The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow October 16, 2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) DemoKKKrats broke out in a “kerfuffle” as a Jewish representative said that Muslims didn’t attend a vigil for Israel because “they’re all guilty.”

2) About time. There will be a public roll call vote for Speaker on Tuesday. Jim Jordan expected to win.

3) In what appears to be a Republican Senate pickup, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice has soared past DemoKKKrat Senator Joe Manchin by 13 in the latest poll.

4) Richard Baris finding Illinois is now just +9 for Rutabaga. He “won” by 17 in 2020.” This range now is “large enough to swing all but one of the Six Rust Belts to Trump.

5) And on cue, a new poll out of WI shows President Trump up by 2, sealing the trifecta week of PA (+9) and MI (+7), not to mention OH (+12)

6) And this new poll shows that when RFK is in the race, Trump wins five of six swing states, including MI, GA, and AZ, and is tied in PA. The PA result is almost exactly what Baris predicted, saying RFK would take DemoKKKrats from Trump there. Nationally, Trump is up 5. Again, Trump didn’t lead in one single national poll in 2020.

7) Thieves in Florida used tractor-trailers to haul off more than $1.6 million in booze from a distributor.

-Anyone staking out Botoxic’s DC and Groomer City offices?

8) A federal judge rejected the Rutabaga DoINJustice claim that Georgia’s voter ID law is racist.

9) The pilot of a gas balloon crashed into power lines in North Texas after he heard shooting.

-It’s unclear how the balloon got over Gaza.

10) National Security Council Spoogeperson John Kirby wouldn’t rule out sending U.S. troops to “free American hostages” in the Israel-Hamas war.

-And where exactly, Johnnie, would you “free them?” If in Gaza, welcome to war.

11) Caroline Andriano, who testified against Ghislane Maxwell, “mysteriously” died.

12) A shocker in Louisiana as Republican Jeff Landry smoked the DemoKKKrat to flip the governor’s mansion without a runoff!



13)  Author Gad Saad says what polling has shown, especially about DemoKKKrats: “People are Unlikely to Change ‘Anchored’ Opinions even if you Drown them with Evidence.”



14) Sales of Ford’s F-150 electric “Lightning” dropped off a cliff (almost 50%).

15) Food prices up 20% under Rutabagta, credit card delinquencies higher than during the China Virus.

16) Absolute must-read column by Michael Kelly detailing the absurdity of “net zero.” Just “greening” housing in the U.S. would cost $35 trillion by 2050, not counting transportation or, more importantly, the entire electric grid to actually deliver electricity.

-A little more here; a $1 billion project in the electric sector over 30 years needs 24 professional engineers and 100 skilled tradesmen. For a $12 trillion program, think 300,000 engineers and 1.2 million tradesmen. Now triple that.

17) Home foreclosures up to their highest level since the pandemic.

18) A $1 billion hydrogen hub is coming to Michigan.

19) Mortgage rates are up 174% under Rutabaga.



20) David Blackmon writes that “Western greens are collapsing in 2023 elections, and it is glorious.”

21) Canada’s housing bubble is bursting, with prices down 14%.

22) Israel appears to be going wobbly—a very bad move.

-Read Joshua. If you fail to destroy demons, they come back 10 times stronger and plague you forever.

23) Captured Hamas docs show the murder of children was planned.

24) Australia, perhaps growing a pair, overwhelmingly said “no” to a new “indigenous peoples” bill that would have given Aborigines special rights.

25) New Zealand has elected a conservative after 6 years of liberal lockdowns.

26) I’ll leave this here. A study by an Arab found that IQ in Palestine was an average of between 69 and 81.

-These numbers make Arkansas look like Harvard.

27) Between 68% to 89% of Palestinians support terror attacks on Israel.

-That’s why they must be Jerichoed.

28) More evidence to support: An American woman who spent her life advocating for Palestinian rights (of which there are none) was murdered by Hamas in Israel.

29) South Africa “stands with” Hamas.

30) France is deploying 7,000 troops to the streets to handle the Islamic griddlepickers.

31) Jim Ferguson in the UK reports that Iran has moved “strategic” weapons to Syria for an offensive against Israel.

-Guess the Iranians don’t want to live very long.

32) “Insider:” It’s official. China is at the end of its boom.

33) David Blackmon: the West’s energy policy is a futile and stupid gesture. Sorta like anything the Rutabaga administration does.

34) While the Epoch Times says the era of unquestioned and unchallenged climate change claims is over. 20 years late, but we’ll take it.



35) As many expected, “The Marvels” is tracking nowhere near “Captain Marvel” (sandwiched between “Infinity War” and “Endgame”) and is on a pace to open worse than “The Flash,” causing Marvel to freak out.

36) Beautiful and funny Suzanne Somers of “Three’s Company” has now joined John Ritter, dead at age 76.

37) Mike Zeroh: “Disney takes action against ‘South Park’ mocking woke Hollywood & Snow Black.



38) Acceptance of the mRNA booster has shrunk to a mere 1.3%.

39) Certainly not the vax: “Died Suddenly” reports have increased by 82%, and 1,400 athletes have died since the vax rollout.

40) Pfizer has slashed its full-year earnings and revenue guidance as the China Virus vaxxes slump.

41) The vaxxed population of the UK accounted for nearly all of the China Virus deaths in England in the last year, and most of them were triple and quadruple vaccinated. Which is to say they were triple and quadruple poisoned.



42) Will Smith responded to estranged wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s “truth bombs” that “kinda woke him up,” saying Jada is “more resilient, clever and compassionate” than he understood.

-Cuck-a-doodle-dooooo. This couple is gonna have to go on the Megxit and the Ginger Duke list of getting no more coverage. Wow.



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