The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow October 3, 2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) As I predicted, and as both Zen Master and Robert Barnes said, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected an attempt to keep President Trump off the ballot in 2024.

-One by one, their little bricks of sand are sliding into the ocean.

2) While on the subject of the Supes, the Court will soon be called upon to rule on the “bias response teams” in relation to a suit filed by the Alumni Free Speech Alliance over attempts to monitor campuses for “offensive’ remarks.

-The Supes are def going to have to put on their big-boy pants this term.

3) Michigan’s Supreme Court has become the first court in the nation to adopt the “they” pronoun.

4) The judge in the civil fraud trial of President Trump, Arthur Engoron, rendered a summary judgment that had Trump facing penalties of $250 million, including penalties on his kids.

-Trump said the judge is the criminal. Seems about right to me.

5) North Dakota state senator Doug Larsen and his family were killed in a Utah plane crash.

6) Not only did the FascistBI plan Patriot Day/J6 to foment a riot, but planted documents days earlier that were used against innocent Americans.

-Raze this em-effer to the ground.

7) Speaking of crime, Treasury documents show that investigators looking into Hunter Biteme’s accounts suspected him of being involved in an Eastern European sex trafficking ring.

8) Ectopia (Portland) has warned people not to call 911 unless they are at risk of death, as the city is overwhelmed with fentanyl overdoses.

9) Gavin Nuisance’s pick of Laphonza Butler, who lives in . . . Maryland . . . to fill the senate seat left open by FinkStink’s death, shows that abortion is totally driving the DemoKKKrat party.

-Well, it is the party of evil, slavery, and death.

10) New polling with Bobby Kennedy in the race now shows Trump up 3 vs. Rutabaga, 4 with RFK in the race (he’s at 14%. Probably 18-20% is his peak).

11) Another poll, even more concerning for Rutabaga, shows RFK, Jr., getting 1/3 of the DemoKKKrat vote.

-If even remotely true, this would not only put Nevada, New Mexico, and Minnesota in play but such states as Virginia. Richard Baris, on the other hand, on his podcast, said he thought the type of voters who preferred Bobby would hurt Trump. I suggest everyone give Bobby about six months to show the world who he really is—a radical liberal on all but a couple of issues, whom no real Trump voter would ever support.

12) In his budget deal, McCarthy stripped out the policy and new budget issues for a “clean” bill, daring the DemoKKKrats to shut down the gubment.

13) Sam Bankman-Fried met with Yertle ahead of the 2022 elections and gave tons of money to Yertle-backed candidates.

-Nothing odd there.

14) Mayor of New Kabul Eric, the Red, Adams’ chief advisor, calls on feds to “close the borders” among the illegal criminal migrant crisis.

-Nope. Until or unless you support President Trump by name and cite his attempt to build the Wall, you keep 'em.

15) Another young person—an Ohio homecoming queen contender—collapsed and died on the football field during a pre-game ceremony.

-But we’re never allowed to ask the obvious question.



16) Ryan Burge: campus atheists are far more radical in their “faith” than Christians are.

17) Americans' desire for large families has hit a 50-year high.

18) Now, transoid activists have forced anthropologists to cancel a conference panel discussing the identification of male and female skeletons.



19) Bidenomics and the China Virus increased fed outlays by 30% since January 2020. Inflation?

-100% on Rutabaga.

20) America’s largest electric vehicle generating stop is powered by . . . diesel.

-As we went to press, Blackmon reported—but noted unconfirmed—that Ford had canceled further sales of the F-150 electric pickup.

21) Absurd. Time to end this fat-i-cization of society. “Plus-sized travel influencer demanded other passengers pay for fatties’ extra seats and now demands hotels enlarge hallways for the chubbos.

22) U.S. excess saving has now been depleted for the bottom 80% of Americans.



23) Noah Smith has an excellent column showing the ChiComs’ Belt and Road project is falling apart: after spending $1 trillion, China built ports no one wants, loans where borrowers just defaulted, and angry locals. Plus the stuff the ChiComs built, well, fell apart.

24) The Poles repel migrants from trying to breach the Belarus border.


25) Former NFL tight end Russ Francis and an aviation expert were killed in a plane crash at Lake Placid.

26) Spotify’s boss said that Megxit and the Ginger Duke’s nearly $20 million podcast deal “didn’t work” because it didn’t make consumers happy. I.e., people found the globetrotting, narcissistic, entitled polypbrained spiddlewhistles BORING.

27) Speaking of grifters, Anna Sorokin is the queen. Four years after being jailed for posing as an heiress and swindling people, she is charming her way back into society while under house arrest.

-Anna, ya conniving clattertrap, why dontcha at least try to get Elizabeth Holmes out and do a Thelma and Louise car trip?



28) We all have our travel horror stories. This one takes the cake. A couple was on a 14-hour flight to Australia when an elderly woman sitting next to them died. It took a half hour for the crew to even ask if there was a doctor on board. After an hour, someone tried to perform CPR. Hello! I think she’s dead.

-But it gets better. After they confirmed Aunt Edna was kaput, . . . they covered her up and put her back in her seat.




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