The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 27, 2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) How the political environment got “Trumpier.”

-Well, put in a demented Rutabaga pervert in the White House through fraud, open America’s borders, try to start wars with every country east of Joisey . . .  Think maybe that had something to do with it?

2) Trying to use scare tactics against President Trump’s border control.

-I think NBC might be shocked to find out people are no longer opposed to mass deportations.

3) Release of more footage from Patriot Day (J6) spurs calls for a new, non-DemoKKKrat-run inquiry. “The committee was a sham,” said Cong. Troy Nehls.

4) The Texas Attorney General has launched an investigation into Media Matters.

-See why they wanted this guy out soooooo badly?

5) Arizona’s great Schools Supe, one of the few Rs in gubment, vows to defend the state’s “Save Women’s Sports Act” all the way to the Supreme Court.

-Elections have consequences, ya little tiddlywinks.

6) Former DemoKKKrat mayor of College Park, Maryland, and a transoid activist was sentenced to 30 years for kiddie porn.

7) My favorite lib Noah Smith shows that politicized science inevitably leads toward pseudoscience.

-Which, of course, the CDC and NIH know all about.

8) Shocked, I tell ya! No charges likely in the Rutabaga’s classified doc scandal, but, of course, they’re “gonna get” Trump for something much less problematic.

9) Leftist morons, including former Sen. Claire McCaskill, are comparing Trump to Hitler to excuse his assassination.

10) The Rust Belt battleground poll shows President Trump not only leading Rutabaga in Ohio, but leading him by 5-7 points MORE than in 2020, when Trump took the state by 8 points. These additional gains for Trump are just under the average 10-point gains he’s seeing in Washington State, Kollyfornia, and New York.

11) Derek Chauvin, unjustly convicted in George Floyd’s drug-induced death, was stabbed in fed prison.

-They are trying to kill him because the autopsy showed Floyd did not die from anything Chauvin did.

12) Again, this happened during Thanksgiving week, but important: “They love cars but won’t touch electric cars.” Car enthusiasts could give a crap about EVs, partly because no one can fix them.

13) The judge in the Jack Smith/Trump docs case rejected a request for a May 2024 start of the trial.

-'Ol Slitherdick Smith ain’t gonna get no 2024 trial.

14) Did the weight of four chubbo Benghazi-by-the-Lake female cops prevent them from arresting a shoplifter who outran them?



15) The great Ryan Burge shows that white Catholics tend to vote Republican now, vs in the 1960s.

16) Folks, if you only read one article, read Naomi Wolf's “Among the Rich.”

-Don’t know that I share her forgiveness. Did you know there were times when God specifically directed the Israelites not to pray for their enemies?

17) The “Naomi Wolf of the West Coast,” Jennifer Sey, reviews the “startling” learning loss as a result ostensibly of the China Virus lockdowns.

-I love both of these women, but they have only dipped their toes in the real water here: the problem even before COVID was LIBERALISM and its utterly destructive impact on civilization. I know right now neither of them wants to go there, but inch by inch . . . .

18) And kinda culture, kinda economics, kinda religion: my fave lib, Noah Smith, offers five great insights with data, but #1, on the battle for AI, is def worth reading.

19) And a good thought piece here by Susie Linfield on “The Return of Progressive Atrocity,” where the prog-fascists have returned to their support of heinous violence in support of leftist goals.

-Susie, I really don’t think they ever quit.



20) Tar-gay has hired a “pride strategist” who vowed to “make trouble.”

-Let’s hope the “trouble” is with Tar-gay’s stock.


21) Ford to scale back plans for $3.5 billion Michigan battery plant as electric vehicle sales short out.

22) Wendi Mahoney writes that the FCC’s new “digital equity” power grab will smack Americans right in the old wallet.

23) A little older story, but of interest: “Everybody’s in a panic mode” as rich LA homeowners rent mansions for up to $150,000 per month amidst the new luxury tax assessments.

-They can’t sell them any longer.

24) The Fed admits the bottom 80% of Americans are poorer since Rutabaga, and inflation expectations jump.

25) While existing home sales crashed to the slowest since 2010.

26) A new study shows that the income of the top 1% has actually declined since the 1980s, largely due to studies failing to pick up “other sources” of income.

-Like what? Fentanyl sales?

27) I don’t buy this at all, but Hanna Ritchie claims that solar panels and wind turbine blades don’t produce much waste at all and that producers are switching away from non-biodegradable materials.

28) However, when you look at what businesses are actually investing in, it ain’t green. Siemens is considering canceling ALL onshore wind turbine business despite new subsidies.

29) And I know we do a lot of David Blackmon-related stuff here, but he is becoming the Rush Limbaugh of energy. Meghan Lapp has shown that only 10% of wind projects are based on financial viability.

-In other words, 90% are based on feel-good spooge.

30) This ain’t good. Airline mayday calls up 386%.

31) Before the break, my fave lib Noah Smith had a good piece (#1 on the list) about how real wages have not caught up with the pre-China Virus trend.

-I’d argue Rutabaga had a lot to do with that.

32) More Rutabaga damage to the economy in the form of insurance premiums up (42-57%). The Number 7? Health and Life Insurance Companies Feeling the Pinch - The HighWire

33) Black Friday shopping off the charts, thanks to online bargains: An 8% jump in internet shopping with over half using their phones to pay.



34) Great news. In Holland, the nationalist anti-migrationist Geert Wilders won a dramatic victory.

35) When complaints about fake news are the fake news, in this case in Hun-land where the green-oriented gubment was trying to eliminate all oil- and gas-run indoor heating.

36)  . . . while half of Edmonton’s $60 million fleet of electric busses are not roadworthy. And the supplier is filing for bankruptcy.

37) Germany’s obsession with C02 is leading it to a spending freeze on everything. It’s bringing about the collapse of the German economy faster than the 8th Air Force in WW II.

38) The ChiCom economy is failing. Duh. “Why Xi Can No Longer Brag . . .”

39) So, asks Francis Menton, have we reached peak “cognitive dissonance for the climate scare” as both Chy-na and India are building coal plants like crazy, while western scabpickels double down on climate goo?

40) Hamas has been releasing hostages.



41) Supposedly, movies did well over the weekend, reaching a post-pandemic high of $173 million.

-However, you have a) normal inflation and b) theater ticket price inflation, so it’s possible this is smoke and mirrors. At any rate, nice to see Disney’s “Wish” struggling. “Napoleon” (not a great movie at all) is now at $78 million, or barely on a trajectory to break even. “Wish” will not.

42) “The Marvels” has dropped to #6 with a total of $77 million on a nearly $300 million budget and advertising.

-That means it has so far lost $253 million. “Wish,” on a budget estimated to be about $150 million, with marketing being just under $38 million for a loss of $130 million. Time for anyone at Disney to wake up?



43) And here . . . we . . . go. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has sued Pfizer and Tris Pharma for defrauding Texas Medicaid via adulterated pharmaceutical drugs.

-Again, see why they wanted this guy out so much.

44) This should be a surprise to no one. New-onset and flares of MS are associated with the China Virus vax.

45) Dr. Fallacy said that people should be given a choice on the new China Virus vax.

-Oh? Why not the first time around, ya evil snotlicker?

46) Poland is being sued by Pfizer for leaving the shady vax deal negotiated by the previous prez.

47) We now have the highest-ever childhood vax exemption rate.

48) People and countries are waking up. Slovakia will not enter any international pandemic agreements involving the WHO. Nor will they enter into any agreements with the Who or any other washed-up 1970s-era band.

49) . . . and Estonia says the same thing.



50) On Thanksgiving Day, Dallas Cowboys cornerback Deron Bland intercepted a Washington Commodes’ QB pass (formerly the Foreskins) and returned it for a touchdown. Why was this special? It was Bland’s fifth “pick six” in 10 games, the most of any cornerback in a season. And Dallas still has five games to go. And the great Deion Sanders only had 9 “pick sixes” his entire career!



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