The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 13, 2023


The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Maybe just a few lib DemoKKKrats will get the message now. First, Rutabaga denied Secret Service protection to RFK, Jr., nearly getting him killed (to which Rutabaga was heard to mutter, “Damn. Try again.”) Now FascistBI agents have honed in on Mayor of New Kabul, Eric the Red Adams, as they track a Turkish connection from his chief fundraiser’s home.

-Do NOT criticize Rutabaga, or you are done.

2) Veterans who flocked to see President Trump in New Hampshire agreed the GOP leadership is failing the party.

3) Every Republican needs to do this. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik has filed an ethics complaint against the judge in the Trump fraud case.

4) Bill Gates associates reached a combined $365 million settlement with Jeffrey (He-did’t-kill-himself) Epstein’s victims.

-We’ll never get these names or the flight logs if people keep settling.

5) In the witch hunt for the “leak” of the Nashville transoid shooter’s manifesto, which Stephen Crowder received and published, seven officers were placed on administrative leave. Saturday, Crowder said none of the seven was his source for the leak.

6) Looks like Louisiana may enact a Constitutional Carry in 2024.

7) The SecState of the state of Washington calls out “domestic terrorists” who disrupted elections last week with letters containing a “powdery substance.”

-This will go away when the SecState discovers a) they were DemoKKKrats and b) they were just providing a little midnight snack to the ballot cheaters.

8) New Kabul’s insane Marxist cheddardumpling of an AG is trying to exclude President Trump’s expert witnesses from his trial.

9) The once useful, now totally useless Karl Rove shows he can’t even read polls.

10) The brilliant Naomi Wolf notes the planned destruction of our cities has been designed by Soros and his demonic pals in part for the specific purpose of being able to mobilize large protests, such as those of Black Looters Matter or Hamas.

11) “Higher education’s perfect storm” (Israel-Hamas battles).

-Doubt it. I thought the China Virus might take out higher ed by decimating its sports revenue—but they exempted sports, of course.

12) Abigail Spanberger, VA-7, won’t run for reelection. DemoKKKrat #4 plus one RINO have announced they won’t run so far.

-Canary in the coal mine?

13) Looks like DeSantis fears he won’t get enough votes in Iowa and floats the idea of caucus sites in Florida so snowbirds won’t have to go home. Nice try, Ron.



14) Christopher Rufo in the battle for woke capital.



15)  Moody’s downgraded the U.S. credit outlook to negative.

16) New Kabul—LA—has enacted a new “mansion tax” on any home sold over $5 million, designed, of course, to “fund affordable housing.” (No such thing). Now the cast of “Selling Sunset,” a show about luxury real estate brokers, is going bonkers. “We’re just screwed.”

-Welcome to DemoKKKrat world, pal, where we are all “just screwed.”

17) David Blackmon’s substack: “You can buy a Tesla Cybertruck. You just can’t sell your Tesla Cybertruck.”

18) Rutabaga’s solution to the illegal criminals now flooding our cities is to convert unused office buildings to “housing” at a mere $45 million.

19) Kollyfornia is becoming a national security problem: it is importing 75% of its oil, much from Asia.

20) Rutabaga, economists, and the Hoax News media continue trying to convince us that the economy is fine.

-You know what? Statistically, in many categories, it is—but NO ONE feels it.

21) Ford is getting off cheap, losing “only” $63,000 on every EV sold. Now Lucid, a Kollyfornia-based EV company that makes the air sedan, is losing $433,000 on each vehicle.



22) What nation sterilizes girls as young as 12 to cut down on welfare payments?

-Why, good old lib Denmark.

23) OK, this is scary. China unveils a plan to mass–produce human-like robots calling it a “New engine for growth.”

-I call it Skynet. Or Clone Wars.

24) Looks like the Huns aren’t finished with the Ukes.

25) India had its biggest data leak ever: China Virus info of 815 million citizens.

26) Crusades in Nicaragua drew 650,000, with tens of thousands accepting Christ.

-We need more of this!

27) Oh? So the “conspiracy theorists” were right again? The Ukes coordinated the Nord Stream attack.

-Now all that remains is to be seen who the Ukes “coordinated” with.


28) An important article on Islam and the West: The alternatives some are calling for are an alliance with liberals (simply not possible unless they submit to religious dominance); and an alliance with other faiths (again, simply not possible because of the Western concept of separation of politics from religion. The author leaves unsaid the real and uncomfortable third option, which is, at some point, the West must force Islam itself into submission, dead or alive.

-Charles Martel had the right idea.

29) The Huns have kicked off Big Wind subsidies.


30) The “Marvels” is projected to top out at $110 million to $120 million worldwide. This movie was originally going to be the future of Marvel—they were hoping for a “young Avengers,” but nobody wants this garbage. Now they are completely changing “Captain America 4" with the Falcon, whom nobody wants as Captain America.

31) While the great “Critical Drinker” says this is the end of the Marvel Comics Universe, which went out with a whimper, not a bang.

COMMENT: The original “Captain Marvel” (who was a man) was released as a response to the very successful Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot. If you recall, that movie was a love story in which Wonder Woman, with all her power, was matched by the heroism of Chris Pine, who sacrificed himself by flying to destruction to save the world. But there was no real love story in “Wonder Woman 1984,” only a lot of feminist tropes, and it flopped. “Captain Marvel” was as preachy as “Wonder Woman 1984,” but with a big difference: the MCU was hotter than Hades at that time, and CM was sandwiched between merely the two biggest box office movies of the 2010 decade, “Infinity War” and “Endgame” and was advertised as being critically important to understand “Endgame” (it wasn’t).

Marvel, which apparently is being guided by a creator, not Kevin Feige, entered a doom loop by trying to recast all the lovable characters (Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and most of all, Robert Downey Jr.) only to find they can’t. Even if some of those guys aren’t Oscar-winning actors, they were in these characters. “The Marvels” at even $200 million tops means at a $220 million production budget, plus at least $70 million in marketing, the movie must gross $600 million to make a dime in profit.

32) I’m a conservative. I love Barbra Streisand. God help me.

A little story here: In 1976, they were filming “A Star is Born” with Kris Kristofferson and Barbra Streisand at Sun Devil Stadium. To get a “concert-sized” audience for the scenes, the producers staged a free day-long concert with Peter Frampton, Santana, the LA Jets, and Graham Central Station. They got their 50,000 kids, including me and my singer. We went to the top of the stadium kinda behind the stage, so we could watch all the backstage stuff—didn’t care about being in the movie. The bands were great—Frampton was at the peak of his stardom. But then, in between takes, Streisand came out and sang with a tape backup. “Memories,” “Evergreen,” “People,” and others. Our jaws dropped. We had made fun of her, and she stole the whole concert. So I feel this guy.

33) Well, Texas A&M will eat a big contract, firing Jimbo Fisher with $75 million left on his contract.



34) The China Virus Vax: the gift that keeps on giving. Now the vax is linked to increases in Guillain-Barre Syndrome.



Courtesy of @Judianna on Twitter/X: “Santa has been reading your posts all year. Most of you are getting Bibles and dictionaries.”



36) A Florida woman had her 400-pound pet pig called “Pork Chop” seized by animal control over concerns for the animal’s health.

-As in, it’s overweight, and we need to slim him down to a reasonable size, or Pork Chop oughta be good for a couple of hundred pork dishes!?



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