The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 17, 2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) A new poll shows President Trump up by EIGHT in AZ, a state he supposedly lost in the fraud of 2020 by one.

-For those of you, New Math challenged, that’s a swing of NINE.

2) A new Emerson College poll has DeSantis in third place in Ohio, too, as President Trump has a 52-point lead over Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb.

3) And, Florida Atlantic has bad news for DeSantis, as Trump is at 61% and DeSantis at 20%. The key date here is December 12, when DeSantis can drop from the Florida ballot. As Richard Baris notes, his unfavorables are rising: will he risk being a lame-duck governor over this run?

4) This is a big poll because it’s from Democracy Corps, Stan Greenberg, and James Carville’s firm, and it shows Trump with a 4-point lead among likely voters in battleground states.

5) We didn’t have many polls yesterday, but today we’re overflowing with them. Personal safety fears are at a three-decade high.

-Gee, wonder why?

6) While Gallup finds that more people are critical of the criminal justice system.

-Again, what might explain that??

7) This doesn’t help: due to being a “sanctuary city” and illegal criminal migrants, New Kabul has slashed the budget for police, schools, and libraries.

-Well, no one is policing anyway, these people don’t read English, and they’ve eliminated most proficiency testing, so, no big deal.

8) Of course, if you attack a DemoKKKrat, you go to the front of the line. David DePape, who attacked Paul Pelosi, already found guilty.

9) Michigan DemoKKKrat Dan Kildee announced he won’t run for reelection in 2024.

-This is DemoKKKrat #5 plus one RINO. Again, canary in the coal mine?

10) David Setliff has a look at Twitter/X’s potential impact on algorithmic suppression of President Trump.

11) Even the Census Bureau is trying to promote transoidism lunacy.

12) Love it. A Soros-backed prosecutor faces potential criminal and civil charges from the Missouri AG. They all should.

13) A great story here from Wendi Mahoney, exposing the utter absurdity and pure evil of the Department of INJustice’s jihad against the Patriot Day (J6) patriots. Now the infant son of a defendant is placed on a “Quiet Skies” suspected terrorist watch list.

14) Speaking of which, the first two Patriot Day appeals have reached the Supes.

15) Pathogens labeled “HIV” and “Ebola” were found in a secret, illegal Chinese-owned biolab in Kollyfornia.

-Nothing to see here. Move along.

16) A Code Pink fecaldumpling and her analgazing husband are funding the Hamas protests.

17) The Florida teacher attacked by a 270-pound autistic teenager suffered five broken ribs, a concussion, and hearing loss. She calls for him to be locked up for 30 years.

-Agree. He’s a menace to society, autistic or not.

18) Good piece here by Flopping Aces on why the sudden Hitler messaging from the leftoids: they are actually marching with pro-fascist Hamas and have to redirect.

19) And right on cue, TikTok DemoKKKrats found a “letter to America” from Osama bin Laden and now understand why terrorism is ok.

20) The FascistBI will investigate individuals affiliated with Hamas.

-I guess they finally caught all the “white supremacists” and “white nationalists.”

21) A pro-Hamas DC mob clashed with police in D.C. So, will there be charges of an “insurrection” and people put away for years after this?

22) Even Winken, Blinken, and Nod can’t believe the moronic Rutabaga called China’s Xi a “dictator” at the Groomer City press conference. He winces as the woman next to him laughs in amazement.

-Thing is, for once, Rutabaga is right!


23) A Nobel Prize winner has called “climate change” a hoax perpetuated by a “global cabal.”


24) Christmas early warning as Walmart crashes; warns that consumer spending is deteriorating.

25) While the foreclosure sale notices for commercial property loans are exploding and New Calcutta sales are cratering.

26) Starburqua faces a walkout at hundreds of US stores.

27) Tar-Gay hasn’t learned, hiring a homosexual pride strategist.

28) Disney accounts for one in eight central Florida jobs and contributes $40 billion to the state’s economy per year.

-And Gov. DeSantis is still right in trying to bring Disney to heel.

29) About time. Anheuser-Busch’s chief U.S. marketing officer stepped down as sales continued to plunge after the transoid ad campaign.

30) My favorite lib, Noah Smith, despite bending over backward, admits that unless you’re a CEO, you’re not doing nearly as well as you were under President Trump.

-And this doesn’t take into account second-job holders who need to work two jobs to make the same money.



31) Jennifer Sey has a powerful article on standing up for what is right. “If not you, then who?” beginning with Rachel Denhollander, who publicly accused U.S. Gymnastics coach Larry Nassar of sexual assault. Later Nassar was jailed for pedophilia. She now urges people to stand up against the Hamas murderers.

32) Iceland is sending its biggest bulldozer to dig three-mile-long trenches to try to stop the “mag-ma” in its tracks in case of volcanic eruption.

-Here’s a thought, Icelanders: MOVE. You remember the Sam Kineson skit about starving people in Africa? “Move to where the food is?” This one is “Move to where the volcano ISN’T. Ahhhhhh. Ahhhhhhh!”



33) “The Fall of Minneapolis” film is now available.

34) Major League Baseball owners officially approved the move of the Oakland A’s to Las Vegas.

35) Wow. Snoop Dog says he’s quitting smoking pot after having 75-100 joints rolled for him every 24 hours

-As in, he was too high to roll his own joints?

36) Well, well. So-called Native American singer Buffy Sainte-Marie's birth certificate says she was born in Massachusetts and not on a Canadian Injun reservation.

-That means she’s as authentic as this Indian, “Iron Eyes Cody,” who was born a Sicilian, Espera de Corti, and whose tear was glycerin.



37) More than half of those who got the vax feel sick a year later.

38) The U.S. Army removed its China Virus Vax requirement for recruits following a historic low in recruiting.

-Gee, so young people don’t want strokes and heart problems?

39) More confirmation the lockdowns did nothing to slow the China Virus.



40) Rock and rollers everywhere are rejoicing as the FDA has authorized the first at-home test for chlamydia and (as Rush used to say) “gong-arrhea.”

-I guess seeing your Johnson turn the color of an eggplant doesn’t quite give you the evidence you need?



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