The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow January 21, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Mollie Hemingway, one of our truly fine reporters, published her book Rigged about the stolen election, and Trump personally sent copies to every single Republican in the U.S. House.

-Ah, Prez, not sure Upton, Katko, and Cheney can read, but I appreciate the gesture.

2) Troubling: from the Patriot Day (January 6 Hoax Committee) supposedly conservative talk show host Sean Hannity and Trump’s press secretary Kayleigh McEnany coordinated to silence “stolen election” talk. “Love that. Thank you. That is the playbook. I will help reinforce . . . .” she replied.


3) According to the CIVIQs poll, Biteme is only in positive territory in four states, with overall approval of 34%. This is pretty close to one of the two “Gold Standard” pollsters (Baris and Trafalgar). Trafalgar yesterday had the Rutabaga at 39%.

-Too fast, Joe, too fast. You can’t collapse this quickly. We need ya for two more years so there’s not a DemoKKKrat left in the USA.

4) America’s best governor, Ron De Santis of Florida, has placed a health director on leave for coercing staff to take the vax.

5) Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (Hottie-HI) blasts the warmongers for trying to drag the U.S. into a war over Ukraine.

-Look for the “fine people” at the FBI to raid her house next.

6) In Wisconsin, the vote fraud investigation finds “thousands” of illegal voters.

7) The Supreme Court has rejected yet another attempt to block Texas’s six-week abortion ban.

8) Despite stories that “woke” is ending, N.S. Lyons argues in an insightful essay that none of the fundamental drivers of the clubdugger lunacy called “wokeness” have disappeared.

9) Suburbs, warmer cities step up efforts to lure cops from Chicago.

-Shouldn’t be hard. None of them have Beetlejuice as a mayor.

10) From the Federalist: When the administrative state slips its constitutional bounds.

-This is the theme of my forthcoming book (March 15) called Dragonslayers: Six Presidents and their War With the Swamp. This struggle to contain the “Swamps” is nothing new.]

11) DemoKKKrats have been delegitimizing elections for years. (Well, to be honest, Republicans in the 1870s did too).

12) Hoaxter provocateur Ray Epps is to be questioned by the Patriot Day committee after what Yahoo calls a “wild conspiracy pushed by Tucker Carlson and Trump.”

-Ok, Yahoo—if it’s such a “wild conspiracy” why not allow him to be questioned under oath by the Freedom Caucus?

13) The so-called “warlord” of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (you know, they were armed and shut down Seattle), rapper Solomon “Raz” Simone is being sued by five women accusing him of trafficking them.

-Ladies, ladies, dontcha know the footsoldier stooges of the Prog movement don’t have money—only their demonic billionaire masters do.

14) Biteme seeking a conflict with Russia to “restore credibility.”

-A talking rutabaga has no credibility.

15) Biteme claims he has had five GOP senators “talk to me . . . sit with me, who’ve told me that they agree with whatever I’m talking about for them to do.”

-Lessee, not hard: Minion (Romney), Sasshole (Sass), Tom Collins, MurCowSki, and Yertle. Course, this is the Communist News Network, so it could all be a lie.



16) The U.S. has dropped its case against the MIT prof accused of ties to the ChiComs.

-Of course Biteme dropped the case. Wouldn’t want to irritate his ChiCom allies.

17) In what may be the first suit of its kind, Bill Gates and the government of India are targeted in a lawsuit alleging AstraZeneca vax killed a 23-year-old.



18) The dictatorship known as D.C. won’t require entertainers to show proof of vaxxes, but will impose that restriction on patrons.

-You know, so the elites can be entertained, but still get their Ivermectin.

19) Well, folks, here it comes. German producer prices rise 24.2% this year, a record from the time of the Weimar Republic. Remember that?




20)  Iconic singer and actor Meat Loaf has died at the young age of 74.

21) Netflix’s stock tumbles after lackluster quarter (-45% of market cap). I think we need to increase the number of episodes of “Cobra Kai"!

22) And Peloton (bike/treadmill producer) denies it is stopping production after a 27% plunge share price due to post-China Virus drop in demand.

-Just my guess, but golf courses, which had a sudden revival, may be the next to decline.



23) In almost comedic news, as the rest of the world is moving away from vaxiopathic mandates, France enacts them.

 24) . . . as does Austria.

25) Meanwhile, in a blow for freedom, Bolivians blocked roads, forcing the government to back down on a proof of vaccination status of any member of the Chinese Communist Party.

-Dang, this was all it took all along folks: just say the laws discriminated against commies! Heck, the “Wise Latina” may have even voted for that one.

26) CNN talkbots are stunned as the CDC says natural immunity is superior to the vax.

 27) . . . and Europe considers new China Virus strategy: accept the virus.


28) Senior editor of the BMJ calls for the release of all China Virus vax data.

29) Just criminal: Maskiopathic mandates are causing over 350% surge in childhood speech issues.

30) The OhMyGod variant evades mRNA booster protection, a South African study shows.

31) And finally, sex icon Pamela Anderson angry over the new TV drama about her sex tape with Tommy Lee that reportedly “destroyed [her] life.” Anderson is now divorcing hubby #6.

-One more and she wins a set of steak knives!

And that’s Today’s News


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