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  • 11/29/2023

News From Around the Web

#10 Child Pneumonia Cases Surge in Europe as Fears Rise Over Outbreak in China - Mansur Shaheen for M. brought to you by our friends from Citizen Free Press
After a reported outbreak of pneumonia in China, kids in Europe seem to be getting sick, too. Is this the beginning of a new pandemic of bacterial pneumonia? Or, is it more likely the population is somehow immunocompromised from another avenue….like, say, I don’t know, a novel mRNA vaccine that has been known to make you more susceptible to illness?

#9 Democrats are splitting up - Don Surber
It looks like this is key to a Republican win in 2024. Endless victim classes and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are creating a rift in the Democrat party, with many Jewish Democrats wondering where they should call home.

#8 Government Flaunts Stay in Missouri v. Biden - Tracy Beanz, UncoverDC
Hidden behind an innocuous WaPo headline is a glaring example of why the temporary injunction in the Missouri v. Biden case needs to be implemented.
#7 United Nations set to call on Americans to reduce meat consumption - Thomas Catenacci for Fox News
As more and more Americans discover the amazing health benefits of  eating keto/carnivore, in swoops, the United Nations trying to restrict your access - all in the name of "climate change." Since when did the U.N. become the governing body over what you put in your body??
#6 Scientists ‘shocked’ and ‘alarmed’ at what’s in the mRNA shots - Rebekah Barnett for The Spectator
For years "conspiracy theorists" have been warning you that the mRNA shots are dangerous and contaminated. Now, The Spectator (in Australia, of all places) is reporting that the presence of high levels of contaminant DNA in the mRNA vaccines ‘may be causing some of the rare but serious side effects, like death from cardiac arrest... What death? What "rare" side effects? What cardiac arrest? These shots are "safe and effective," no? 
#5 35-Year-Old Firefighter Injured by COVID Vaccine and Forced to Retire Sues New York City for Disability Benefits - Brenda Baletti Ph.D for The Defender
Speaking of alarm about the mRNA shots, it seems the lawsuits are starting to pile in. In NYC, this fireman was mandated to get the shot, had an allergic reaction after the first shot that sent him to the ER, was forced to get a second shot for fear of losing his job, and then had such a bad case of myocarditis, he was forced to retire. This is a rare case where the FDNY doctors determined the shot caused the injury. The city refuses to pay his expanded disability benefits. We will likely begin to see many more of these cases in the future. 
#4 BLM Founder and senior director of Black Lives Matter in Rhode Island endorses Trump for president in 2024 - Citizen Free Press
Apparently, all the other candidates Suck :) He believes that the Black Community has been used and abused by the Democrat Party for so long and believes it's a racist party.  He says Donald is not going to stab them in the back like the Democratic Party wants to do.

#3 Biden Opposes Plan to STOP Federal Plans From Becoming Migrant Camps - John Binder for Breitbart
 Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) introduced H.R. 5283, which would block the federal government from using federal lands to house illegal immigrants.  Get ready for BidenCamps across America.
#2 We Need Something More Than 'Look At Muh Polls' - Daniel Horowitz for The Blaze
What happened to the red wave?  Daniel Horowitz shows the failure of the polls in 2022 and asks for a Reality Check in 2024, "We cannot afford to continue with this delusion. We cannot keep thinking we already have the ball in the end zone when we don’t."
#1 Elon Musk Takes on Media Matters in Court - Tracy Beanz, UncoverDC 

Elon Musk’s X Corp is suing Media Matters. Tracy Beanz will be reporting on this case as it progresses. 

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