The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow October 18, 2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Evil fecalbucket Jack Smith is hiding the names of his prosecutors in violation of federal law.

2) Very solid and pleasantly surprising Debbie Lesko in the AZ 8th district will not seek reelection.

3) The U.S. funds Hamas.

-Shocked, I tell ya. Who could imagine Rutabaga doing that?

4) President Trump tells Michigan gathering with UAW members, “I’ve risked it all to defend the working class.” Meanwhile, Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb risks it all to defend Ukraine.

5) Yesterday, we saw Traitor Tuppence is about out of the race. Today, “Bankster” Scott’s super PAC has cut TV ad buys as “campaign struggles.” My guess is he’s next. Then DeSoros, then Nick Knack.

6) Speaking of the brilliant Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb, this lunatic now wants the U.S. to house 1 million Pales.

7) A new Heritage report finds blue counties have higher murder rates than red counties.

8) Small but important victory in Staten Island as illegal criminals are bused off after closing a controversial shelter.

9) Some 40% of Americans now think Rutabaga did something criminal . . . yet only Donald Trump is being prosecuted.

10) A miracle medical discovery for sepsis cures people in about three hours.

11) Well, this is reassuring: an LSU professor resigned after the Republican won the Louisiana governor’s race.

12) More unreliable research, as a scientist, Hoau-Yan Want was accused of doctoring images and manipulating data in 20 research papers related to an Alzheimer’s drug.

13) A Texas community reels as “Colony Ridge” expands—a development for housing illegal criminals.

14) Meanwhile, one-third of New Kabul residents spend half their money on rent.

-Clue: MOVE.

15) President Trump has one reasonably fair judge. Aileen Cannon, in the DC case, denied Jack Smith’s request to create a secure facility in DC to force President Trump & defendants to travel there to view “classified docs.”

16) More street justice as the New Orleans DA, Jason Williams, who often avoided prosecuting serial criminals, was the victim of an armed carjacking.

17) Billionaire and DemoKKKrat Chamath Palihpitia admitted he was wrong about President Trump.

18) Rutabaga planning to request $100 billion for the Ukes and Israel.

-He knows he won’t get it just with the Ukes. And, of course, we can just print $100 billion. Hey, I know Rutabaga: pay 'em in Confederate notes!

19) The leftoids are starting to come to terms with the fact that they might not even beat Trump if he has to run from jail.

20) Now, over half of Americans support building a border wall. Trump was ahead of his time again.



21)  In Germany, the end of free money is causing a construction crisis.

22) It’s getting too expensive to have fun. Concert and theme park prices are off the charts.

23) Renewable energy—which really isn’t—is the biggest recipient of U.S. subsidies.

24) A compilation of all the tech layoffs here.

25) The decline of the American mall has left just 700 standing, and there may only be about 150 left before long. China Virus lockdowns and online purchasing are to blame.

26) Americans must now earn $115,000 to afford a typical home. This is way more than most American households earn.



27)  The same EU, where Charles Martel repulsed an Islamic invasion in 732, is tripling down on sending money to the terrorists in Gaza.

28) India’s top court rejected homosexual marriage.

29) China’s economy stalls as the birthrate hits a 70-year low.

30) Arkansas has become the first state in the Union to force a ChiCom state-owned company to give up its American land.

31) El Chapo’s kids running the cartel have put out a warning they will kill anyone making or distributing fentanyl . . . so they can make more money selling heroin.

32) Jordan, Egypt, and Palestine have canceled their meeting with Rutabaga.



33) The Ope is disputing a claim by Minion Romney that she asked to join him on a unity presidential ticket in 2020. Not surprised. Minion is a lying skunk, and Ope is a racist.

34) This one is pretty funny. The actor's strike may last all year, and many actors are taking dishwashing and waiting jobs. A taco restaurant chain put out an ad for jobs, and hundreds showed up.

35) Citing “additional facts,” New Mexico prosecutors intend to recharge Alec Baldwin with involuntary manslaughter.



36) We need more of this. When whackadoodle climate fascists tried to stop a new church from being built in France, this Sister showed no mercy and tackled the chudderduck like she was Michah Parsons.



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