2) The Arizona Senate has passed a bill that would transfer $700" } The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow February 24, 2022 | uncoverdc.com | uncoverdc.com 2) The Arizona Senate has passed a bill that would transfer $700"/>

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow February 24, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1)  And another “This Will Get Drumpf” case folds, as top Manhattan prosecutors, citing problems with the case against Trump, have resigned. No witnesses have been called for a month.

2) The Arizona Senate has passed a bill that would transfer $700 million from the state’s general fund for the construction and maintenance of a physical border fence. (Ray Stern corrected his figure in the original tweet of “$700,000").

3) Eight of the ten top schools in Virginia are private schools, and seven of the ten surround D.C. Why would anyone send a kid to a public school if you had any choice at all?


4) Roger Stone has sued the Patriot Day (January 6) hoax committee.


5) Pete Buttigieg (Buttplugs) accepted a quarter of a million dollars in gifts from donors who were awarded $33 million in city contracts. Now he doles out a $210 billion infrastructure plan.

-Corrupt much?

6) Republicans get more good news ahead of the mid-terms from Texas, where early voting analysis in border counties shows the GOP is outpacing DemoKKKrats and shows a “larger trend” of Hispanic voters in the Rio Grande Valley supporting Republicans.


7) Former NBA star Royce White running against Illicit Mullah Omar in MN.


8) Biteme let in 28 Afghans with terrorist ties. Actually, I think so far that’s all they know about, and the number is likely much, much higher.


9) Moronic Botoxic, the Speaker of the House, does not even know what country Russia is about to invade.


10) Wisconsin’s assembly has passed a law depriving the governor of sole authority to spend federal funds sent to the state.



11) Whatever is happening in Ukraine with Russia, the bottom line is that fertilizer prices are now poised to surge.

12) Oil soars to over $100 a barrel on Ukrainian chaos.



13) Russian President Pootie-poot has declared a “special military operation” in Ukraine (i.e., an invasion).

14) More than 40 Ukrainian troops and several civilians dead in the initial attacks.

15) NATO has announced it will activate its defense forces. You know, the ones President Trump tried to get them to build up for four years?

16) Poland says it expects NATO’s eastern front to be reinforced. Poland is a member of NATO.

-Hmmm. I think the Poles expected the same support in 1939 when they had a similar treaty...

17) A retired general laid out the 1914-type scenario: Britain’s “children and grandchildren” will be called to fight. This is what the Rutabaga and an unhinged version of Ivan the Terrible has given us.

-And it’s how major wars start.

18) Brit Prime Minister Boris (Hairspray) Johnson vows the UK “will not look away” from Ukraine and will “hobble” the Russkie economy with “massive” sanctions.


19) Did Pootie-poot threaten to nuke the west?

20) Justa Turd-o throws in the towel on the “Emergencies Act,” which he is ending. No doubt he’ll claim victory, sorta like George Custer.

21) . . . while the unfreezing of bank accounts has already begun due to bank runs. This smacks of hearing from people behind the scenes that despite Parliament’s vote, Turd-o was on very thin Canadian ice . . . and it wasn’t in the Forum.

22) The Demented Pervert has sanctioned Russia’s Nord Stream 2 . . . nine months after he lifted Trump’s sanctions.

-A five-year-old with a gas can, road flares, a shotgun, and a vat of sulfuric acid wouldn’t be as dangerous as the Rutabaga.



23) Tom Cruise, age 59, is ready to film Mission Impossible 8.

-Word is, the studios plan to replace him when he gets to Mission Impossible 112.



24) An expert claims alien intelligent life exists but is too afraid of “dangerous” humans to visit earth.

-Watching too many Chuck Norris movies?



25) German insurance info shows that vaxxes were FAR more dangerous than claimed.


26) Iceland has ended all China Virus restrictions. Slowly the world is becoming free again.

27) A nine-year-old boy was denied a kidney transplant because his donor dad wasn’t vaxxed.


28) And, as we all knew, a new study in JAMA shows Ivermectin blows the China Virus vaxxes out of the water for efficacy.

29) Florida Governor Ron DeSantis tells his state’s companies “liberate your employees from forced masking.” Amen gov, amen.


30) . . . while the mayor of New Kabul (i.e., New York City), Eric The Red Adams hints that his city’s vax mandates may end.

-Always a follower, never a leader.


31) A growing number of experts have called on the U.S. government to recognize natural immunity.

32) Finally, in Australia more than 1,000 Victorian police officers were incorrectly sworn in due to “administrative oversight.”

-The Aussie gubment is looking to recall the beatings that were administered by the non-officers.


And that's Today's News

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