The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 15, 2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) The poor chumbunglers who insisted that the states could keep President Trump off the ballot are shocked. Trump is listed on the Michigan ballot despite the legal fight to block him. The Minny Supes already ruled the same way.

2) Newsweak notes that the Stack poll basically finishes Grusome’s 2024 chances.

3) Not shocked. Whistleblowers say the FascistBI is purging Christians and conservatives.

-This organization needs to be completely removed from the government and scattered to the winds.

4) Just to remind you, the Georgia Dominion voting machines are finally going to be put on trial.

5) The illegal criminal invasion has cost us at least $451 billion so far, according to the House.

6) Guess what? Jack Cashill shows that George Floyd died of adrenaline-caused catecholamine crisis that gave him heart failure.

7) Zerohedge: how a golf club association led to a controversial child rape plea deal: the Biden-Du Pont Nexus.

8) Meta’s $36 billion plot to re-engineer society and Zuckerberg’s future plans for tech addiction. (PS: “Meta” means “death” in Hebrew.) This involves Meta Horizon, a head-set-wearing virtual “metaverse” where people can virtually live.

-Folks, if seeing people walking around talking into Bluetooth is disturbing, wait till you see people walking around in the Metaverse.

9) Rutabaga’s State Department staffers are all in on the Hamas murderers, signing a letter accusing Israel of hate crimes.

10) Homeless jigglepickles stealing electric power caused $500 billion of damage to an LA freeway.

-Once more, all these liberal policies are coming home to roost at the same time.

11) President Trump turns out nearly 10,000—almost all Hispanics!—at a rally in Florida.

12) They are very worried that AFTER President Trump wins, he’s comin’ after them. Cuz he is.

13) Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb has proposed a ban on anonymous social media accounts. Wow, that would wipe out 90% of the DeSantis influencers. But come at me, Nick Knack. @LarrySchweikart on Twit.

14) Meanwhile, in Texas, DeSantis drifted to third place in single digits behind Nick Knack.

15) Minneapolis (New Mogadishu) ain’t comin’ back. It’s run by liberals and populated by Somalis and illegal immigrants.



16) Vogue’s “vulgar” profile of Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez is roasted by the UK Daily Mail.

-I’m not sure yet. I need to see more bikini shots of Ms. Sanchez before I can decide if it’s vulgar.



17) Hero! A female pool player forfeited a final match rather than play a transoid opponent as the crowd erupted in applause and cheers.


18) More collapse and general mayhem at the wind giant Orsted.

19) More David Blackmon: the ChiComs are pouring money into U.S. “Green energy” projects while enacting coal subsidies at home. Which do you think they believe in more?

20) A federal agency admits electric heat will cost 77% more than natural gas.

21) Stellantis (i.e., Dodge) offered buyouts to over 6,000 American employees so it could do money-losing electric cars. This is why Dodge never got above third place in the U.S. car market.

22) A small but interesting trend as some grocery stores are removing self-check-out.

23) Trump’s “Truth” Social has lost $73 million since it launched and has taken in only $3.7 million. Dunno, this sounds like exactly the kind of social media site I want—one that isn’t manipulating posts for profit.



24) Iceland is on edge, waiting for a volcanic eruption. More evacuated. Folks, it’s the Pompeii Rule. If you live on a volcano, MOVE.

25) The Aussies are about to enact a law that will basically kill free speech by fighting “misinformation,” i.e., anything the authorities don’t like.

26) David Sacks: “The Truth has Broken Out that Ukraine is not Winning this War.”

27) A new 3D printing method has created a steel-aluminum fusion hybrid stronger than previous metals.

28) Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, always down for a good war, was awarded a position on the board of directors of a Ukrainian subsidy to VEON, Kyivstar.

29) We kinda knew this: the biggest study yet on smartphone addiction found that American young women under 40 were the most at-risk group.



30) Women did not turn out to watch the horrible MarGirls movie at the MsheU, “Marvels.”

-Whiny menopausal clatterbuckets whine that the movie is flopping due to men. It’s flopping because it’s stupid, a bad plot, a hero no one wants, and on and on. Terrible movie.

31) Even worse, the MsheU has a major Majors problem, as in they have pre-judged him and have decided to kill Kang.

-I disagree with Nolte here. Didn’t see anything special about Majors as Kang in either “Ant-Man” or “Loki.”

32) Speaking of whiny and unappealing, Megan the Rappin-ho said her career-ending injury was proof God did not exist.

-In this “guest column by God, He chimes in: “I thought it would be hilarious, and it was.

33) The feminist blog website Jezebel is shutting down.

34) Love it, as Hollyweird eats its own: CAA management has dropped a couple of George Floyd/ “anti-racist” dinner party hosts after their rhetoric in support of the Hamas murderers.



35) Shocked. Top FDA officials accepted jobs with Moderna after ensuring the licensing of China Virus vaxxes.

36) An Australian actress has sued AstraZeneca for a stroke and other injuries related to the China Virus vax.



37) The Babylon Bee asks what the mark of the Beast will be.

-I agree with most of these, but I’m pretty sure they missed a few, including the “blue wave” emoji in your Twitter/X profile, owning every one of Taylor Swift’s records, and insisting that salad is food. Salad, as the great Jon Pinette once said, is a promise of food to come.



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