Jan. 6 Prisoners in Lockdown: Greene Calls for Landerkin’s Termination

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  • 09/19/2023

The Jan. 6 prisoners are allegedly in lockdown, and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene wants Deputy Warden Landerkin terminated due to unfair treatment and abuse of the 38 detainees. Greene and thirteen of her colleagues sent a letter to Mayor Bowser in D.C. requesting the termination of Kathleen Landerkin. Landerkin is the Deputy Warden of Operations at the Central Treatment Facility (CTF) in Washington, D.C., where the Jan. 6 detainees are held for pre-trial hearings.

Greene's press release on Dec. 16 states that Landerkin "has endorsed statements which are blatantly anti-American and reprehensible." An excerpt below of Greene's letter describes some of Landerkin's alleged communications:

Green Dec. 16 press release

A Dec. 11 National File story shows a timeline of Landerkin's social media posts going back as far as 2017 that seems to confirm her biases. It appears Landerkin has deleted the account on the same day of the story. Landerkin allegedly states, "F**k Everyone Who Supports Trump in one of her posts."

Landerkin Deletes Twitter Account

A number of the Congressional co-signers have issued statements on Landerkin. Some of their statements aggregated by the Iowa Standard are captured below:

Statements from House Reps/Landerkin

Last week the Jan. 6 detainees were allegedly placed on lockdown. Greene posted a series of text messages on her Instagram account allegedly sent from one of the prisoners to his mother. The detainee says he is in solitary confinement, on 23/1 lockdown, unable to shower or make calls.

Jan. 6 Detainee Text Messages to Mom

There seem to be connections between the Whitmer kidnapping plot and Jan. 6 involving FBI agents who infiltrated both events. The Michigan operation was called "Operation Cold Snap." However, there is a difference between how the agents' cases are being handled and how the Jan. 6 detainee cases are being treated. Julie Kelly, who writes for American Greatness, and Darren Beattie, who runs Revolver News, both claim they have evidence of connections between Michigan's Whitmer "kidnapping plot" and the events of Jan. 6. Beattie says FBI agents who infiltrated both events are not being charged.

On Wednesday's War Room, Kelly told Steve Bannon that Steven D'Antuono— lead FBI agent of the Detroit FBI field office in charge of the Whitmer kidnapping investigation—was subsequently promoted to the D.C. field office "a week after the arrests were made in the Whitmer case." Kelly says D'Antuono "took that job on Oct. 13, and that is the office that is now overseeing the prosecution of the Jan. 6 investigation for the DOJ." A Jan. 26, 2021 press release confirms he is the FBI Washington Field Office Assistant Director in Charge of the Jan. 6 investigation.

Kelly says that ex-FBI agent Richard Trask, who was apparently "the public face of the FBI in the Whitmer investigation," was charged with a misdemeanor and only "served two days in jail."

Kelly also tweeted on Wednesday that the "DOJ just informed a judge that the TOP 3 FBI agents handling the Whitmer' kidnapping' scheme will not testify in March." Her Dec. 21 American Greatness story explains the DOJ's alleged plans to prevent cross-examination of FBI agents:

"'The government does not plan to call Impola, Chambers, or Trask as witnesses,'" Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Birge notified the court on Dec. 17. "'[The] government requests the Court exclude evidence relating to Exeintel, the unfounded allegations against SA Impola, and Richard Trask's domestic assault charges or alleged social media posts.'" 

By removing the three dirty cops from the witness list, the Justice Department hopes to prevent any cross-examination during the trial."

Kelly argues that the FBI makes it a practice to infiltrate political protests to conduct surveillance, a claim allegedly confirmed by other reporting.

Greene and some of her colleagues toured the D.C. jail on Nov. 4. Her report on the visit called "Unusually Cruel" was her eyewitness account of how the Jan. 6 prisoners are being treated. She and three other Congressmen held a press conference on Dec. 7 detailing her findings. Greene has vowed to help the Jan. 6 detainees receive the justice they deserve. To date, not a single detainee has been charged with treason. Most of the 38 now being detained have seen delays in their trials well into late spring of 2022. Kelly is hoping Americans will support Jan. 6 detainees through the PatriotFreedomProject.

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