The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow October 13, 2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1)  Steve Scalise bowed out of the House Speaker race, saying he doesn’t have the votes.

2) This is a shocker: embracing drag queens didn’t fix the Navy’s recruiting crisis.

3) Rutabaga’s Department of INJustice, when not arresting grandmas for walking through open doors in the U.S. Capitol, warns banks not to deny loans to illegals. Is that you, Bank of Amigo?

4) North Carolina Republicans overrode the DemoKKKrat governor’s veto on two election integrity bills. Good! Now do Georgia and Arizona.

5) The Supreme Court rejected GOP states’ challenge to the Rutabaga rule estimating the “social cost” of carbon. Big loss here.

6) An Iran-backed judge, who sought President Trump’s arrest for killing Soleimani, was invited by Rutabaga’s Department of INJustice to appear in D.C.

7) This may be DeSantis’s last ditch effort: the campaign plans a $2 million ad buy—one-third of all his remaining dough-ray-me.

8) So-called senator John Fetterman (D-Spoogeville) called for Senator Bob Menendez to be expelled from the Senate after a new indictment calls him a foreign agent.

-So we can’t have a foreign agent, but we can have a walking tree stump who has the functioning brain cells of a Jerry Garcia t-shirt.

9) Meanwhile, this same toe-scab whines that American voters are not sending their “best and brightest” to Congress. Exhibit A.

10) New Kabul has ordered all officers to report in for “International Jihad Day.” Those who haven’t left or taken early retirement, that is.

11) I have nothing against Cong. Steve Scalise. Not my choice for speaker, and I’m glad he backed out. But this article shows why IT WON’T MATTER who you put up—the Hoax News media will destroy them, so put up the person who most represents the voters, who are, in this case, MAGA.

12) What’s good for the Goose? A “doxxing truck” has been driving around Harvard showing names and photos of students who blamed Israel for the bloodsucking Hamas murderers.

13) Rutabaga again trying to tie aid to Israel to Uke money.

-Won’t work. You can dress up the Uke aid any way you want, but it’s a pig.

14) Nothing surprises me about the FascistBI, which spied on the great football player Jim Brown.



15) Ryan Burge observes that the Catholic Church is in trouble in places it used to dominate, such as Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, where the church is losing members by the thousands.



16) Inflation continues to accelerate.

17) I forgot all about this. UAW’s 34,000 autoworkers are still on strike.

18) Bond yields are truly terrifying. Foreigners won’t buy, and investors think debt & deficits will continue.



19) In Argentina, young people have become the main backers of the so-called “far right.” I remind you there is never such a thing to newspolyps as “far left.”

20) Sri Lanka has reached a temporary debt restructuring deal with the ChiComs.

21) Well, of course, they do: the Ukes are blaming the West for the failure of their counteroffensive.

22) Have the Frogs had enough? France has banned pro-Palestine rallies and will arrest and deport “trouble makers.”

-That would be cool here. We could deport Illicit Mullah Omar and Terrorist Trixie Tlaib.



23) Early sales for “The Marvels” ain’t good. Now, it’s early. Still could bounce back like some other recent films.

24) The whole Jada Pinkett Smith/Will Smith gets weirder, as apparently they haven’t been living together since 2016.

25) Warner Bros. Discovery to be sold to Universal.

26) The wonderful Dallas Cowboy fullback and rodeo rider Walt Garrison died at age 79.

27) Rudolph Isley, founder of the Isley Brothers, dead at 84.



28) Will someone please stop these people? An 8-year-old who appeared in a national campaign to promote kiddie vaxxes died of a heart attack.

29) A high school football player in Connecticut “dies suddenly” at practice, even though he wasn’t participating.



30) A Maryland woman spent $5000 marrying herself. Guess it’s kinda hard to walk out on an argument. But I bet that divorce is hell.

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