The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 16, 2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Lessee, didn’t someone tell you that none of these cases would affect President Trump before the election and that after the election they were irrelevant cuz he’d pardon himself? Now Fat Fani Willis says the GA “election interference” case may go into 2025.

2) Jew-hating bus drivers at Dulles refused to take 900 Jews to the March for Israel.

3) Another Soros prosecutor was given the boot by voters, this time in Loudoun County, VA.

4) The Muslim record. Here are the atrocities they committed just in November.

5) New Jersey’s first lady Tammy Murphy will run for the corrupt Senator Bob Menendez’s seat in 2024.

-Of course, she will. And she’ll win easily.

6) Eight youts face murder charges after the fatal beating of a high schooler in Las Vegas.

-These are ferals. They don’t even deserve the lawyer BEFORE my cousin Vinny.

7) Oh, wait. So NOW they decided parents should be involved in their kids’ education? Mayor Eric the Red Adams of New Kabul says, “All hands on deck.”

-Sorry, cap. Your Titanic is sinking.

8) New Hampshire primary poll shows DeSantis “losing steam,” and Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb entering second place (about a thousand miles behind President Trump) with Desantis now behind both of them and White Lizzo, at only 7%.

9) Republican dropout Tim “Bankster” Scott’s new girlfriend (supposedly) Mindy Noce and her ex-husband Peter were sued over a $1.2 million “shell and scam” scheme.

10) Feel-good story of the day as an ex-con turns good samaritan to save a wounded cop after a highway chase and shootout in Texas.

11) Well, poop. Or, I guess, rubbish. A Harvard physicist found that the supposedly alien artifacts taken from the bottom of the ocean were merely fragments of coal ash.

12) Palestinian pro-murder phelgmgobblers descended on Groomer City right as Xi and Rutabaga were scheduled to talk.

13) Ya can’t make this up. An INDIAN immigrant and banker, Kurush Mistry, was fired after screaming, “Go back to your country at a Jewish American as Mistry covered up posters of missing/kidnapped Israelis.

14) Just one day after Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb said anonymous social media accounts should be illegal, she backtracked.

15) President Trump is now beating Rutabaga in the Yahoo/YouGov poll, which had Rutabaga beating President Trump by 8 in 2020.

16) He also leads Quinnipiac for the first time in poll history. In July, Quinnipiac had Rutabaga up 4. Now Trump is up 2.


17) The brain-dead brisket paddling SecTreasury, Janet Screamin’ & Yellin’, says, “Growth in China is good for the United States.”

-I can hear the same comments in the British Parliament in the late 1930s: “You know, growth over there in Germany is really good for us.”

18) If you think Big Wind is in trouble, check Big Solar

-It’s “wobbling like a bowl of jello.”

19) Without crude oil, there is no need for electricity.

20) David Blackmon: “The Dangerous Futility of Energy Transition in a Single Graph.”

21) Following other retailers being ravaged by theft, Sephora has now locked up its perfume.

22) Home ownership is collapsing, with the steepest drop since 2000.

23) McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish is actually getting smaller, turning into a “tiny slider.”

-They could call it the McMinnow.

24) A U.S. appeals court ordered Rutabaga’s administration to begin auctioning off oil and gas leases within 37 days.



25) The CIA boss is headed for meetings in Kiev, trying to keep the war alive.

-“Keep my war, keep my war alive.”

26) The Brit top court said Britain can’t dump asylum seekers in Rwanda. They already have enough trouble. And don’t want to build more hotels. 

27) NASA has discovered a bizarre “fluffy” dirt/sand planet 212 light years from Earth.

-Now we know where Pigpen from “Peanuts” came from.


28) “The Marvels” continues to flop, having the worst Monday in MCU history with only $2 million, worse than the “Eternals” or “Flash.” My son went to “Fridays at Freddy's” and the theater was 2/3 full on Tuesday night. “Freddy's” has been out for weeks. So it’s the movie.

29) Forbes trying to say it’s “anti-‘woke’ backlash.”

-Yes, there is that. But this movie is horrible and is absolutely typical of the crap coming from the MsheU.

30) Gettin’ jiggy with the rumors as Will Smith confronts a host of new rumors that he is a homosexual, as FEMAIL reveals a number of his wild sex secrets, including vomiting after orgasms. Well, I could certainly see that if he was married to Cankles, but not necessarily Jada.

31) Ridley Scott’s “Napoleon” gets its first mixed review.


32) I remember when, long before Sean Payton and Drew Brees, the N’yalins Saints were so bad fans wore brown paper bags on their heads and called the team the “‘ain’ts.” Well, controversial basketball player James Hardin—whom, shall we say, has been passed around more than one of Snoop Dog’s “friends”—lost his fourth straight game since joining the Los Angeles Clippers, prompting a fan to pull out a hilarious beard costume at Madison Square Garden.



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