News from Around the Web for Feb 27, 2024

News From Around the Web

#10 Ex-NY Times Staffer ‘Received Threats’ After Paper Outed Him as Editor of Controversial Tom Cotton Op-ed - Ariel Zilber for The New York Post

A former New York Times journalist who was assigned the task of editing a controversial op-ed by Sen. Tom Cotton (R.-Ark.) said he received threats after the newspaper identified him as the staffer who worked on the piece. Adam Rubenstein, who described his two-year stint at the Gray Lady as being one of a “heretic” who was shamed by colleagues for liking Chick-fil-A sandwiches, was critical of the newspaper’s handling of the aftermath of the publication of Cotton’s op-ed on June 3, 2020. Cotton, a former Army infantryman who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, called on then-President Donald Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act and deploy the military to quell rioting that erupted following the death of George Floyd. The following day, Times reporter Edmund Lee wrote a story that identified Rubenstein as the staffer who edited and fact-checked Cotton’s piece...

#9 'Don't Look That Up': Shane Gillis Uses Forbidden Words in 'Saturday Night Live' Return as Woke Culture Loses its Grip - Andrew Chapados

Comedian Shane Gillis made his triumphant return to "Saturday Night Live," marking a victory for the comic who was once fired from the iconic sketch comedy show. Gillis, who was fired from SNL in 2019, returned to the live comedy show and pushed the envelope with a politically incorrect monologue that would have been seemingly unusable in recent years without a public apology. The stand-up comedian started his night by begging viewers and audience members not to look up the reason why he was fired from the network show. "Most of you probably have no idea who I am. I was fired from this show a while ago. But... don’t look that up. Please. If you don’t know who I am, please don’t Google that. It’s fine. Don’t even worry about it," he joked...

#8 Trump Tries to Block Stormy Daniels From Testifying at Hush Money Trial as DA Requests Gag Order - Alex Woodward, Joe Sommerlad, & Oliver O'Connell for Independent

Donald Trump’s lawyers have moved to block the porn star Stormy Daniels, ex-Playboy model Karen McDougal and the businessman’s former fixer Michael Cohen from testifying at his New York hush money criminal trial, which is set to begin next month. Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg accuses Mr. Trump of falsifying business records in order to conceal payments made to Ms. Daniels and Ms. McDougal by Mr. Cohen during the 2016 election in order to buy their silence about earlier extramarital affairs he is alleged to have had with both women...

#7 ‘Blood Money’: Leaked U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Documents Reveal How China Is Secretly Arming American Criminals with Machine Guns - Kristina Wong for Breitbart

The Communist Chinese government has been flooding the United States with illicit gun parts as part of a “Disintegration Warfare” strategy it is employing against America aimed at tearing the country apart from the inside, according to a blockbuster new book by Breitbart News Senior Contributor Peter Schweizer. In Blood Money: Why the Powerful Turn a Blind Eye While China Kills Americans, Schweizer reveals how Chinese companies, which are heavily regulated by the Chinese government, are flooding the U.S. with auto sear switches, a small metal device also known as “Glock switches” that can convert handguns into machine guns. They are illegal for most gun owners in the U.S. but are being shipped in boxes by the “thousands” from China, Schweizer reveals.

#6 Replacing a Dying Hollywood: 2023's Top 5 Suprise Box Office Successes - Michael Austin for The Western Journal

In 2023, we were all given the pleasure of watching Hollywood’s monopoly die. It used to be if you wanted to make a good movie, you needed to be going through the Hollywood system. But now, that system is failing, and audiences are looking elsewhere to get their movie fix. Thanks to many factors — bloated budgets, political agendas, and plain old poor filmmaking — 2023 was a disastrous year for the Hollywood box office. Those massive losses created a window of opportunity for creators outside of Hollywood to break onto the scene, and many did so, finding massive success...

#5 Koch-Backed Group Pulls Funding from Nikki Haley - Paul Bois for Breitbart

Americans for Prosperity Action, a Koch-backed group, has reportedly halted spending on the Nikki Haley campaign following her loss to former President Donald Trump in the South Carolina primary. Following Haley’s loss over the weekend, Americans for Prosperity CEO Emily Seidel said in an email to staff obtained by Politico that it will be taking “stock” of its spending priorities following Haley’s loss. The group will now reportedly focus on Senate and House races...

#4 Eye Ointments Sold Nationwide Recalled Due to Infection Risk - Kate Gibson for Money Watch

Multiple brands of lubricant eye ointments are being recalled due to a risk of infection after federal inspectors found unsterile conditions at the Indian plant where the products were manufactured. The recall by Brassica Pharma Pvt. in Thane, a city in the Indian state of Maharashtra, comes after a deadly outbreak last year of eye infections linked to artificial tears made by another Indian firm. Sold nationwide by retailers including CVS Health and Walmart, the latest recall involves four products by brands Equate, CVS Health, and AACE Pharmaceuticals, according to the notice posted Monday by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration...

#3 Mary Poppins Slapped With 'PG' Rating by British Film Classification Board for Use of Discriminatory Language - Jeffrey Clark for Fox News

The beloved 1964 film "Mary Poppins" has received a PG rating to warn parents about the use of "discriminatory language" in the film, per a recent report. "The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) now considers the 1964 tale of Julie Andrews' magical nanny to be not suitable for children to watch alone, despite the film enchanting generations of youngsters," the Daily Mail reported. "The reclassification is due to the use of the word Hottentots," the outlet explained. "The dated term was historically used by Europeans to refer to the Khoekhoe, a group of nomadic herders in South Africa, but is now regarded as racially offensive." 

#2 Making $150K is Considered 'Lower Middle Class' in These High-Cost US Cities - Kristen Altus for Fox Tampa Bay

The power of a six-figure (or more) salary is seemingly fading depending on where you live, bumping some U.S. earners into a "lower middle class" status. "In America’s most expensive cities, the bar has definitely been raised to be considered ‘middle class,’" GOBankingRates lead content data researcher Andrew Murray told Fox News Digital. "To escape the lower middle class, you’ll need to earn as much as $150,000, which is substantially higher than what it used to be."

#1 Inside the Democratic Rebellion Against Biden Over the Gaza War - Andrea Shalal, Nandita Bose, and Kat Stafford for Reuters
The depth of Democratic Party anger over President Joe Biden’s handling of the Gaza war has caught his campaign off guard and could depress support in November’s election, according to Reuters interviews with more than a dozen senior party and campaign officials and five dozen voters and activists. The White House had expected Democratic unrest over Gaza to fade as Biden picked up his campaigning against presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, the officials said.


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Iowa Boy Among Youngest to Ever Bowl a Perfect 300Eric Hanson for WDSU News and KCCI News

Carter Fecher found a lot of gutters when he started. "I was averaging 30 when I was 9," he said. So now that he bowls on Greene County's High School team, he loves it when that pair of size 3 Velcros shows up on Lane 6 with his own ball. That's when Pierce Abbotts goes to work. Abbotts, a Jefferson 9-year-old, caught the bowling bug when he was 6. And something struck. He could experience the same highs and lows as his dad while hanging with the big boys on varsity — and sometimes beating them. "It's a lot of fun from a lot of different aspects, but it's also just as frustrating," said Brett Abbotts, Pierce's dad...

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