True The Vote Update: Videos Show Evidence Of Ballot Harvesting

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  • 09/19/2023

True The Vote may soon publicly release their alleged video evidence of ballot harvesting in the 2020 election. An Aug. 29 statement from Catherine Engelbrecht says the ballot trafficking initiative is "one of three investigations undertaken by True the Vote and ... is just the beginning." UncoverDC referred to the ballot trafficking project in an article on Aug. 24.

The updated message on the True The Vote website explains that "a select team of contractors and set out to determine whether widespread ballot trafficking was occurring as part of an organized criminal enterprise." Suspicions of purposeful and planned ballot trafficking capitalizing on mass mail-in voting and the "harried installation of ballot drop boxes" prompted the group to "focus on the grifts that would necessarily leave trackable, provable data trails."

They used a tracking methodology explained in a series written by the NYTimes, called The Privacy Project, explains Engelbrecht. Per Breitbart reporting, a yet-to-be-publicly-released document

says that True The Vote has spent the last several months since late last year collecting more than 27 terabytes of geospatial and temporal data—a total of 10 trillion cell phone pings—between Oct. 1 and Nov. 6 in targeted areas in Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Texas. The data includes geofenced points of interest like ballot drop box locations, as well as UPS stores and select government, commercial, and non-governmental organization (NGO) facilities...[including] precise patterns of life for 242 suspected ballot traffickers in Georgia and 202 traffickers in Arizona.

The updated statement from Engebrecht explains:

Catherine Engelbrecht/AP Photo

To test our trafficking theory, we acquired over ten trillion location-based cell signals in major metropolitan areas across six states. Initially, we worked with whistleblowers and witnesses, but soon enough, the data alone told the tale. Using mobile and GPS data, we mapped the travel patterns of ballot traffickers to ballot drop boxes...  

All our research, including suspected locations where ballots were delivered, processed, and distributed, along with the individual devices associated, has been submitted in the form of a formal complaint, along with all data, to the FBI. Briefings have been provided to state law enforcement and political leadership in several states. These conversations will continue to broaden in the coming days.

We've also acquired over a petabyte of video surveillance data. The quality of this video is inferior overall; lighting is bad, cameras are poorly positioned, timestamps are manipulated, key timeframes are often missing. Nevertheless, we are working video by video, using proprietary AI-based code we've written to screen the over 100,000 clips in our possession. The result? We are successfully finding video evidence that corroborates the digital data and supports the need for full investigations by law enforcement.

Our novel approach offers never before seen insights into the exploitation of America's elections.

Pictured below, from the website, is one example of a route tracked with their cell-phone ping data:

True the Vote/Engelbrecht Update/Aug. 29

True The Vote says it is an ongoing, "massive undertaking" tracking six states and one which they have reported to law enforcement. Engelbrecht emphasizes that they did "nothing untoward" because "all of this data is regularly bought and sold, about all of us."

Engelbrecht mentions that if law enforcement fails to act, True The Vote will "release all data, all video, publicly." The hope, she says, is to expose ballot trafficking "on a massive scale."

Of note is their work on developing an "app to automate citizen-led voter roll clean-up efforts called IV3." Its release has been delayed "to first share all of the above information with you." They hope to launch it in the second week of September. The app will help citizens participate actively in the mission to secure honest elections.

Engelbrecht's message concluded with a reminder to "stay engaged."

Friends, this is it. It's time to roll up our sleeves and work. Set your mind now to serve in elections in your county. Once that's in order, reach out to others. True the Vote will be here to offer help every step of the way.

We're all in this together - and working together, we really can true the vote. All is not lost. Stay engaged.

For Freedom. Ever onward 

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