The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow October 4, 2023

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  • 10/04/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Right off the bat, the biggie: Kevin McCarthy was ousted as House speaker. Many of the “moderate” Rs, the “voices of reason,” are wringing their hands.

COMMENT: First, McCarthy was told from the get-go, via the “motion to vacate” via a single vote, that he was to toe the line. He did not. He was combative and an overall anuswhistle. Second, what did he actually do? We had “hearings.” Last week (end of September), we FINALLY had an impeachment “hearing” process start. I will remind everyone that in the space of one year, DemoKKKrats not only investigated but impeached President Trump not once but twice. The second time, they IMPEACHED in less than a month. McCarthy’s was a speakership of inaction. The 45-day continuing resolution was no action. It was a punt. So who will be the Speaker? I don’t know. In 1859, we went for a full year without a Speaker. It does NOT mean the DemoKKKrats are in charge. It means nothing happens unless the non-MAGA spoogemonkeys get on the MAGA train. It also means someone will have to step up. There is a Churchill in there somewhere. He or she needs to clear his throat and step up. At any rate, those who whine and scream “chaos” are, in fact, enemies of change. Change is always accompanied by chaos. And McCarthy said he won’t run again.

2) The Supes, with a recusal related to his longstanding friendship with John Eastman, denied a petition from Eastman to block his handing over of emails to the House Jan. 6 committee, which no longer exists.

-So this is null and void anyway.

3) Utterly sickening. Pentagon officials were arrested after it was discovered they were running an illegal dog fighting ring for 20 years (!!)

-They used electric jumper cables to kill doggies that lost. I’d like to use those jumpers on their testicles.

4) Trump Tower and other NY properties could be lost in the $250 million civil fraud case.

-An insider said of Mar-a-Lago that it would be worth $300 million on the market today.

5) The insane lunatic of a judge in the NY fraud trial issued a gag order after President Trump criticized a clerk on Truth Social.

6) Poll: 86% of Americans want gubment spending cuts, including most DemoKKKrats.

-Fine and dandy, but when you start to cut “my” program, then you get nowhere. Never enough majority to cut “a” thing.

7) As expected, the media is lying about Cong. Jamaal Brown’s criminal behavior.

-They lie about every single DemoKKKrat’s criminality.

8) Voters now see the Republican Party as better able to govern and the DemoKKKrats as “too extreme.” Rs are seen as better able to keep the country safe and better able to tackle big issues.

-We’ll see after yesterday.

9) Even the Soros-backed AG in New Mogadishu (Minneapolis) is having trouble with the woke DA there, who has allowed accused rapists and killers to stay free.

10) Scientists are developing an implant to cure cancer in just 60 days, with the goal of slashing death rates by 50%.

-Is it just me, or have these guys suddenly started churning out quasi-miracle cures after Big Pharma and the medical industry were exposed with the China Virus? So . . . . like . . . did they have these all along?

11) “Nikki Rodham Haley: the Hillary Clinton of the GOP.”

-Clever, but I prefer my Nick: “Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb.”

12) Hundreds of stolen cell phones from the Ohio “Lost Lands” music festival were found in North Carolina.

-Congressman Jamaal Brown reportedly said he thought they were fire alarms.

13) Newt Gingrich says the House GOP should expel the “Anti-Republican” Matt Gaetz.

-Anyone remember when Newt was a firebrand who stood up to Bill Clinton . . . for a couple of months until the media neutered him? He never got his mojo back.

14) President Trump (as of today) was charged with 91 bogus counts. The IRS contractor who leaked his tax records and “thousands” of others was charged with a single count.

15) A U.S. district court in Texas issued a preliminary injunction against the gubment in a lawsuit regarding “stabilizing braces” for guns, another 2nd Amendment victory.

16) This stuff has to stop even if we have to build prisons in Antarctica.



17) Office commercially-backed securities’ delinquency levels have spiked.

18) Constantly seeking to destroy America, Rutabaga has now passed new pool pump motor regulations that will cost billions.

19) Credit card losses are rising at the fastest pace since the “Great Financial Crisis,” as they are now calling 2008.

20) JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon warned interest rates may rise.

-Now, aren’tcha glad you got that mortgage loan at 6.5%?



21) It’s not just the U.S. The UK refuses to share data on the Whale-killer Wind Farms.

22) File under “Sooner or later everything runs out.” The UK has run out of tanks and missiles to give the Ukes.

-Man, imagine if that was Pootie-poot’s plan all along . . . .

23) The fruit of allowing in foreign immigrants without acculturating them. Sweden’s new normal: bombs in the suburbs on a weeknight.

24) From the Royal Society in England: “Batteries won’t solve the Renewables’ storage problem.” It gets worse. They then say that since they can’t meet the power demands by 2050 with renewables, they’ll just use . . . hydrogen. (Which has yet to be shown a cost-efficient and reliable renewable in itself . . . and totally unproven.)

25) Good for them. Half of England’s female angling team quit after a transoid with “hands like shovels,” and a former rugby player was selected to join their squad. Now, the other half of you outta grow a pair of ovaries and resign as well.

26) The Ukes are considering a bill to draft men up to 60. The war would end tomorrow if they had a bill to draft everyone in Washington, D.C., over 60.

27) Russia has just halted all exports of gas and diesel, driving Euro prices higher. It’s OK, Euros. Put windmills on your cars.

28) In Venice, 21 were killed when a bus went off an overpass. Just two days ago, in India, a bus veered into a lake, but fortunately, all were saved there.

29) A ChiCom sub was caught in a trap intended to ensnare British and U.S. vessels—55 feared dead.



30)  This will get spicy. Aaron Rodgers, who was hurt in the first quarter of the first game of the NFL season, takes a shot (no pun intended) at Travis Kelce, who has sported his China Virus vax, as “Mr. Pfizer Jab.”

-I blame it all on Taylor Swift.

31) The Philadelphia Eagles have become famous for short-yardage quarterback sneaks called the “Tush Push,” in which three or four backs push the QB forward. This is illegal in all of college football, illegal on special teams in the NFL (a player cannot use another player to springboard up and block a kick) . . . So why are the E-girls allowed to get away with it?

32) Michael Jordan became the first athlete ever to enter the Forbes 400 list as his net worth hit $3 billion. His key? “Republicans buy sneakers, too, right?”

33) The latest wonder of the world is a $2 billion Sphere in Las Vegas. It magnifies everything massively. Word is, it even makes Occasional Cortex look like she has a brain!



34) Governor Nuisance quietly repealed a controversial China Virus censorship law. Docs no longer can be stifled in their views of the China Virus.

35) Baylor U. in Texas has announced it will re-up its vax mandates; Gov. Abbott said that Texas should “be leading the fight against COVID tyranny.” We’ll see what he does.



36) Google has been sued for negligence after a man drove off a collapsed bridge following map directions. Well, it’s happened to many of us, though we usually end up in a, shall we say, unfavorable part of town following Google’s directions.

-Mine once took me to the corner of “Kill Whitey” and “Stab Whitey.”



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