The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow October 26, 2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) This will be more like a Monday catch-up, as some of this news needs a comment. First, in the battle for the Speaker of the House, after Jim Jordan and Tom Emmer withdrew, the vote went to MAGA Trump supporter Mike Johnson.

2) Pretty funny: President Trump said of Emmer’s speaker bid, “I killed him.”

3) House investigators have revealed a $200,000 direct payment to Rutabaga. Can’t hide this one, ya demented pervert.

4) The Tuckster: “The whole George Floyd story was a lie.”

-Yep. He died of fentanyl, not a cop.

5) Thousands of U.S. troops were told to prepare for deployment to Rutabaga’s war.

6) The Federalist: Rutabaga’s global chaos vindicates Trump’s strong foreign policy.

7) Pollster Richard Baris told Epoch Times that Trump has never polled better and if the election were today, Trump would win handily.

-Many other polls have him ahead of Rutabaga—remember though, a national lead by an R usually translates to a big electoral victory due to NY and Kollyfornia.

8) And shocking numbers from New York, where since 2020, Trump is gaining big among black voters (4% to 19%), women (27% to 45%), and suburbanites (36%-44%)

9) Baris, meanwhile, said 52% of Republicans want to cancel all remaining debates.

10) Scary: Growing number of Americans think that there is no way to fix the country except by violence.

11) DeSantis backer Rep. Randy Fine has switched to President Trump.

12) Rutabaga said he won’t be on the New Hampshire primary ballot. No one cares.

-Whoever the Ds put up with a “D” behind their name will get all the D votes.

13) Massachusetts is just begging the Supes to slap them down again over guns.

14) Good question. UK Daily Mail asks, “Did DeSantis staff tank his campaign with memes?” DeSantis “Filled an online war room with clueless young staffers who created offensive posts but couldn’t refute damaging “pudding fingers” claims.

15) From one of the few sane libs left, Ruy Teixeira, it’s time to throw the “intersectional” left under the bus.

-They kain’t do it Ruy. They was born with silver dynamite sticks in der mouths.

16) At last, Congressman Jamaal Bowman (D) has been criminally charged with a misdemeanor for pulling the fire alarm during a House vote. Will they put him in jail for years like they did the Shaman?

17) Nearly 2/3s of New Yorkers blame Rutabaga for the illegal criminal migrant crisis, and half agree it will destroy New Kabul.

-Don’t care. You voted for Rutabaga; you get him, good and hard.

SEND. THEM. ALL. Collapse New Kabul and every other hell hole.



18) Ryan Burge on misconceptions about abortion: 1) Whites are not the most pro-life, and 2) pro-life people are economic conservatives. Nope.


19) The UFC faces a boycott after it announced a partnership with Bud Light.

20) Driverless vehicles in Groomer City have been suspended. “Not safe.”

-When they get to “population-less” Groomer City, it might become habitable again.

21) David Blackmon: Rutabaga would sooner kneel before dictators for oil than let America produce its own.

22) Coca-Cola quietly removed Black Looters Matter support amid criticism from the Cruzer.

23) Naturally, Rutabaga lies about job creation. President Trump created more full-time jobs in 8 months (10.8 million) than did Rutabaga in three years (9.1 million).

24) Experts say the U.S. needs 50 million miles of new power lines for “green” energy, and that is likely impossible.



25) More than 20 journalists killed in the Gaza murder spree.

26) The Pentagon belatedly revealed two dozen U.S. personnel were wounded in the drone attacks on Iraq and Syria.

27) Love it. Indonesia now claims coal is “green.”

28) David Blackmon asks the right question: What happens when the Chicoms restrict the global flow of critical minerals?

29) The IDF is planning to flood Hamas tunnels with nerve gas under U.S. Navy supervision.

-Works for me.

30) Rutabaga, who hasn’t yet managed to get the U.S. into a war in Ukraine or the Middle East, now says America will fight the ChiComs over the Philippines.

31) Meanwhile, in the forgotten war, maps show the Russkies have advanced near Avdiivka as Ukraine lost vital ground.

32) A Peruvian delivery man carried an ancient mummy around in his bag.



33) NBA star Dwight Howard (aka “Superman”) denies sexually assaulting a man in a lawsuit.

-Claims it was consensual.

34) Richard Roundtree, the star of “Shaft,” dead at 81.

-“Shut yo mouth.”

35) You almost believe this isn’t true. But it is. A college grad snowflake is in tears after actually having to get a 9-5 job.


36) Steve Kirsch: UK’s health data is totally unusable as a means to make any health assessments due to its lying about the China Virus.

37) Australian authors published a peer-reviewed paper concluding genetic vaxxes must be pulled.

38) Oh? The NYSlimes now says, “Covid shots May Slightly Increase Stroke Risk in Oldest Recipients.”

-Now do kids.

39) Another young athlete collapses and dies: an “epidemic,” says John Leake.

40) Prof. Mark Skidmore has been exonerated on all charges by Michigan State U. And his landmark paper showing over 250,000 killed by the China Virus vax is now back in peer-reviewed literature.

41) Ever wonder why Pfizer never went to India? No immunity and Pfizer refused to conduct a local trial.

42) New York’s supreme court reinstated all employees fired for not taking the vax, ordered backpay, and found that being vaxxed “does not stop” the China Virus.

-Here’s the thing. The state is already bankrupt. What will they pay them with? Now come the suits for pain and suffering.



43) I just returned from leading a tour group to the Reagan Ranch, the Reagan Library, and the Nixon Library.

I saw something I hadn’t seen before. This carriage. It turns out the Amish gave President Reagan a carriage along with their votes. However, although the Gipper rode 2 hours a day while at Rancho del Cielo, he didn’t have any draft horses to pull the carriage. So he loaned it to his right-hand man and friend Judge Bill Clark, who did have draft horses and who drove it in the Rose Parade.

One other great story: Reagan himself built a pond near his house. He stocked it with goldfish. But there was a heron that kept coming down and attacking his fish.

Understand that there were at least 100 Secret Service agents of various types at the Ranch when he was there (not all on active duty, some sleeping). And understand that Reagan’s code name was “RAWHIDE.”

Reagan saw the heron coming in for lunch one day, and he whipped out his pistol and began shooting at the bird. Naturally, the SS were a tad concerned when there were shots on the grounds. The agent closest to Reagan said into the Mic, “RAWHIDE SHOT. RAWHIDE SHOT.” But to everyone else, that meant “Reagan was shot!” They streamed out in droves. When they found Dutch with his pistol, they said, “Mr. President, maybe this isn’t a good idea.” He agreed with them and smiled, handing it over. Don’t know what happened to the heron.



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