The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow December 24, 2021

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Ghislaine Maxwell will spend Christmas in a federal jail as a jury fails to reach a decision.

-“An acquittal wouldn’t surprise me,” said one attorney. (Only four Epstein accusers were called as witnesses . . . you know, almost as though the prosecution was trying to blow the case?

2) The Biteme regime girds for The Great Resignation. White House shocked. After all, the Titanic is doing so well, and the iceberg is so small.

3) The Heritage Foundation published a state-by-state election integrity scorecard, with Georgia now at the top, Hawaii dead last. Not one blue state is in the top eleven.

-Which, of course, is how they intend to keep it in blue states.

4) As more polls show the Rutabaga tanking, people are coming to the realization there are only two scenarios in which to view his current troubles: either he got 81 million votes and has the most disastrous decline in American peacetime history, or he didn’t get 81 million legitimate votes, and the polls are showing where he’s always been.

5) Rasmussen says only 31% say Biteme reflects their views, 44% say Trump does.

6) The aides of Vice President Kampuchea Harris are now openly criticizing Biteme for how he has used her.

-It would be the first time she has criticized a man for how he used her.

7) Meanwhile, Texas DemoKKKrat congressman Henry Cuellar says he has moved on from trying to get Harris’s help on the border because she “doesn’t seem interested.”

-Ah, Henry old pal, that’s cuz . . . she isn’t.

8) Even CNN can’t ignore the Rutabaga’s mental deficiencies anymore. “Biden seems confused” as he mixes up the China Virus tests with antiviral pills in an interview.

9) A Pennsylvania court has dealt a blow for election integrity, ordering that Fulton County, Pennsylvania can send its Dominion voting machines to the state senate for inspection beginning January 10.

10) Former New York governor Andrew Cuomo (Nipplepin Venthoarder) will not be charged in Nassau County over sexual misconduct claims.

-Shocked. Shocked, I tell ya.

11) A Patriot Day (January 6) attorney releases video of police pummeling Victoria White in a tunnel area, beating her with batons & punching her in the face.[/embed]



12) United and Delta Airlines cancel hundreds of flights due to crew shortages, blaming the OhMyGod virus surge.

13) Faux News is watched by more DemoKKKrats than CNN. That’s probably because these days, Faux is almost as liberal as CNN and with more beautiful women.

14) New Jersey to pay $53 million in settlements to families of 119 China Virus-infected residents at state-run veterans’ homes who died of the virus.

15) The census shows that Americans are fleeing leftist lockdown states for open, red states (and often bringing their whacko leftism with them).

16) The Nevada Supreme Court has stopped a lawsuit against gun manufacturers.



17)  Why is it that Russia’s Pootie-poot continues to sound more sensible than most in American politics? In his annual press conference, he said, “A woman is a woman, and a man is a man,” and he vows to protect Mother Russia from western “gender obscurantism.

18) The city of Xian in China (population 13 million) has locked down its residents.

19) File under “just what everyone wanted”: Japan invents a lickable screen to imitate food flavors.



20) Maryland RINO governor Larry Hogan halted monoclonal antibody treatments for the China Virus at the behest of the evil Biteme regime.

21) The FDA has authorized Merck’s China Virus pill weeks after the U.S. made a $2.2 million purchase, even though it’s like ivermectin.

22) Olympic diving star Ian Matos died of a “lung infection” at age 32, months after getting the China Virus injection. When will this slaughter of young athletes by the vaxiopaths stop?

23) South Africa, birthplace of the OhMyGod variant, stops contact tracing and quarantines and declares containment is “no longer viable.”

-Welcome to herd immunity, SA.

24) Aussie whistleblower says that young, fully-vaxxed citizens are dying due to vax complications.

25) The editor of the Lancet says that Peter Daszak, who was a leading signatory on a letter published by the Lancet discrediting the man-made origins of the China Virus, had “significant” conflict of interest and failed to disclose them.

26) And finally, in Prairie Du Pont, Illinois, ten of the thirteen volunteer firefighters quit after a convicted arsonist was appointed as the new chief.

-What, guys? He’s just guaranteeing you have work.


And that’s Today’s News


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