News from Around the Web for Dec 4, 2023

News From Around the Web

#10 Bidenflation! U.S. Households Are Spending an Extra $11,400 Annually to Afford Basics (Purchasing Power Of US Dollar Down -15.4% Under Biden, Home Prices UP 33.2%) - Anthony B. Sanders for Confounded Interest

-Wait, didn't the Biden Administration say our economy is booming—the best economy ever? The numbers don't lie.


#9 Comedian Matt Rife Remains Unapologetic For Having A Sense Of Humor - Jordan Peterson for The Daily Wire
Stand-up Comedian Matt Rife, who is regularly featured on "A Side of Beanz" at 2 pm ET on Tues and Thurs on Rumble, says he's "Unapologetic for having a sense of humor."

-It's the way comedy should be!

#8 Private Jets Headed To Global Warming Conference "Literally Frozen On Runway" - Tyler Durden for Zero Hedge 

"If world leaders actually believed in global warming, they would not have flown private jets to the desert. Furthermore, having a global warming conference in an area where it snows is just bad optics for these virtue-signaling elites."   

-Gotta love that Global Warming. 


#7 Media’s 2024 Pitch To America: Be Poor Because Democracy Depends On It - Eddie Scarry for The Federalist

The choice for president next year is all but certain to be between reelecting everything we currently have or attempting to go back to what we had. To the extent that you can believe polls on the matter, it looks like most people are ready to choose the latter, which, according to the media, is a threat to democracy! What do you mean you want cheap food and fuel? Don’t you care about democracy? 

-"You will own nothing and be happy."

#6 Fox News studio audience gasps as Greg Gutfeld slams own network while defending Tucker Carlson, Elon Musk chimes in - Paul Sacca for Blaze Media
Fox News host Greg Gutfeld slammed his own network while defending Tucker Carlson in a moment that left the studio audience stunned. Gutfeld also seemed to imply that Fox News is part of the "censorship industrial complex. Gutfeld also praised Elon Musk for refusing to bend the knee to the cancel culture campaign targeting his X social media platform and defending free speech.

#5 Military Could Owe Billions to Service Members Involuntarily Discharged for Refusing COVID Shots - Michael Navradakis, Ph.D. for The Defender
The U.S. military could owe billions in back pay and legal fees depending on the outcome of three class-action lawsuits filed on behalf of service members who allege they were wrongfully discharged for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine.
#4 Jury orders egg suppliers to pay $17.7 million in damages for price gouging in the 2000s - Isabella Volmert for AP News
A federal jury in Illinois ordered $17.7 million in damages — an amount tripled to more than $53 million under federal law — to several food manufacturing companies who had sued major egg producers over a conspiracy to limit the egg supply in the U.S. This is for the time period 2004 thru 2008. 

-So what's the story today with eggs in the price range of $5.99 per dozen in many cities?

#3 Olympic gold medalist swimmer Klete Keller sentenced to 36 months of probation for role in Capitol riot - Alexander Mallin, Meredith Deliso, and Beatrice Peterson for ABC News

Former U.S. Olympic swimmer Klete Keller was sentenced on Friday to 36 months of probation for his role in the riot at the U.S. Capitol, avoiding prison time after pleading guilty to a federal felony. Keller, 41, was also sentenced to six months of home detention and will have to perform 10 hours of community service every month.

#2 The Most Level-Headed Response on Bob Menendez Comes From... John Fetterman - Rebecca Downs for Townhall
Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) has been a pleasant surprise for conservatives on certain issues as of late. On Friday's episode of The View, he said he has concerns about Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) remaining in office despite the federal indictments against him for being in "a corrupt relationship with three New Jersey associates and businessmen."
#1 Roseanne Boyland's Death As Witnessed by Tommy Tatum - Wendi Strauch Mahoney for UncoverDC
The story of Roseanne Boyland's death on Jan. 6, 2021, seems to be plagued with lies and misrepresentations by the legacy media. The misrepresentations have led to much misunderstanding about what happened at the mouth of the tunnel on the West Side of the Capitol that day. When the media gets a story wrong, it isn't easy to set the record straight.

And now for something special smiley

Teen Creates LEGO Charity to Collect and Wash Old Bricks to Give Away New Sets–For 3,000 Kids So Far - Andy Corbly for Good News Network
"To date, the organization started by Teen Charlie Jeffers has delivered over 3,055 sets to kids in need, and people immediately see the value in it."

-Legos have given children endless hours of fun and enjoyment since they were invented in 1949 by Kirk Christiansen—and many parents/caregivers agony when stepping on a rogue brick at 3am.


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