The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow October 17, 2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) President Trump’s Iowa campaign has ramped up its organizing to prevent a 2016 repeat.

2) GOP representatives have introduced a bill to prevent the Pale refugees from settling here.

-Good. Let them settle in Muslim countries.

3) Absolutely right. President Trump has vowed to end Rutabaga’s electric vehicle mandates, warning that auto employee jobs will be gone in two years.

4) Noah Smith writes that a war over Taiwan is a real possibility, and we ain’t ready.

-Yeah, you know, soldiers in high heels and transoid officers really make for a crack fighting force.

5) Indigenous slavers: Indians who owned black slaves that you don’t hear about in the textbooks.

6) Only 10% of Gen Z and young millennials have a positive view of Hamas terrorists. Really? I mean, seriously, who has a positive view of baby decapitators?

7) The Texas Senate passed a bill allowing local and state police to arrest illegal criminals.

-Why did they even need to do this?

8) Florida has brought home nearly 300 Americans stranded in Israel. 

9) DemoKKKrats are scared. They are putting $200,000 more into Virginia legislative races.

10) This reporter says that the Traitor Tuppence campaign is in danger of going under due to mounting debt.

-Another story, not posted here, said Tuppence was “lending” his campaign $150,000. Well. That will buy croissants for the staff for maybe a week.

11) Tens of thousands sign petition to oust the Ivy League Columbia prof who praised the Hamas terror attack as an “awesome stunning victory.”

-I think if you get fired, it’s an “awesome stunning victory,” ya chuddle jumper.

12) Jon Huntsman says his family will “close its checkbook” to Penn over the non-response to the Hamas attack. In a related story, Ken Griffen also pulled money.

13) A congressional commission has called for a third nuclear shipyard to bolster U.S. strategic forces.

14) Rutabaga stepped in it. “Who in God’s name needs a weapon with 100 rounds in the chamber?

-First, ya demented moron, NO weapon EVER has more than one round in the chamber. Second, you might want to ask the Israelis defending against dozens of Hamas terrorists how many rounds they needed.

15) A federal judge imposed a limited gag order on Trump in the 2020 election interference case.

16) He’s just noticing? NYPD needs more officers after years of cops leaving.

-Eric the Red Adams just figured this out.

17) U.S. troops have been alerted to deploy to Israel.

-Rutabaga just dyin’ to get us into a war.



18) Ryan Burge asks, “Who are secular Jews?” In America, of the 2.5% of the population who call themselves Jews, 42% say religion is not important to them, and 34% never go to Synagogue at all. In contrast, 65% of Mormons go to church once a week and 44% of Protestants.

-Over half of secular Jews call themselves DemoKKKrats, while President Trump got 37% of religious Jews. Hence, proportionally, Trump does really well with the larger portions of Jews who are “religious,” though he still trails Rutabaga.

19) Interesting story here. The pastor of a megachurch, which supported “critical race theory,” was ordered to pay a woman he met on Facebook $2.45 million after he gave her herpes.



20) Here is a good look inside the transoid empire of hospitals, etc.



21) The New York Empire State manufacturing survey fell 7 points to -4.6.

22) The IMF says the U.S. debt situation looks “unsustainable,” and corporate defaults are rising.

23) Buyers aren’t buying EVs.

24) Rite Aid has filed for bankruptcy. CVS and Walgreens also in trouble.

25) Well, well. Pfizer may go bankrupt after 82% of Americans say “Nyet!” to another vax.



26) Shades of Joe Stalin. China shipped back 500 North Koreans who thought they were escaping.

27) Here’s one of those stupid headlines: Egypt “mulls” allowing refugees entry as 600,000 Gazans move South.

-Course, they could be “mulling,” NOT letting them in.

28) Vanguard has invested in ChiCom military-linked companies.

29) Pootie-poot to meet with Xi in Beijing on Wednesday.

30) Terrorism sprouts up in Brussels with an ISIS gunman.



31) Interesting column on Suzanne Somers and the place “Three’s Company” played in social transformation.

32) Ukraine’s counter-offensive is a “disaster,” says former Green Screen adviser.

33) Actor Sam Neill (“Jurassic Park”) said his chemotherapy failed to treat his blood cancer.

34) Amber Heard’s new movie “In the Fire” has had an embarrassing performance.

35) Marvel was in turmoil when Kevin Feige watched the new Daredevil, then fired the writers and started from scratch even though they had 9 episodes shot.

-Star Charlie Cox basically blew up at how terrible it was. He didn’t show up in costume until the fourth episode.



36)  Lawsuits filed by service members challenged the DoD’s China Virus vax mandate and settled for $1.8 million.


37) And finally, shades of “Suits.” A “fake” lawyer won all 26 of his cases despite having no legal training. He was arrested in Kenya.

-Heck, I think I’d want him on my side. Maybe the Trump legal team can use him.



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