The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow October 19, 2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) There was an absolute insurrection at the Capitol yesterday, interrupting official proceedings. Pro-Hamas protesters invaded, and some 300 were arrested.

-Now, will they be subject to years in prison like grandmothers who walked through open doors on Patriot Day (J6)?

2) Ron DeSantis wants to kick pro-Hamas students out of college.

-If you’re pro-Al-Qaida, you should have no place in America or in any American school. How is Hamas different?

3) I didn’t say much about this with the first news because I wanted more confirmation, but now it appears we have a lot of it. Married S. Dakota governor Kristi Noem and former Trump advisor Corey Lewandowski have had a years-long clandestine affair.

-This explains why a couple of months ago when Trump was being pressured to name her as his veep, he did not.

4) Robert Kennedy, Jr. just came out for reparations.

-Don’t think that will play well with the so-called “conservative DemoKKKrat” crowd.

5) Violent crime has risen in Kollyfornia while arrests fell.

6) Groomer City will not ticket cars if cops find they were stolen.

-Nothing about actually trying to catch the thieves.

7) Here is a partial list of all the donors yanking their money from Harvard and Penn for their support of the Hamas attack.

-I have to ask: why would you ever give money to these fascist incubators in the first place?

8) Sam Bankster-Fraud (Bankman-Fried) had meetings with Bill Clinton, Kathy Hochalugie, Eric the Red Adams, and others scheduled before FTX collapsed.

9) Douglass Mackey (“Ricky Vaughn” on Twitter) was sentenced to seven years in prison for sharing a meme that was a fake flier encouraging Cankles voters to vote from home via text. Meanwhile, the demented Rutabaga and his goblin followers light the world on fire.

10) The FascistBI announced that almost 58% of homicide suspects in 2022 were black, and that percentage has been increasing.

-But, you know, “white nationalists” are the threat.

11) Texas continues to ship illegal criminals to blue cities, bussing 178 busloads of migrants to Benghazi-by-the-Lake, Denver, and New Kabul...


12) The bloodthirsty Hamas killers may have shattered the DemoKKKrat Socialists just as they were starting to build momentum.

-In other words, it exposed them.

13) Jim Jordan failed on the second vote for Speaker.

-I’m fine if they never have a speaker. Then nothing can come out of the House OR the Senate, meaning they can’t spend money.



14)  Vox calls for making people happier, not just wealthier and happier.

-You know where this comes from? Yuval Noah Harari, who has said we could take care of your happiness by biochemistry (internal chips, etc). Why don’t they want you to be wealthy? Because if you’re wealthy, you are relatively independent.

15) Deaths, depression, and suicide are rising among white non-Hispanic Americans in the 21st century.

-Gee, wonder why? Maybe lockdowns, the vax, and Rutabaga? Rutabaga by himself is enough to make you suicidal.



16) Mortgage applications fell to 28-year lows.

17) I have never been a big yield curve guy, but apparently, the yield is past 5%, meaning inflation isn’t going away and that investment opportunities elsewhere are not looking good. Meanwhile, mortgage rates hit 8%.

18) The Idaho GOP slammed one of its own diddlewhipper congressmen for a vote against Jim Jordan, saying he has been in D.C. too long.

19) You don’t say? Skimpy lingerie retailer, Victoria’s Secret, plans to move away from its DEI marketing with fatties and transoids after sales tanked.

-Maybe cause women (and the men who buy presents for them) don’t want to think of themselves as fatties or transoids?

20) David Blackmon: the Washington Compost says taxing cheeseburgers will save the world.



21) Israeli media said that the Gaza operation was delayed because of fears of a full assault of Hezbollah in the north.



22) Okay, so now we have a scientific link between mRNA China Virus vaxxes and heart problems.

23) Steve Kirsch: A VA study published in JAMA showed China Virus and flu shots did not reduce your risk of hospitalization.



24) AI depicts, using Euro views of Americans, what people in all 50 states look like.

-Dunno, but I’m betting most ‘Mericans think Euros look like this.



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