News from Around the Web for Feb 13, 2024

News From Around the Web

#10 Credit Card Companies Will Track Gun Store Purchases in California Using New Merchant Code - Candace Hathaway for Blaze Media

Several major credit card companies have decided to move forward with a plan to track purchases made at gun retailers in California, CBS News reported Monday. American Express, Visa, and Mastercard will implement a new merchant code for firearm and ammunition retailers, allowing banks to track "suspicious" purchases to comply with a new California law. Adopting the code will not provide information about the specific items purchased at the retailer, as credit card companies do not record data at an SKU level...

#9 Pentagon Chief Austin Remains Hospitalized, Will Not Travel to Brussels for Ukraine, NATO Meetings - TARA COPP for AP News

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has canceled his trip to Brussels to meet with NATO ministers and work on Ukraine military aid as he remains hospitalized while dealing with further health issues following prostate cancer surgery, the Pentagon said Monday. Austin, 70, was taken to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Sunday afternoon to address bladder issues and admitted to the intensive care unit. It was his second hospitalization this year in Walter Reed’s ICU following the surgery in December. He underwent nonsurgical procedures Monday under general anesthesia to address the bladder issue, his doctors said in a statement released by the Pentagon...

#8 The Reasons To Impeach Biden Keep Stacking Up - John Daniel Davidson
here are now at least three major reasons to impeach President Joe Biden: his corruption, his mental unfitness for office, and his criminal collusion with Mexico to foment the border crisis. Republicans in Congress could take their pick and be on solid footing, but they probably won’t pursue any of them...

#7 ‘Blasphemy’: ‘He Gets Us’ Jesus Super Bowl Ad Ignites Controversy - Warner Todd Huston
During one of the early commercial breaks during the 2024 Super Bowl, Come Near aired its ad featuring scenes of people of all sorts washing someone’s feet in emulation of Jesus. But many felt the ad completely missed the Biblical point. The ad shows a total of twelve scenes of one individual washing another’s feet. Most appear to be white people doing the washing. None feature a minority washing a white man’s feet, and some even seem to be telling white Christians not to be bigoted. That last one, in particular, features a white priest washing the feet of what appears to be a member of the LGBTQ community. Another shows an older white woman washing the feet of a scowling young woman outside a Family Planning Clinic as pro-life protesters stand in the background...

#6 Cisco to Cut Thousands of Jobs - Daniella Genovese for Fox Business

The San Jose, California-based network giant is trying to turn its focus on high-growth areas, sources familiar with the matter told Reuters. However, the exact number of layoffs hasn't been determined yet, a source said. As of July 2023, the company had approximately 84,900 employees globally, according to the company's annual report. Representatives for Cisco have not immediately responded to FOX Business' request for comment. This isn't the first time the company laid off employees. Cisco cut about 5% of its global workforce in 2022, Reuters reported.

#5 Georgia Judge Says Willis’s Relationship ‘Could Result’ in Disqualification From Trump Case - Zach Scholfeld And Ella Lee

The judge overseeing former President Trump’s Georgia criminal case set the stage Monday for a high-stakes battle later this week over whether Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis (D) should be disqualified for her relationship with a top prosecutor in the case. At a Monday proceeding, Judge Scott McAfee vowed to move ahead with an evidentiary hearing on Thursday, where he will weigh accusations by Trump and some of his co-defendants that the relationship constitutes a conflict of interest...

#4 RNC vs. DNC Spending Stats Reveal Why Dems Always Seem to Win - BlazeTV Staff
Wonder why the Democrats always win?” asks Sara Gonzales. Apparently, the answer can be found in the 2022-23 “RNC spending versus DNC spending” stats. Sara immediately spots some frivolous spending on the part of the RNC. “The RNC spent nearly $300,000 in office supplies, while the DNC spent a mere $45,000,” she scoffs. On floral arrangements, “the RNC spent over $70,000,” whereas “the DNC [spent] $795 … because apparently, the left seems to understand flowers don't matter.” “Ronna Romney only travels in style,” which is why “the RNC spent $263,000” compared to the “DNC’s $7,000” on limousine services, she mocks...

#3 Difficult Driving, Closed Schools, Canceled Flights: What to Expect from Northeast Snowstorm - Dave Collins for AP News

Parts of the Northeast were preparing Monday for a coastal storm that was expected to pack high winds and dump a foot or more of snow in some areas, leading to school closures, warnings against road travel, and the possible disruption of flights. The nation’s largest school system in New York City said it was switching to remote learning and closing its buildings Tuesday because of the impending storm. “With several inches of snow, poor visibility on the roads, and possible coastal flooding heading our way, New Yorkers should prepare in advance of tomorrow’s storm and take the necessary precautions to remain safe,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams said in a statement. “If you do not have to be on the roads tomorrow, please stay home.”

#2 Amazon Prime Video Sued for Misleading Subscribers With New Ad Tier - Lucas Manfredi for The Wrap

Prime Video subscribers are pushing back against the Amazon-owned streamer, arguing that they have been misled following its recent move to charge an extra fee in order to watch content on the platform without ads. On Jan. 29, Prime Video rolled out its ad-supported tier as the default for all subscribers, with those who want an ad-free experience being charged an additional $2.99 per month. Currently, Amazon Prime, which includes Prime Video, costs $14.99 per month or $139 a year. A membership that only includes Prime Video and none of the company’s shipping benefits costs $8.99 a month. A class-action lawsuit filed in California on Friday claims that the service’s move is “unfair,” “deceptive,” and “unlawful,” accusing it of committing a breach of contract and violating consumer protection laws in the state for consumers who saw their subscription terms change due to the pivot...

#1 Senate Passes $95 Billion Ukraine, Israel Aid Package Amid GOP Divide -   The Washington Post 

The Senate passed a $95 billion national security package to aid Israel, Ukraine, and other U.S. allies early Tuesday after a months-long debate that has deeply divided congressional Republicans. The bill passed 70 to 29 after 22 Republicans joined Democrats in approving the aid. But House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) preemptively rejected the legislation on Monday night, saying in a statement that the package’s failure to address U.S. border security makes it a nonstarter in the House.

And Now for Something Special smiley

Quick-Thinking Flight Attendant and Passengers Save 6 Flamingo Eggs, Aboard Flight -  Andy Corbley for Good News Network

Alaska Airlines flight attendant Amber May has had some unusual requests in her 10 years of flying, but being asked to help save some flamingo eggs just about topped them all.“A passenger rang the call button and asked if I would help keep some eggs warm,” May said in a release from the company. The passenger, as it turned out, was a senior zookeeper from Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. She was transporting 6 precious flamingo eggs in an incubator which she received from the Atlanta Zoo.


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