The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 14, 2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb will launch a $10 million ad campaign to try to overtake DeSantis.

-Since it won’t matter—she’ll still be down 40-50 to Trump, go for it. Burn that money, Nick Knack.

2) Sen. Tim “Bankster” Scott ended his presidential run so that 1-3% of the voters could go to Nick Knack Paddywhack or White Lizzo.

3) Inevitable. The New Jersey Teachers Union calls for ending the basic skills test requirement.

-They know they cannot and do not want to teach. Rather than campaign for conditions in which they could teach, they will now nationwide seek to lower standards.

4) Maryanne Trump Barry, President Trump’s sister, dead at 86.

5) It only took three years, but there appears to be absolute voter fraud in Georgia in 2020, says Tucker Carlson.

6) Secret Service agents protecting Rutabaga’s granddaughter opened fire on three carjackers trying to take the SUV she was in.

7) Apparently hoping for sympathy, Kevin McCarthy keeps floating the notion that he may not run in 2024.

-Well, bye.

8) The feds say they will make a high-profile “client list” public after a major elite trafficking bust.

-Obviously, there must be more Rs on the list than Ds.

9) Yesterday, I had a story that Chicago-based Venezuelan illegal criminals were ready to go home. Today, it’s Brooklyn. And they just got there.

-Sorta like a player for the Nets.

10) Speaker Mike Johnson told New Kabul to dump the “sanctuary” policies if it wanted any fed money.

-Mikey, I wouldn’t give them a dime no matter what they did.

11) More than half of Americans rightly view the gag orders on President Trump as a violation of the First Amendment.

12) This had to really hurt Guy (the Gay) Benson to write: Rutabaga getting beaten in every swing state right now.

13) This poll, Stack, says Trump wins the Electoral College with a 292 Electoral Vote victory.

-But this gives Rutabaga Michigan, Maine, and Nevada. In Maine, RFK, Jr. pulls from Rutabaga, and in Michigan, Trump alone has widespread appeal. The same poll says DeSantis would lose on the level of a McCain. Trump beats Newsom even worse.

14) Groomer City cleaned up its streets and swept out the homeless druggies in honor of Xi’s visit.



15) The average retiree spends $4,818 on monthly expenses and burns 75% on housing, transportation, food, and health care.

16) The wind power industry is in a moment of reckoning as stocks fall and earnings crumble.



17) The ChiComs are to dominate global solar manufacturing in the near future, according to consultant Wood Mackenzie.

-Almost as if by design.

18) The Israeli Defense Forces have eliminated the Hamas commander who held 1,000 Palestinian civilians as human shields.

19) And Israeli soldiers raised the Israeli flag over the Hamas parliament.

20) An expert says the Sahara desert is shrinking and calls alarmist tipping points “complete nonsense.”



21) Variety now asking, “After ‘The Marvels’ Bombs at the Box Office, What’s Next for the MCU?” It’s a “misfire out of the gate.”

-They still aren’t getting it. It’s not that Brie Larson couldn’t promote the movie; it’s not that it was Disney’s “quantity over quality.” It was the MCU got woke, lost its biggest stars after two of the biggest movies ever, and they hate their fans.


22) India has a terrifying new movie trend: fans set off fireworks inside the cinemas when Bollywood star Salman Khan appears on screen.

-Folks, lemme tell ya a little story bout a band called “Great White.”



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