The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow September 29, 2023

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  • 09/30/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) In last night’s GOP debate, Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb was mostly right when she said Ron DeSantis tried to ban fracking in Florida. But a subsequent amendment changed the fracking ban.

2) Dana Perino tried to tilt the scales Wednesday night by mentioning Nick Knack’s husband’s military service.

3)  . . . while Faux News had to discount ad prices for the debates cuz no one was watching.

4) Watch Mark Dice’s reaction to this clown show.

-They couldn’t stop interrupting Vivek Ramaswamy, with ALL of them chattering at once. Where is the old “Mic kill” switch? These evil spattermonkeys absolutely would NOT shut up.

5) PsychoJoe and Yoko of “Morning Joe” endorsed Nick Knack as the “only adult in the room” at the debate.

-Er, PsychoJoe, did that include the fecally imprisoned moderators?

6) President Trump called for a reversal of Rutabaga’s “draconian and indefensible” electric vehicle mandate to help the striking UAW employees. Trump visited the picket lines yesterday.

-For the record, Reagan wasn’t president when he “visited” picket lines . . . because, unlike Rutabaga, he was IN a union. In fact, he was the PRESIDENT of a union. And you know the only other President to be in a union? Donald Trump. Both were in SAG-AFTRA.

7) And is this Trump’s party or what? Most GOP voters back union members who want a four-day week rather than Big Auto.

8) An impeachment memo shows that the Rutabaga’s crime family received $15 million in foreign money.

9) Old Serpenthead, DemoKKKrat analyst James Carville told woke DemoKKKrats to “Shut the F up” because progressive crap is dragging down the whole party.

10) A Brooklyn DemoKKKrat leader whines that white neighbors are not helping to deal with the illegal criminal crisis. Whaddya know?

11) Justice Clarence Thomas will hear a lawsuit filed by pro-Second Amendment groups in New York, challenging yet another New York violation of the Constitution.

12) EcoHealth has claimed Dr. Fallacy was “smuggled into CIA headquarters” without any record of entry where he attempted to influence the Agency’s China Virus investigation. Which he did.

13) D.C. has hit 200 murders since before October, the most since 1997.

14) “This Lawsuit is about far more than what happens at West Point,” said Students for Fair Admissions, who have sued the U.S. Military Academy for racial discrimination.

15) Renowned zoologist and crocodile expert Adam Britton has pled guilty to dozens of charges of animal cruelty, bestiality, and possession of child exploitation material.

16) Looting has continued for a second night in Kinshasa-on-the-Delaware (Philly) as 50 are arrested.

17) Not surprised. Kevin “Sleepover” McCarthy paid social media influencers to trash Matt Gaetz.

-Kev, did your roommate, Fat Frank Luntz, approve?

18) In a slapdown of Rutabaga, a bipartisan Congress restored funding to school archery and hunter-ed programs.

-No, not Hunter ed . . . . Never mind.

19) Michael Lind: DemoKKKrats are trying to revive their cities with infusions of illegal criminal aliens.

20) A Tesla caught fire at Raleigh-Durham airport, leading to backups and missed flights.



21) One-half of homeschool parents cite liberal public schools as the motivating factor for homeschooling.



22) Just 5% of the new S&P jobs went to white applicants in the wake of George Floyd, says a new analysis, meaning corporate America is decidedly racist.

23) Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the poster child for EV buses, has confronted epic energy transition failure.

-The bus company is bankrupt, and the remaining buses don’t work.



24) Volkswagen’s plants around the world had a hack. VW claims it is fixed.

25) Note the headline: “A hard-right party gathers strength in Poland, pushing a new, less friendly course on Ukraine.”

-Notice there seems to be no such thing as a “hard left” party?

26) In Uzbekistan, a massive explosion fueled by EV batteries killed a boy and injured 163.



27) Hollywood Reporter says that with the strike over, suspended deals are being restored, including deals with J. J. Abrams and Mindy Kaling, who haven’t exactly had great track records.

28) But Deadline says the TV business faces further contraction as the marketplace reopens: “The Bubble has Burst.” Expect “reeled-in budgets, fewer overall deals, and possibly more cancellations.” Show budgets are expected to be smaller, even for big spenders such as Lord of the Rings or House of the Dragon.

29) Next up to be on the antisemitic carousel Pink Floyd’s co-founder Roger Waters.



30) They keep tryin'. Five New Jersey hospitals have reinstated the China Virus maskie mandates.



31) This woman took the weight loss drug Ozempic, and it robbed her of all the pleasures in life—she can’t stand the sight of alcohol or chocolate.

-I dunno. I tried it, and I can’t stand the sight of Lizzo, Justin Bieber, or broccoli. Do you think that’s the drug?



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