The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow October 2, 2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) On Friday, after we went to press, U.S. senator Diane Feinstein died at age 90, astonishingly one day after “casting a vote.” Now, the bidding begins for who Gov. Nuisance can replace her with.

2) RFK, Jr. announced a run as an independent. Analyst Roger Kimball says this “propels Trump to deliver a crushing blow.”                 

COMMENT: That is my take precisely. Kennedy is not on the same page as the so-called “swing” Trump voters on guns, affirmative action, abortion, and his climate policies are lunatic: he wants to jail “climate deniers” and wage an absolute jihad against the plastics industry, which would cripple America. He wants to ban all fracking and restore Affirmative Action. The only issue where he would draw a very tiny portion from Trump is the vax, but his other policies will make all but the most committed on that single issue to flee from him. He would, however, draw those few “old” DemoKKKrats who still believe in on-shoring, secure borders, and who also hate the vax but who wouldn’t dump Rutabaga over it.

3) Indeed, Bobby has a “Perot Problem.

4) Bobby’s anti-fracking rhetoric apparently went over so badly that the campaign had to immediately walk it back.

5) CNN’s staff had to have tears in their eyes when they wrote this headline: “Hopes Begin to Fade for Republicans Looking to Stop Trump.”

6) Meanwhile, the demented childsniffer in the White House is handing out $100 million to help sell electric vehicles in disadvantaged communities: “It is not clear what the ownership rate is” in those communities. i.e., how many inner-city blacks have Teslas?

7) And last week, I reported that Rutabaga’s crime family had skimmed a mere $15 million of bribe and graft money off the top. A new report puts it at $24 million. And DemoKKKrats say he hasn’t committed a crime.

8) The House passed a stopgap measure to keep the federal gubment from shutting down, including existing Uke aid. All DemoKKKrats voted for it, but 90 Rs voted against it.

-Of course, Rutabaga administration officials say the Ukes cannot be sustained for 45 more days without even more money.

9) Yertle announced that Senate Republicans would defer to the House 45-day continuing resolution no Uke aid. The Senate would discuss and vote on Uke funding in a separate bill.

10) Rutabaga’s impeachment began Friday. Here is Techno Fog’s analysis since the major networks won’t cover it.

11) Ron DeSantis appeared on Bill Maher’s show to say the 2020 election was hunkey dorey.

12) Meanwhile, his super PAC has cut back ad buys in Iowa and New Hampshire.

13) President Trump’s lead over him grew from 63% (up 5) to 12% for DeSantis (down 3) after the second presidential debate.

14) DeSantis keeps saying he won’t serve as Trump’s veep. Ron, I don’t recall anyone asking.

15) Jonathan Turley gives us ten good reasons to impeach Rutabaga. They impeached Trump, twice, with none.

16) This actually was a Sam Kinison comedy sketch: a man blames his wife for packing a revolver in his carry-on bag.

17) Black DemoKKKrat Congressman Jamaal Bowman pulled a fire alarm in the Capitol to stall a vote and needs to be treated at least as badly as any J6 Patriot Day grandmother who just walked through an open door.

18) Five died, and hundreds were evacuated when a semi-truck carrying ammonia overturned on an Illinois highway.

19) Wendi Mahoney reveals a defendant’s account of police brutality and the illegal use of force.

20) This story from Friday is worth looking at: “A Flurry of Strong Federal Appellate Rulings”

21) Good. An upstate New York county blocked New Kabul’s attempt to move homeless outside of New York City. Hold the line. These mutant hellholes wanted the criminal illegals. Now they got ‘em.

22) Oh? Now New York Gov Kathy Hochaloogie says the border is “too open.” I will believe you when I see you campaigning for President Trump.



23) Rutabaga’s Ed Secretary says parents are “misbehaving,” and he doesn’t approve. They are “acting like they know what’s right for their kids.” Well, yeah, you asteroid humper.

24) A federal judge said that Texas’s law that banned drag performances in front of minors impermissibly infringes on the First Amendment.

25) And more evidence of decline: Illinois passed a law requiring parents to compensate children who are featured in online videos if those videos are monetized. If children are featured in a video, 50% of the earnings must go into a trust fund.

26) Jennifer Sey: Gen-Zers are more messed up than any other generation at this same point. “Self-help has gone awry.”



27) Nearly 75% of homeowners who bought during the pandemic regret it now.

28) Future Motion, which makes Onewheel electric skateboards, has recalled them after reported deaths. This electric crap ain’t workin’ out too well: e-bikes explode, lithium batteries in cars explode, now skateboards kill . . . .

29) Another recession indicator refuses to admit a recession is coming.



30) First, it was “The Ukes aren’t getting enough weapons/aid/training,” then it was “We aren’t sending the right kinds of weapons.” Now experts are blaming the failure of the Uke counteroffensive on whether the U.S. and allies are training troops for the right kind of war. Our fault, get it?

31) Imagine that. After fighting back against climate jihadists, Brit Prime Minister Rishi Sunak cut into the polling lead of his Labour opponents by ten points. Maybe climate jihadism isn’t popular?

32) That may not last long as the UK still hasn’t learned its Uke lesson. British defense Minister said the Brits could actually deploy troops to Ukraine.

33)  . . . only to have PM Rishi Sunak say, “No, no, no. He got that all wrong.”

34) Warnings are being raised bout celebrity AI “chatbots with personalities,” which rules out its use in porn.

35) Wait for it: now we have an AI Jesus providing “advice,” including gaming cheats.

36) Sweden, seeing an “unprecedented”
surge in violence from immigrant criminal gangs, may use the military. Others say the problem can only be cured by repatriation.

37) Evidence that neither the China Virus nor the climate jihad has worked to establish a world gubment, the WEF now says maybe a water crisis will work.

38) The co-founder of Greenpeace in Canada: “We are not in a climate crisis.”

39) Chinese hackers stole 60,000 emails from State Department officials.

40) Americans aren’t there yet, but England’s 90 big retailers call for a crackdown on looters. After all, Black Looters Matter.

41) A suicide bomber blew himself up outside the Turkish parliament.



42) Ed Sheeran awarded himself a 10 million pound sterling pay raise after pulling in almost 90 million in music releases and endorsements.

-Ed, does it work if you don’t pull in 90 million? Like, say, 9 . . . dollars? Asking for a friend.

43) “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels” star Jake Abraham died at age 56 after admitting he ignored prostate cancer until it was too late.



44) Steve Kirsch: Western Australia health authority data shows we are killing five people for every one we saved even if the vaxxes worked, which they don’t.



45) A shocking number of Euros say you should only be able to fly four times in your life due to climate change.

Heck, I’ve flapped and flapped and never been able to fly. This would be an improvement.



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