcs may also sell tantalizing McDonald's treats currently only available at foreign outlets. 

- Maybe this is why they've been charging $16 for Double Quarter Pounder w/Cheese; they are going after those Starbucks prices and profits.

#6 Why Locally Produced, High-Quality Meat Costs So Much - Investigative Midwest for The Defender
In an industry in which four companies — Tyson Foods, JBS, Smithfield, and Marfrig — control most of the meat market, small slaughterhouses are struggling to survive as they face proportionately higher operating expenses than the industry giants. Those that do survive are forced to charge higher prices. 

-Buy Local if you can. Get to know the farmers and ranchers in your community. You will likely get better quality meats and produce, and you will be supporting your neighbors and community.

#5 Home field disadvantage: Even voters in Biden's birthplace don't think Bidenomics is working - Edan Villalovas for The Washington Examiner
"This economy sucks. I mean, everything's going up except paychecks. I just think the economy sucks ever since Biden got in," said Robert Jones of Scranton. know it doesn't look good for you when your hometown doesn't like what you're doing as President...


#4 FDA Shuts Down Enquiries About DNA Contamination in Covid Vaccines - Maryanne Demasi for The Brownstone Institute

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to insist that any residual DNA contamination in the COVID-19 vaccines is not a problem and that it “stands behind its findings of quality, safety, and efficacy for the mRNA vaccines.” But this limit – used for traditional vaccines – is unlikely to be relevant to the mRNA vaccines whose lipid nanoparticles can penetrate inside cells to deliver the mRNA efficiently.

#3 Texas v. Pfizer: The COVID-19 Vaccines are the Miracle that Wasn't - Tracy Beanz for UncoverDC
Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton, filed a whopper of a lawsuit against Pfizer. You will need your thinking caps for it. You will likely remember the constant drumbeat that the Pfizer mRNA shots were "95% effective." The filing starts, "The COVID-19 vaccines are the miracle that wasn't."
#2 Doug Burgum announces he’s suspending his 2024 presidential campaign - Veronica Stracqalursi for CNN
North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum announced Monday he’s suspending his long-shot campaign for president after failing to gain traction among voters and appearing unlikely to qualify for the fourth GOP debate this week.

#1 Gold bars featured in Sen. Bob Menendez's bribery case are linked to a 2013 robbery, records show - NBC News
At least four gold bars found in the FBI search of Sen. Bob Menendez’s home had been directly linked to a New Jersey businessman, Fred Daibes, now accused of bribing Menendez, the state’s senior senator, Bergen County prosecutor’s records from a 2013 robbery case show. Menendez has denied taking payoffs from Daibes even though prosecutors allege testing shows Daibes’ fingerprints and DNA are on some of the tens of thousands of dollars in cash found in Menendez’s home.

And Now for Something Fun smiley

America Hates These Christmas Candies—The Top 10 Worst Christmas Candies of 2023...from ribbon candy to holiday Peeps
10. Peppermint Bark
9. Chocolate Oranges
8. Life Savers Story Books
7. Old-Fashioned Hard Candies
6. Ribbon Candy
5. Peeps
4. Candy Canes (Non-Peppermint)
3. Cherry Cordials
2. Christmas Nougat
1. Reindeer Corn 


-We know it's not candy but let's not forget about the dreaded FRUITCAKE that the distant relative you only hear from once a year sends!

Let us know on social media what candy you run away from during the holiday season.

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