News from Around the Web for Feb 21, 2024

News From Around the Web

#10 Dutch MEP Rob Roos’ Advice to America to Stop Globalist Takeover - Tracy Beanz and Michelle Edwards for The HighWire
All over Europe, massive groups of farmers have been protesting. On the surface, the protests are about higher taxes, nitrogen, and cheap imported goods, among other things. But, as Dutch MEP Rob Roos articulated, the underlying reason is much deeper and is the same everywhere. As shared in an interview with Del Bigtree on The Highwire

#9 Joe Biden's Great-Great-Grandfather Was Pardoned by Abraham Lincoln - Virginia Chamlee for People
- They don't call them the Biden Crime Family for nothing! Documents found in the National Archives "reveal the hidden link ... between two presidents across the centuries," historian David J. Gerleman writes. 

While Joe Biden has the power to grant pardons for those convicted of federal crimes, one of his own relatives was once granted a pardon himself — by none other than then-President Abraham Lincoln. Historian David J. Gerleman writes in The Washington Post that documents compiled by the U.S. National Archives show that Biden's great-great-grandfather, Moses J. Robinette, was pardoned by Lincoln after he was charged with attempted murder following an 1864 brawl. The charges against Robinette came after he got into a fight with a fellow Union Army civilian employee in Virginia, ultimately drawing his pocket knife and cutting the man...

#8 100+ Yale Professors Sign Up to Protect Free Speech — and Save School From Being a Hot Mess - Rikki Schlott for The New York Post

Elite higher education is a hot mess. But at least someone in the belly of the beast is trying to change that. As campuses explode with bigotry and illiberalism, Yale professors are banding together to form a coalition defending academic freedom and free speech. They’re the latest to join a growing movement across the country. Faculty at Columbia, Dartmouth, Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, and the University of Chicago have all formed similar groups over the past year. The latest initiative out of New Haven, called Faculty for Yale, has garnered the signatures of more than 100 professors who agree that “Yale must rededicate itself to its fundamental mission: to preserve, produce, and transmit knowledge.” The group is calling for a reaffirmation of free speech principles, greater transparency from the administration, and institutional neutrality...

#7 Ninth Circuit Denies Request to Rehear Panel Decision, Lets Stand Ruling That Gun Ads Ban Is ‘Likely Unconstitutional’ - Awr Hawkins for Breitbart
The three-judge panel decision, handed down on September 13, 2023, found no evidence that barring advertisements in the magazines would reduce gun violence among youth. Judge Kenneth Lee, a Donald Trump appointee, wrote the panel’s majority opinion, noting that the panel’s first conclusion was “that because California permits minors under supervision to possess and use firearms for hunting and other lawful activities, [the Marketing Firearms to Minors Law] facially regulates speech that concerns lawful activity and is not misleading.” He noted that the panel next concluded...

#6 'Wolf of Wall Street' Says College a 'Complete Waste of Time' For Most Students: 'Avoid It Like the Plague' - Kristine Parks for Fox Business
Famed former Wall Street broker Jordan Belfort commented on the diminishing value of a college education after a new report found some college students learned less than high school graduates a decade after their enrollment.

College is a "complete waste of time" for most students, he believes. "If you want to be a professional, a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, or something that really requires a degree, then yes, you should go to college, and you should try to go to the best school you can and make the most of it," Belfort said while on "Varney & Company" on Tuesday. "But all of these other sort of softer subjects like gender studies and all this other stuff, what are you going to do with that stuff, honestly? So I think it’s a complete waste of time," he added...

#5 The Supreme Court Leaves in Place the Admissions Plan at an Elite Virginia Public High School - AP News

The Supreme Court on Tuesday left in place the admissions policy at an elite public high school in Virginia that some parents claimed discriminates against highly qualified Asian Americans. The court’s order, over the dissent of Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas, ended a legal challenge to a policy that was overhauled in 2020 to increase diversity without taking race into account. A panel of the federal appeals court in Richmond had earlier upheld the constitutionality of the admissions policy at the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, a school frequently cited among the best in the nation...

#4 Alito Renews Criticism of Supreme Court’s Same-Sex Marriage Ruling in Rejecting Missouri Jury Case - Lauren Irwin for The Hill 

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito renewed his criticism Tuesday of the high court’s landmark same-sex marriage ruling, addressing it in a five-page statement as part of an order explaining why the court declined to hear a case involving a Missouri lawsuit. The case in question, the Missouri Department of Corrections v. Jean Finney, involved a dispute where jurors were dismissed from the employment discrimination case after they voiced religious concerns about same-sex relationships...

#3 Parkland Survivor Trolls Trump’s New Sneaker Venture by Buying Domain and Directing Visitors to Gun Safety Site - Michelle Del Rey for The Independent
-He wasn't even at the school that day!  Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg has bought a website address referencing former president Donald Trump’s new sneaker brand and turned it into an anti-gun violence website with the ability to call lawmakers to advocate for legislation. Mr. Hogg, who is now the president of Leaders We Deserve, an organization dedicated to electing young candidates to Congress, made the announcement on X, formerly Twitter, on Friday. “I just bought,” the activist wrote. “I have redirected you to a page to call your member of Congress. The twist is the person who makes the call is a victim of gun violence whose voice has been re-created with AI to call for gun safety.”
#2 'Tell Them to Vote Hell No!': Trump Republicans Furious at Florida's New Election Bill - Liv Caputo for The Floridian

PCB 24-06, a 44-page bill revealed yesterday by the House State Affairs Committee, makes sweeping changes to Florida election laws just in time for Florida's 2026 Governor election. The first major change is revived runoff elections—a second primary election if no candidate wins the first primary. Florida got rid of the runoff after the messy Presidential election in 2000, and as a result, Democrat Andrew Gillum beat out Gwen Graham in the 2018 Democratic Primary with only 34% of the vote. Conservatives speculate that this last-minute bill is designed to prevent MAGA-affiliated candidates from winning elections and placing Trump-esque lawmakers as the "face" of the Republican Party. Anthony Sabatini, a former Florida Representative, took to the platform "X"  Monday evening, voicing his discontent with the bill and its perceived motivations...

#1 Biden Administration Cancels Student Loans of More Than 150,000 Borrowers Under New Plan -  Rebecca Shabad and Tara Prindiville for NBC News

The Biden administration on Wednesday is canceling $1.2 billion in student debt for about 153,000 borrowers who took out relatively modest student loans and have been repaying it for the last decade or more. A borrower can qualify for the forgiveness if they're enrolled in the administration’s Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) repayment plan and "have been making at least 10 years of payments, and have originally taken out $12,000 or less for college," a White House fact sheet said. It also said that "for every $1,000 borrowed above $12,000, a borrower can receive forgiveness after an additional year of payments."

And Now for Something Special smiley

‘Beloved’ Dog Slipped off Mountain — and Family Feared the Worst. Then came Good News - Simone Jasper for The Charlotte Observer and Ashville News Online

A “beloved” dog slipped off a steep mountain — then her “distraught” family received good news. Sola the dog, presumed to be injured, was found unharmed. She waited at an Asheville Humane Society shelter until her owners could pick her up, according to the North Carolina animal organization. “The family made it to town, and there was a beautiful and joyous reunion,” the Humane Society wrote Feb. 17 in a Facebook post...


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